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Epic Seven Artifact Tier List By: ToFat4Fun


This document is based on the state of the game at 17/06/2020 and from the point of view of a Champion RTA and Arena player. This guide is based on my personal opinion and experience. Also not every artifact is covered in this document. I choose the ones I know are actively being used and/or are niche picks. Stuff like Dux Noctis will not be covered.

The order is arbitrary, I will give a description of why I think the artifact is good and who can utilize it the most. I acknowledge that there are a ton of very good 4* artifacts and I limited myself to picking the best 5. Does not mean they are always the best, some are very good situational. Some artifacts that are not top 5 might be BiS for guild war, RTA, Raid or a specific game mode, this guide is to give a general impression of the artifact.

ToFat4Fun?s Artifact Tier List 17-06-2020:


Top 5 5* Artifact:

Abyssal Crown?(Mage)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/abyssal-crown/

Crown is one of the most oppressive and popular mage artifacts right now. Especially on AoE mages like Tenebria, Dizzy and Basar. When fully awakened, it has a 24% chance to stun, shutting down an entire team is very possible with just this artifact.

Alexa?s Basket?(Thief)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/alexas-basket/

Alexa?s Basket is a popular artifact for Thieves that need to do high damage, such as Arbiter Vildred, Kayron and sometimes seen on Baiken as well as on Assassin Cidd. It gives the wielder a Greater Attack Buff and/or Increased Critical Hit Chance (50%) buff for 1 turn at the start of your turn.

The idea is to deal as much damage on the first turn as possible. Wiping out a team before it gets to do anything.

Draco Plate?(Warrior)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/draco-plate/

Draco Plate is a very good artifact for units like Apocalypse Ravi and Alencia. It?s run on Luna or Ken as well but I think the first 2 benefit the most of this artifact.

It gives units more damage while at the same time reducing incoming damage, this screams bruiser artifact to me.

Elbris Ritual Sword?(Knight)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/elbris-ritual-sword/

Elbris is a very good artifact as the RnG counters can mess up your rotation and even kill or lock down your units. We see a lot of usage of this artifact on Charles and Fallen Cecilia, because of their massively increased threat with Elbris equipped.

Reingar?s Special Drink?(Ranger)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/reingars-special-drink/

Drink is very good on Seaside Bellona. It?s so strong against literally everything I had to put this in the top 5 5-star artifacts. Units like Seaside Bellona, Yuna and even Regular Bellona can make use of this.

But in the actual game we only see it being used on SSB.

Honorable Mentions 5*:


This artifact heals the ally with the lowest health by 13-26% of the damage done. I really like this artifact on heroes like Seaside Bellona (PvP as PvE wise, can catch people off-guard), regular Bellona. Even the niche DPS Celeste can make great usage of this artifact.

Example usage are AoE rangers using this to keep your team alive / play off-healer.

Rod of Amaryllis?(Soulweaver)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/rod-of-amaryllis/

Heals the ally with the lowest health for up to 24% when using a non-attack skill. This artifact is a must have for units like Diene, who have no innate healing. Also works great on Angelic Montmorancy to drastically increase her healing output.

Dingus Orb?(Mage)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/dignus-orb/

Very good artifact, if not the best artifact for Vivian. Since her EE came out she starts seeing more usage and Dingus Orb is the go-to choice artifact for her, offering a massive shield and a damage increase on her next attack.

That being said, it?s very niche and pretty much limited to Vivian for now.


Heals the ally with the lowest hp when using a basic skill. This is very useful on Soulweavers like Elena who has long cooldowns and can make great use of a counter set and heals this way. It?s a good choice for Desert Jewel Basar and Destina as well.

Proof of Valor?(Any)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/proof-of-valor/

This artifact reduces incoming damage by 30 to 15% and can be put on any hero. This artifact can fit anywhere you need extra survivability. Often seen on units to tank Wyvern or bait/ tank units in PvP.

