Elite Dangerous guide to Elite Dangerous: Odyssey stealth By: kuddleofficial

Kuddle’s Odyssey Stealth Guide


Greetings commanders!

As I was really getting annoyed about failing stealth missions at first, I decided to collect all my knowledge in this guide since I didn’t find a good one on reddit. Please take into account that I’m from germany. Tool names might not perfectly match, but I think my intention should be quite clear.

Please note any possible misinformations in the comments so that I can correct them. I am sorry in advance.

In the stealth missions you can have one of three goals.

  1. Shutdown: Killing the power of a settlement by stealing the power regulator.

  2. Sabotage: Injecting a substance into a certain piece of equipment at a settlement.

  3. Infiltration: Stealing data from a data port at a settlement.

Note that these missions are considered illegal

General Information

For certain actions you need authorisation levels. 1 is the lowest, 3 the highest. You will learn more on how to get those later on in this guide.

You usually want to go in the Maverick suit as it is the only suit with an ARC-Cutter.

Terminals are marked on the map. With the help of these you can find anything you need for your mission. From crates to terminals, it’s all marked on there. While you need an authorisation level to see the codes for crates, you can see all the locations without having any level.

They are sorted as following: Building > Room > Object.

You can simply click on a room, building or object to mark it in your hud.

Around the settlement many small control interfaces are scattered. Each of these disables one specific part of the station. For example point defence turrets, air defence turrets and ground defence turrets.

Also, they can disable the authorisation check. This will allow you to walk through any door without any clearance level at all. However, note that you will still need an authorisation for anything else. For example disabling the reactor core or using the control interfaces themselves.

In case your suit is running out of energy:

If the energy core of the settlement is active, you can use a suit recharging station. These are marked on the map as small lightning symbols. If it’s not, you can use energy cells. These can be bought at stations or found throughout the settlement.

Your tools

It is important to know your tools, so in case you didn’t care about the tutorial too much, here’s a quick overview:

Please note that all energy consumption measurements were done in a stock, grade 1 maverick suit.

Energy-Link Tool:

  1. Transfer mode: Used to power up terminals and doors in case the facility’s energy core is offline. This will use 7% energy of your suit.

  2. Overload mode: If a door is powered up but you do not have an authorisation level high enough, you can overload the door to open it regardless. This will use 22% energy of your suit. Note that NPCs seeing you overloading a door will alarm them and immediately make them hostile to you, likely alarming the rest of the station. You can also instant-kill guards by overloading their suits if you sneak up to them.

Profile-Analysis Tool:

  1. Scan mode: Scanning an NPC in scan mode will give you information about whether they are wanted or not. It will also grant you and your team members participating in the kill their bounty post-mortem in case you scan them after their death. Please note that discovering an NPCs bounty will make them and the base hostile to you. This can happen at settlements controlled by pirate factions for example. So do be careful at certain places. If the scanned person does not have a bounty this will not affect the state of neither the NPC nor the base itself.

  2. Profile cloning mode: Given that your level is not higher than the one of the scanned person, scanning an NPC with this mode will give you the same authorisation level that the NPC has. Note that the range of this mode is significantly lower than the range of the scan mode.

ARC-Cutter (Maverick Suit Only):

  1. Cutting Mode. Yes, this tool only has the cutting mode. Don’t be confused by it. With this tool you can open up service panels or magnetic locks on lockers, practically bypassing the whole need for security codes. You can find the red service panels at doors, under broken rovers or outside buildings. At doors, you will find the energy switch for the door under the panel. Outside buildings you will find the atmospheric control of the building it is related to under the panel. Be careful to not be seen using this. Under rovers you will find some materials and an energy regulator. This tool will use 1% of your suit energy each second, meaning that more skilled commanders will use less energy simply because they are faster.

Hint: Don’t rush this. You don’t have to go slow, but don’t go too fast. Otherwise there will be small pieces missing in your process, resulting in the panel/lock not opening.

In case you screw up

Be careful if you screw up. Especially if there is a Goliath drone around. The settlement can easily obliterate your ship if it has weak shields. Also, as of now, the stations will not hold back from taxis. They will shoot your taxi down as soon as you enter it.

Note that in case the station becomes hostile you have to be 500-600 Meters away from it to call in your taxi.

In situations like these it is always good to have the station defence system disabled, as described in the general information part of this guide.