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Elite Dangerous Newbie Guide?by Frobrotha

I purchased ED during the sale. So far it has been great. But, while I haven?t yet felt the long term effects and complaints towards this game, I thought I would offer up some beginner advice for those who may be where I was when I started the game ? perhaps even some advice for the game moving forward. I?m likely to repeat something that?s been offered up already, but I didn?t see this info in a timely manner as I would have liked too.

Advice for other noobs

You can truly start your own path and journey from the get go. However, this comes with financial consequences. This is my advice:

  1. Research all of your options for what you can achieve in ED and what that entails (Exploring, Trading, Bounty Hunting, Smuggling, Mining)
  2. Watch the training videos the game gives (at least areas you feel uneasy about) and do the tutorials. It?s better to screw up there first, then in game, imo.
  3. Decide whether you want fun, money, or both. (Money might be fun for you, don?t misunderstand what I?m trying to say)
  4. If you want fun only (money not being the object), then the guides/forums you?ve found will be just fine to get you started on whichever path you?re choosing.
  5. If you want money, immediately head to systems with a RES (Resource Extraction Site)** and begin outfitting for pure bounty hunting. These are at ring planets.
  6. If you want to do your thing, but also maximize money flow, mix the two. Go exploring, trade, mine, but throw something RES?s in there to help with upgrades and ship progression.
  7. From here your off to a good start. The money comes quick in RES?s and allows you to buy and outfit better ships quickly. Note, conflict zones are also an option. However, I?ve found those to be more precarious. If you get bored of RES?s, then try out a low conflict zone. My suggestion is to do this when you?ve outfitted something better for combat first. YouTube/Google more on conflict zones on how best to approach participating in those.

**Resource Extraction Sites If you are fresh sidewinder, be careful. To enter a RES, you need to target it like you would anything else in your HUD, left side (it will pop up if you are in range). You supercruise to the ring of the planet and drop out at the site like you would a station. At first I was confused and it felt empty. Just wait a few extra minutes around the site location if you have time, targets will show up. If you?re truly fresh and not feeling comfortable with combat, find Security Forces who are flying around, follow them, target what they do and if (almost always is) its ?wanted?, bring it down with the Security Force. You will receive a bounty for them if you engage soon enough. Get a kill warrant scanner when you can afford, to boost what you make from the kills (YouTube/Google kill warrant scanner for more info). I?d suggest that even if you feel comfortable with combat, stick around Security Forces if you are in a fresh sidewinder or even eagle; you will get shredded by some wanted targets out there if you get too ballsy. Some guides will suggest you go ?in and out? of the RES via supercruise or log out to respawn better/more profitable ships kill. This, imo, is not necessary at the start of your experience in a RES. If you?re with or near Security Forces, you?ll be fine and earn money and a solid rate regardless of what ships are prevalent. I?d advise getting a Viper as soon as you can afford for your RES experience and deck it out.

Personally I?ve chosen the ?both? route. I?ve outfitted a hauler and a viper decently. I explore and I spend time in RES?s now. I?m making this guide because I didn?t start out this way. I spent my entire first week dedicated towards trying to become an explorer. This isn?t very practical with how ED seems to currently reward the path you choose from the start. I went from making making (at best) approximately 200k a day, to approx 2mil a day. I play about 2 hours a daily. The first few days I made even half that, at best. I?m likely missing info and things that could be helpful. Ask questions and I?ll try to give my noob answer. The purpose of this is for NOOBS. People starting out who are trying to maximize what they are wanting to achieve in ED. If you are only concerned with fun (and money is a low priority), this may end up being useless for you unless combat grinding in RES?s end up being fun for you ? which right now, it is for me.

Additional Info

Be aware of rebuy cost/insurance. When you die, you have to pay an insurance fee to get your ship back. If you are going to outfit or buy a new ship, don?t make the mistake of spending too much and not having enough on had to get it back. Experienced CMDR?s say this insurance price will be more intense as ships become more expensive.


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