Example usage are units who need to tank hunt bosses or avoid getting one shot in PvP.


Increases combat readiness when hit and health is below 75%. Very good for Assassin Cartuja, Ravi and not uncommon on very slow Dark Corvus.

Durandal forces opponents to play around your unit, hitting them will push your unit to their next turn faster.

Holy Sacrifice?(Knight)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/holy-sacrifice/

When fully awakened, 100% chance to revive the wielder with 25% health and a barrier. We see this on Krau a lot to get his S3 off and do massive damage. It?s becoming popular with Charles as well.

The opponent won?t know your hero is on Holy Sacrifice until it procs, they can only guess. Even when your opponent knows, he has to carefully play around the wielder of this artifact.

Sigurd Scythe?(Warrior)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/sigurd-scythe/

This artifact is a must have if you want to use Martial Artist Ken. When fully awakened: ?When the caster?s Health is less than 50%, increase Attack by 25% and absorb 50% of the damage dealt as Health.? This enables your units to stay alive and dish out more damage. This artifact is often seen on Luna, Ken, Ravi and sometimes Yufine as well.

Touch of Rekos?(Soulweaver)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/touch-of-rekos/

Recover up to 10% of all allies? max health when hit, only activated once per turn.

This artifact is very good for healers that are very tanky, like Ruele and Roana.

However, I personally still choose Water?s Origin over this, I feel like the CR push is more worth it.

Rhianna & Luciella?(Thief)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/rhianna-luciella/

10-20% chance to be granted an extra turn at the end of the turn. Seen this being used a lot on units who snowball get a lot of value off an extra turn, such as Assassin Coli, Specimen Sez and Roozid.

I personally don?t see it used that often anymore, as damage dealers started shifting towards Portrait of the Saviors.

Bastion of Perlutia?(Knight)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/bastion-of-perlutia/

At the start of battle, grants a barrier equal to 15-30% of the caster?s max health to the ally with the highest attack for 2 turns.

A massive shield for your DPS hero. Most usage I have seen was with Eaton or Lillias shielding a ML Ken or Cermia (or other dps).

Very good situational, but heavily countered by the ever increasing amount of meta stripping units and Iela Violin.

Junkyard Dog & Torn Sleeve?(Warrior & Thief)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/junkyard-dog/?&??https://epic7x.com/artifact/torn-sleeve/
Those 2 artifacts enable a lot of Wyvern 13 comps using units that can attack a lot and apply debuffs this way. Example usage are Taranor Guard / Batisse for Junkyard Dog and Karin on Torn Sleeve. Both these artifacts are limited to the Guilty Gear Collab Event.

These artifacts are rarely seen in PvP.

Top 5 4* Artifacts:

Tagehels Ancient Book?(Mage)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/tagehels-ancient-book/

The most broken artifact in the game in my opinion. Being able to soulburn your units on turn 1 gives a massive advantage. You can also stack multiple Tagehels on the same team. This book can be held by any mage and is most commonly used by Aux Lots cleave comps or Challenger Dominiel comps. Specter Tenebria can also decimate teams by repeatedly spamming S1 with soulburn.

Adamant Shield?(Knight)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/adamant-shield/

Very strong defensive artifact that reduces incoming critical hit damage by up to 16%. This is often held by Fallen Cecillia but seeing it on ML Crozet or Lillias isn?t uncommon either.


Increases defense of all allies by 10% and the wielder takes a portion of the damage that the ally would take up to 20%. This is good for any knight (besides Charles), but especially good on Krau because he can get his S3 off faster due to the damage sharing. Sees common usage on Fallen Cecilia, Lillias, Adventurer Ras, Rose and Falconer Kluri.

Elyha?s Knife?(Thief)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/elyhas-knife/

Penetrates up to 20% of the opponent?s defense when the opponent is not on max health. This is good for Thieves that need to deal damage and often go after another unit has already hit the opponent. Most often used for Kayron and Blood Blade Karin.

