Elite Dangerous Pocket Guide to This Weeks CG Bounties in LFT 625 By: Xojue


Hello there, Commander Io Jox here. If you are fairly new to Elite: Dangerous (like me!) and want to look into this weeks Community Goal, here is a page I wrote up on a way to farm the combat bounties in the system LFT 625. At the bottom is a link to a video where I jump to LFT 625 and find the instance in which the correct bounties are accumulated, so feel free to use it alongside as a visual reference. I do not speak in the video and there will be muted portions due to my music playlist. I’ve never written a guide before so I do hope it is of some value to all of you out there. Please don’t hesitate to correct me or add your own ideas.

– Federal Initiative to Support Marlinist Refugees [Oct 24 2020] –

  • Step 1) Jump to System LFT 625 and scan the NAV Beacon.

  • Step 2) Cruise to Fox Enterprise Station and dock (46.1ls).

  • Step 3) Sign up to the Community Goal(s) in Mission Board [I haven’t tried signing up for BOTH trade & bounty missions simultaneously].

  • Step 4) Note: Local Res Sites and Combat Zones seemingly do not count towards Bounty Vouchers for the Fionn Liberals (CG’s Faction for submitting bonds). Instead, find the Interstellar Biological Development facility in the NAV panel (Filter Points of Interest). Lock on to the one(s) closer to the star, further away from Fox Enterprise Station. Cruise there.

  • Step 5) Once you have arrived, make sure you scan the local ships to determine that you are at a facility controlled by the Fionn Liberals. There will be request for support due to an incoming attack from opposing factions in the COMMS panel, much like Combat Zones. It can take up to and around 5 minutes for the event to start before you receive the message to choose sides. It might be worth taking the time to scan the local Fionn Liberals as there will be many ships when the event spawns.

  • Step 6) CHOOSE DEFEND INSTALLMENT [FIONN LIBERALS] To start stacking up those sweet CG Bounty Vouchers once the enemy factions start spawning in and attacking the installment/NPCS. Double check TRANSACTIONS to be sure you are accumulating Bounty Vouchers for Fionn Liberals.

  • Step 7) When you are finished, you can wait a while longer and the event will restart itself from wave 1 again, or cruise back to Fox Enterprise and cash in your bounty vouchers + pay off small fines for accidently firing at the base.

    • If you become WANTED at any point, there is a low security system called RALU 8.6ly from LFT 625. Jump and cruise to Hartlib Plant to pay off your fines via Contacts within the star port. If you do this, don’t forget to re-scan the NAV Beacon upon returning or relogging in to LFT 625 to be able to re-discover the related event instances in the system.

++ More Notes ++

  • 11 minute transfer time to/from Jameson Memorial/Fox Enterprise. It has a fair selection of modules just in case.

  • Do keep in mind: Accidently firing at the Facility itself too much can raise you to WANTED status by the faction you’re trying to defend. Enemy NPCs will try to take cover by/flee the station. The Station has defense systems that will also target you subsequently. Feed targets pot-shots to get them to turn away from the station when they are attacking it, especially if you are using a fighter crew. Your crew will not pay attention to the fine they are incurring on your behalf if the station is hit in their crossfire.

  • Kill Warrant Scanners speed up the process of accumulating bounty. There is scannable wake information everywhere all the time, with plenty of time to scan them. Bring a Frame Shift Wake Scanner if you want that encoded data material.

  • There will be 3* waves of enemies. Common enemy ships include the Krait Series, Cobras, and Pythons amongst others. There will be several NPC ships assisting you.

  • This event is a good time to bring a fighter bay to try your Condors, Taipans, etc. yourself, or to bring and LvL up your crew member.

  • Combat is relatively easy. Definitely manageable for un-engineered ships/new players. I think it’s harder to figure out how to successfully find bounties for the CG than it is to get them once you do.

For reference on how to find the Interstellar Biological Development from the NAV Beacon in LFT 625 – watch here!

P.S. Don’t forget to actually sign up at FOX ENTERPRISE before you begin.

Best of luck to you, Commanders o7

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