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Elite Dangerous Basic Information on how to overlay videos onto your full screen Game. (Using OnTopReplica and Chrome) By: Felixtv67


There is a pretty old demonstration on how it works but some things didn’t work for me so I thought I should make an updated Guide.

Download OnTopReplica(=OTR). (Download Link)


  • After starting the application you will see the mini window you can chose which application you want to Replicate by either.
  1. Using the Hot key [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+C. (The Hot keys are customizable in settings)
  2. Select the window in OTR using select window.
  • You can resize the window by either dragging the window borders or the scroll-wheel on your mouse.
  • You can tell OTR to either forward you Clicks on the mini window to the real window. (Right-click->Advanced->Enable Click forwarding)Or to click through the window into ED. (Right-click->Advanced->Enable Click-Through)
  • You can Change the Opacity in 25% steps.

Those are the main features I use the program can do a couple small other things but I don’t use them and they are even more self explanatory then some of the stuff above.

One Issue with chrome is that it automatically stops showing the video if it is obscured by another window, to fix this “go to chrome://flags, search “occlusion”, and disable calculate-native-win-occlusion.” (Source) Also make sure to leave chrome open and not minimized when you tab back into Elite Dangerous.


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