Depending on context, this artifact is better against tank comps and superior to portrait.

Comparison with Portrait of the Saviors on?reddit.Mind you this post was made a year ago and getting to 1500 defense is much more common today.

Water?s Origin?(Soulweaver)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/waters-origin/

In my opinion the best defensive artifact for a tanky, slower healer like Ruele or Maid Chloe. The trend seems to be shifting towards Touch of Rekos, but I personally still think Water?s is better.

This artifact recovers health and pushes combat readiness when damage taken exceeds 20% of max health. Meaning that if an opponent tries to nuke your healer, your healer might live and gain health + combat readiness.

Honorable Mentions 4*:

Iela Violin?(Mage)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/iela-violin/

80% chance to dispel a buff after attacking. This is very, very good for Dizzy and Champion Zerato. Especially counter Dizzy as your opponents won?t be able to keep buffs up. This is such an impactful artifact that I would say it?s part of the top 5. Other AoE mages like Tenebria and Specter Tenebria may benefit a lot from this as well.

Hilag Lance?(Knight)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/hilag-lance/

Increases combat readiness by up to 10% when an ally is attacked by a?single attack.

This is most often seen on Lillias. Boosting her CR for more cycles.

Steadfast Gatekeeper?(Knight)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/steadfast-gatekeeper/

Increases combat readiness by up to 8% when an ally is attacked by a?skill that targets all allies.

Basically Hilag Lance, but for incoming AoE attacks. We see this on Lillias often as well.

Dust Devil?(Thief)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/dust-devil/

30% chance to attack again with a basic attack after attacking with a basic attack if the target survives.

Very good for heroes that get great value from using Basic Skill or S1 a 2nd time. Units that profit the most of this artifact are Kayron, Karin and Vildred.

Magarahas Tome?(Soulweaver)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/magarahas-tome/
Increase combat readiness by 15-30% when using a skill that does not attack enemies.

Very good on Soulweavers that need to cycle turns. Most used on Angelic Montmorancy but can be used on other healers as well.

Moonlight Dreamblade?(Thief)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/moonlight-dreamblade/

This artifact, when maxed, increases?evasion?by 20% and when evading grants the wielder an attack buff for 1 turn. Very good for units that you want or need to evade some hits. This is best in slot for Mirsa and Violet due to their passives stacking evasion. Blood Blade Karin and Kayron also see some usage and this artifact is not uncommon for Arbiter Vildred or Assassin Cidd either. Situational Top 5 candidate but it?s countered by a 3* artifact, Oath Key.

Midnight Bloom?(Any)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/midnight-bloom/

Increases critical hit chance of all allies by 16%. This artifact allows you to focus on more damage and forgives missing crit rate on heroes. I personally use this on my Shadow Rose to give my PvE banshee team more crit chance.

Used to relieve stat hungry heroes a bit.

Portrait of the Saviors?(Any)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/portrait-of-the-saviors/

An upgraded version of Exorcist Tonfa that is limited to the Guilty Gear Collab Event. Increases damage dealt by 20% if enemy health is above 50%.

This artifact is very good for cleave units and some single target nukers. Examples are Pavel, Lena, Watscher Schuri, Little Queen Charlotte and Blood Blade Karin.? *Due to it?s versatility, I would say it?s top 5 worthy.

Rosa Hargana?(Ranger)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/rosa-hargana/

Increases dual attack chance of the wielder by 14% and increases attack by 30% when it?s not the casters turn. Very good for units like Seaside Bellona and regular Bellona. Also Schuri sees usage on this artifact since his dual attacks push the teams CR.

Note the ?when it?s not the casters turn?, this means dual attacks and counters like SSB skill 2 will hit with 30% more attack.

