Epic Seven Rin Detailed Guide


by E7-Camera


It?s been a while since posting my last lengthy write up on a unit I love to use, and a recent post showing appreciation for this unit got me motivated again. This Soul Weaver was my first 4* and my only Soul Weaver for a long time. She was six starred very early on and carried me through a lot of early content. Over time and with the introduction of a lot of other Soul Weavers she became sort of forgotten, and then eventually benched. Her recent buffs/changes got me interested in using her again so I rebuilt (nothing amazing, just ?enough?, plans to improve soonish) and started using her where I can. Currently that?s mostly in Guild War and she shines in the right setup which I?ll get into below. First things let?s dive right in on why you should use and eventually main her! What Rin brings to the table is something no other Soul Weaver can as far as total utility is concerned. Her kit is jam packed! Let?s dissect it!

Skills and build recommendation:

  • S1: 75% chance to dispel 1 buff from target, increase combat readiness of the caster by 15%, 5% self HP scaling.
  1. Rin?s S1 is incredibly solid. Dispel is an extremely useful mechanic and with recent changes she gained 15% combat readiness, which when you build Rin properly (we?ll get to this further down) really helps push her turns faster and faster. The best part of this skill is that it comes at 75% with 0 molagora spent! It only adds damage for skill enhancements and is entirely skippable!

Conclusion:?I recommend leaving this skill unenhanced as the damage increase will be very small and likely not worth the investment (unless you want to +15 her for waifu reasons, in which case by all means!)

  • S2: 50%(75%) chance to defense break target for 2 turns, 50% chance to use Ring Toss (S1), 7% HP scaling.?2 TURN COOLDOWN!!!!!!111!11!!!11!
  1. Rin?s S2 is the bread and butter of her kit in my opinion. I think we all (mostly) agree that defense break is the most effective debuff in the game, and Rin is the only soul weaver aside from RequiemRoar who has access to it! But wait! THERE?S MORE! She has a fairly high chance (50%) to followup with her S1 and potentially dispel another buff, AND boost her combat readiness 15% again! Did I forget to mention this amazing skill is only on a 2 turn cooldown??? Permanent uptime (barring resist or missing the 75%) on a defense break is incredibly solid.

Conclusion:?I recommend enhancing this skill to +4 to pick up the additional 25% chance to defense break! Extremely valuable debuff and only costs 5 molagora and 3 Flame of Soul. Feel free to max this skill if Waifu reasons 😛

  • S3: Heals all allies with an elegant?sexy af dance, granting?two?random buffs for?three?turns. Heal strength= 20% target HP. 5(4) turn cooldown.?Soulburn:?Extends buff duration by 1 turn,?ONLY TEN SOULS!!!1!!11!!!!
  1. Rin?s S3 is my absolute favorite S3 in the entire game!?GACHA BUFFS BABY!!!?Yo Dawg I heard you like gacha so I gave you gacha buffs for your gacha game while you gacha live your gacha life. This skill is incredible post changes (it was great before as well but now.. just damn!). You will receive one offensive buff out of: Greater Attack, Critical Chance buff, Critical Damage Buff. 66% of the time you will do more damage period, 33% of the time you?ll hit crit chance buff (which is still useful!). I like those odds personally, and only a select few units in the game have access to greater attack buff at all. You will receive one defensive buff out of: Continuous Healing, Increased Evasion, Increased Defense, Immunity. All useful for sure, with Continuous healing probably being the weakest. Still very good odds of getting something that will potentially turn the tides of the match! If you soulburn her S3 for a mere 10 souls you can maintain permanent uptime on her buffs, and that?s not even getting into some of the spicy team comps we?ll discuss below to get even more out of her? Did I mention it?s a sexy dance!????!?!

Conclusion:?I recommend maxing this skill out at +3 for the -1 turn cooldown at +2 and the additional healing at +3. Rin only has one intrinsic source of healing so investing in it is very important.

Skill build Recommendations:?0/4/2 bare minimum to unlock her potential, 0/4/3 to beef up her healing, 6/6/3 if Waifu4Laifu. (I personally left her at 0/4/3 and she is extremely amazing!)

Recommended Build:


  • Main Set: Speed (We will discuss some off meta picks further down)
  • Off Set: Fairly Flexible here but I will default to Defense set because the hell raid helmet/ring are great pickups for really pushing her to the max! (Health/Resist/Hit set all work for her)

Right Side Setup!

  • Necklace: %Health
  • Ring: Flexible here but I will recommend %Defense or %Health
  • Boots: Speed, no substitutions here even in off meta builds, she gets too much out of speed to pass it up.

Substat Priority!

  1. Speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!
  2. %Health
  3. Effectiveness
  4. %Defense
  5. Resistance

Target Benchmarks!

