Elite Dangerous A guide to unlocking the Guardian FSD Booster By: SamK1239

r/EliteDangerous - A guide to unlocking the Guardian FSD Booster

The Guardian FSD Booster’s Symbol

This is a comprehensive guide to unlocking the Guardian FSD Booster This will primarily be helpful to those who haven’t done any guardian-related unlocks but may be found helpful by people who have not unlocked the Booster in particular.

For reference, we’ll be using the Guardian Site in Synuefe PX-J c25-8, as it’s the closest site to the bubble with a module blueprint. It is about 660ly from Sol, which means that you may want to have a decent jump range on the ship you take there, but this isn’t necessary.

Ship loadout

  • Decent jump range (The trip becomes bearable with ~25ly)

  • Point defense turrets on the TOP surfaces of your ship (these will shoot down sentinel missiles)

  • Multiple SRVs (At least 2, though I sometimes run 4 just in case I need to self destruct a couple)

  • The rest is up to personal preference though I always take a medium ship (I use my Krait Mk.2) because I’m not fully sure if it’s easy to land a large ship near the site

Materials For the unlock (you should have all of these by the end of this post):

Okay, if you’ve got the above, go ahead and fly out to the site (Look for planet 7A, when you get within 1k ls of the planet, a POI will show up under your left-hand panel), and stake out a landing spot. There are multiple areas with flat surfaces that are suitable for landing so just take your pick. But try to land within a kilometer from the site, because this will allow your point defense turrets to work their magic on the sentinel missiles.

Now it’s important to note, if you meet a sentinel, don’t panic. They may look scary but they are completely harmless. If one comes up (and you will meet four/five sentinels in this site), just stop, get into the turret, put full pips to weapons, and fire at it until its hull drops to zero. They will fire plasma back at you but you can easily take that, and the missiles will, more often than not, be taken care of by your point defenses. When running this site in solo mode, you will meet sentinels either one at a time or two at a time when you activate the first two pylons (more details on this later).

Before you start running the site, take a look at this map:

r/EliteDangerous - A guide to unlocking the Guardian FSD Booster

A screenshot of the Guardian site, original credit to u/cold-n-sour, with a few of my own edits made.

Map Key

  • Red circles mark pylons that need to be shot in the glowing spot to charge them. To start the process, you need to go to the two pylons closest to each other (marked with a red “1”). After this, the pylons will rise out of the ground as you approach them, and each of them will be accompanied by a sentinel which you can shoot down.

  • After that’s done, shoot one of the pylons marked in green and scoop up the relic that falls out.

  • Then go to that terminal thingy (near the two red circles that are closest to each other and jettison it from your SRV’s cargo hold.

  • The data terminal will be active in a few seconds, and you can lock on and scan it with your data link scanner

  • The blue circles can be visited after you collect the module blueprint. These represent pylons that contain Guardian Technology Components. You need 21 of these for the blueprint, so you will have to do one re-log. Drive near each of the pylons and shoot at the “Destructible panel” contacts that show up on your scanners. Refer to u/cold-n-sour‘s guide on collecting these materials from this exact site here

    • Mind that when you finish activation by jettisoning the relic from your cargo hold, more sentinels will spawn. If you do not want to deal with them, you can just log out to the main menu, log back in and then run the site, though you will still run into a couple of sentinels.

  • You also need 21 guardian power cells, which are common in the other panels around the site.

r/EliteDangerous - A guide to unlocking the Guardian FSD Booster

A guardian relic

r/EliteDangerous - A guide to unlocking the Guardian FSD Booster

A Guardian Technology Component

r/EliteDangerous - A guide to unlocking the Guardian FSD Booster

A Guardian Power Cell

This concludes the guardian materials you will need to pick up from this site. Before you leave, make sure that you have: 1x Guardian Module Blueprint Fragment, 21x Guardian Technology Components, and 21x Guardian Power Cells.

Now for the human manufactured materials. The meta for manufactured materials at the time of writing is going to systems, finding HGEs (High-Grade Emissions), dropping down on these signal sources, and collecting materials. This is a very effective way of getting G4 and G5 materials for engineering/tech broker unlocks. To speed up the process, get to a system’s nav beacon and scan it, it’ll give you detailed descriptions of all the signal sources in a system, without making you use the FSS to scan them all. Remember to have collector limpets to make your job easier. This is generally possible in populated systems so you’re gonna have to make the trek back to the bubble.

Additionally, if you want to visit another neat place while working towards the booster, head on over to Dav’s hope in the Hyades Sector DR-V C2-23 system. It is located on planet A5. For this site, I surface scanned the site and then went for the human POI on the planet. (I’m not entirely sure if it shows up without mapping it, so I’d advise taking a DSS with you, just in case). Here there’s a comms uplink and a loop you can make collecting manufactured materials. You can do a loop around it, relog, and do another run. Do this as many times as you need to get materials.

Though do remember that if you collect a lot of higher-grade materials you can trade them down for lower-grade ones at a material trader (Manufactured in this case). So don’t just collect “Exquisite Focus Crystals” because they’re the G5 equivalent for Focus Crystals and then spend hours together trying to gather materials. Any material is fair game for being traded.

You can use this Inara link to find a material trader that’s closest to you. Select the “Material Trader” checkbox and enter the system you’re currently in and it’ll give you a list of the traders near you. The first column on Inara represents the type of material trader the system has. Make sure that you’re heading to a Manufactured material trader for the purpose of the FSD booster.

Once you have 24x Focus Crystals, go to a high-tech system and purchase 8 units of HN Shock Mounts. You can use this link to find HN Shock Mounts near you. Enter the commodity, your current system, and navigate to the “Exports” tab.

Great! You’re done collecting materials! The only thing left now is to head to a Tech Broker and unlock your FSD booster. Again, Inara is your best friend. Using this link, choose the option “Technology Broker” this time, and enter your current system again. You’re looking for a Guardian Tech Broker. The Broker type (Human/Guardian) can be found in the first column. When you’re at the station you picked, go to the Contacts tab in station services, find the Technology Broker, and unlock the FSD booster (If you have all the materials, it will be visible while the rest of the modules will be grayed out).

r/EliteDangerous - A guide to unlocking the Guardian FSD Booster

The Tech Broker Screen. Shown is a Human Tech Broker, though the Guardian One will look similar.

Now you can head to outfitting and equip your booster. Safe travels! o7

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