Wondrous Potion Vial?(Soulweaver)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/wondrous-potion-vial/

When fully awakened has a 100% chance to dispel a debuff from an ally at the beginning of the turn. Very good for units that lack cleanse. Useful in both PvE and PvP. Often seen on units like Tamarinne and Maid Chloe but this can be a situational pick for any soulweaver.

Crimson Seed?(Warrior)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/crimson-seed/

When fully awakened has a 70% chance to dispel one debuff when attacked. Unlike Timeless Anchor, this artifact will get rid of the debuff on the same turn it got inflicted. Can only occur once per turn though. Typical for Apocalypse Ravi who doesn?t like to get debuffed.

Strak Gauntlet?(Warrior)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/strak-gauntlet/

Increases effect resistance by 60% when health is above 50% and the effect is halved when health is below 50%. This is mostly used on Dark Corvus as he is a slow unit that doesn?t want to get debuffed. Apocalypse Ravi sees some usage as well.


A reverse proof of valor. Good for Dark Corvus in guild war fights.

This effect resets at the beginning of the casters turn, so it has to ramp up after your unit gets a turn. Still a good artifact for very slow tank units.

Sashe Ithanes?(Ranger)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/sashe-ithanes/

When an enemy is defeated, increases Combat Readiness of all allies by 16%. You often see this being used in cleave/nuke comps with a ranger involved.

I used this myself a lot on Celeste or Cerise when using Challenger Dominiel to nuke one opponent, resulting in my team getting pushed. This allowed my units to get pushed every time an opponent got picked off.

Top 5 3* Artifacts:

Daydream Joker?(Any)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/daydream-joker/

Best In Slot PvE artifact. At least for Hunts this artifact is a must on your DPS. This artifact scales extremely hard with the opponent?s maximum health. PvE bosses have a lot of health so with DDJ you just need some attack and Critical Hit Damage to increase your clear speed by a lot.

Take note that some bosses, especially raid bosses ignore damage that scales with maximum health. So joker is useless versus those.

Oath Key?(Any)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/oath-key/

The counter against any evasion unit or artifact. Oath Key decreases chance of missing by 20%, nullifying Moonlight Dreamblade?s evasion effect.

Cursed Compass?(Any)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/cursed-compass/

Increase effectiveness by 50% on the first turn. This is meant for units that need to land debuffs on turn 1. Often seen on Cerise and the niche speedy Judge Kise to increase the opponents cooldowns.

Timeless Anchor?(Any)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/timeless-anchor/

50% chance to dispel one debuff when attacked. Unlike Crimson Seed, this artifact does not dispel on the same turn that a debuff gets applied, but Timeless Anchor can be triggered multiple times without getting a turn. This is good for slow units that you don?t want getting debuffed, such as Apocalypse Ravi.

Exorcist?s Tonfa?(Any)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/exorcists-tonfa/

Budget Portrait of the Saviors, increases damage dealt by 16% when the enemy?s health is over 50%

Honorable Mentions 3*:

Prophetic Candlestick?(Any)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/prophetic-candlestick/

40% chance to reduce cooldowns by 1 turn when attacked, can be activated once per turn. Good for units that want to cycle skills fast or have long cooldowns. A widely used example is Angelica.

Labyrinth Cube?(Any)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/labyrinth-cube/

20% Chance to increase combat readiness by 15% at the end of the enemy?s turn. RnG Combat Readiness boost.

Sometimes seen on Judith or Roozid.

Egg of Delusion?(Any)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/egg-of-delusion/

Defence increases by 20% when health is above 50%.

Used by heroes that need to be tanky and players that do not have access to better artifacts. Sees most usage on a PvE tank.

Though we now have artifacts like Proof, Sepulchrum and Sword of Ezera that fulfil this role better.

Ranon?s Memorandum?(Any)?https://epic7x.com/artifact/ranons-memorandum/

Increases speed of the caster by 2%, stacks up to 10 times. This is sometimes used for prolonged fights on very fast or very slow units. Examples are Dark Corvus and Roozid.


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