Emross Wars New Castle and Expansion Guide

Emross Wars New Castle and Expansion Guide by XenioWhat to do with new castles? This is not a must do just what I have...

Emross Wars Heroes Complete List

Emross Wars Heroes Complete List by AggieDruggist212Name:Dhunib Description:The Scar is the survivor from DevilArmy. And his rest life is to revengerank:10211Name: Kajad Description: Very...

Emross Wars Tech Guide

Emross Wars Tech Guide by kaishuoyDefense FormationImprove the defense of your troopNeeds: University(22), Logistics(10), Defense Facility(8)Lvl:30Gold:498809184,Wood:498809184,Food:498809184,Iron:498809184,Time(seconds):3552825484Lvl:29 Gold:3195850987,Wood:3195850987,Food:3195850987,Iron:3195850987,Time(seconds):851722958Lvl:28 Gold:2130567324,Wood:2130567324,Food:2130567324,Iron:2130567324,Time(seconds):776497163Lvl:27 Gold:1420378216,Wood:1420378216,Food:1420378216,Iron:1420378216,Time(seconds):3203765580Lvl:26 Gold:946918811,Wood:946918811,Food:946918811,Iron:946918811,Time(seconds):1160773105Lvl:25 Gold:631279207,Wood:631279207,Food:631279207,Iron:631279207,Time(seconds):1614552606Lvl:24 Gold:420852804,Wood:420852804,Food:420852804,Iron:420852804,Time(seconds):3581527265Lvl:23 Gold:280568536,Wood:280568536,Food:280568536,Iron:280568536,Time(seconds):2170622616Lvl:22 Gold:187045691,Wood:187045691,Food:187045691,Iron:187045691,Time(seconds):1315528877Lvl:21...

Emross Wars Food Consumption Guide

Emross Wars Food Consumption Guide by jacobe78This is the amount of food units consume while staying in your castle. I looked at the amount...

Emross Wars Basic Guide

Emross Wars Basic Guide by KKEXResourceWood,iron: normal resources to ?Build, train etc etc?Wood conversion rate: 3 gold to ?50 woodIron conversion rate: 1 gold,...

Emross Wars Game Layout Guide

Emross Wars Game Layout Guide by Sanguine lordIndex:General info on the main screen layout1.The Buildings-Resource:A. facilityB. manageC. Exchange-Downtown:A. provinceB. facilityC. OverviewOk so to begin....

Emross Wars Hero Guide

Emross Wars Hero Guide by XenioAre you tired of seeing 10s? I am too! But we see them no matter what level arena you...

Emross Wars PvP FAQ

Emross Wars PvP FAQ by Keith1 Question:Please let me know what would happen if I registered the PVP server for the 2nd time!As no...

Emross Wars Battlefield Guide

Emross Wars Battlefield Guide by Keith1# Step into the Battlefielda. The best players from each server will be invited to join Emross War battlefield:...

Emross Wars Troops Guide

Emross Wars Troops Guide by NelBelow you will find all troops and info about them.1st is the Picture of the Troop. Elf, Orc then...

Emross Wars Troop Stats

Emross Wars Troop Stats by The BFTi just ran some tests on some troops thoughtd i share. i sent 1 solider with a hero...

Emross Wars Alliance Hall Guide

Emross Wars Alliance Hall Guide by ellsieelleHey all, I?m working on putting together the requirements for the alliance hall gold requirements and cooldowns, I?ve...

Emross Wars Devil Armies Guide

Emross Wars Devil Armies Guide by LeeTage Ok hey everyone I have just been doing some research on these devil armies. If your already hitting...

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