  • Look to stack as much speed as humanly possible while maintaining relatively healthy bulk. I would aim for 200-210 region as personal preference here. You want to capitalize on her S1 combat readiness pushing as much as you can so stack that speed up! Zoom zoom!
  • Health is important for keeping her alive and well and also a small contributor to her damage output with her 5/7% scaling on S1/2. I would aim for anywhere from 12-16k Health for her, favoring something above 14k!
  • Effectiveness goes a LONG way for Rin! A ton of her utility is lost if you can?t stick the dispel/defense breaks so definitely focus on working this stat in as a third priority. PVE: 55% is perfect, PVP usage aim for 70-100% (don?t sac too much elsewhere just to obtain these numbers though!)
  • Defense is another great stat for helping boost her effectiveHP and ensuring she isn?t 1-2 tapped. I would personally recommend 1200 minimum, closer to the 1400/1500 range!
  • Resistance is always useful for soul weavers in my opinion and I would consider trying to fit it in her build as a last priority stat. Ideally you have 80-100 but with her other stat needs/wants this may be difficult. Just fit this in anywhere you can!

Artifact Choice!

I think there are only really two viable options for Rin as far as artifacts are concerned:

  1. Celestine: The heal gap closer. Rin doesn?t have any healing outside of her S3, and Celestine is a very solid choice to bring more to the team for her. You will get it on her S1 obviously, but also any time her S2 procs her S1 as well! Very solid artifact for her and I?d say it?s her BiS!
  2. Wondrous Potion Vial: The CleanseRin. Rin does not have any intrinsic cleanse so equipping her with WPV bridges that gap nicely. I think this is a great choice for her if you are facing something debuff heavy but overall less of a good fit than Celestine.

Exclusive Equipment!

Yeah.. I wish! Nothing currently exists for her but a man can dream! I?d really hope her EE whenever it comes has either Speed or Effectiveness as a main stat, and for the skill enhancement options maybe something like adding a single target cleanse to her s1, 25% defense break chance (making her S2 100% when mola?d), or -1 c/d on her S3 for permanent uptime without burning, and then overlap with burning. Maybe these are too OP but it?s just wishes of mine 😛


  1. 3% Health
  2. 6% Effectiveness
  3. S3 changed from 1 random buff to 2 random buffs!
  4. 4 Speed
  5. 6% Health
  6. 12% Effectiveness

Conclusion:?Honestly very solid awakenings. All great stats for Rin! My dream would have been speed/effect but Health is always beneficial for Soul Weavers so it?s all good!

Off Meta Builds!

I have seen some interesting builds for Rin before and I think a potential spicy build that performs well for her is a?Counter/Celestine?build. Counter set will give her even more mileage out of her S1 by providing additional dispels and heals through celestine as well as more CR boosts! I would sanction this build but still recommend %Health/%Health or %Defense/Speed for right side setups.

Another build I would consider and even recommend if you have the equipment quality is a Speed/Defense setup with Celestine and %Health/Resist/Speed right side setup. You?ll be sacrificing some bulk here unless you?ve got really solid rolls on the 88 Defense set Helmet/Ring from hell raid. This is sort of an ?I thought of everything? build and to really pull it off I think you?d ideally want to hit benchmarks like: 12-14k Health, 1200 defense, 200 speed, 60 Effect, 120 resist. I think it would take some investment but I?m sure it?s doable, and even more bulky than what I listed as well. (This is the build I want for my own!)

One day I may try a DPS build for her but presently I don?t think you?re going to get much out of it other than memes tbh. IF you were to try it I would say Speed/Crit with %Crit Damage/%Health/Speed right side and function sort of like a bruiser. I don?t think glass cannon Rin is viable at all, feel free to build her and prove me wrong!


  • Rin functions more like a support unit than a pure healer. I think she gets a ton of synergy with other units that bring utility to the table or units that have some form of healing or lifesteal built in to lighten the load on her. My favorite pairing is Rin/Fluri for Guild War and I use it every war! Very fun!
  • Some other units I think could be really nutty and fun to use with her are C.Rikoris, Dingo, and Iseria. All of these units reduce cooldowns which can lead to some very fun buff stacking with her S3!
  • Her base morale value is 3.0 median, which isn?t the greatest, but you only NEED 26/28 for your 3 run raid setups (https://i.imgur.com/BbFEVJs.jpg)and ~24 for hell raid runs to cover the boss and select mini bosses (https://imgur.com/AzlszEZ)

Additional Considerations!

  1. Rin is Beautiful
  2. Rin is FUN!
  3. Rin is a 4* which means lower molagora needs and rune/catalyst needs for awakening!
  4. Rin doesn?t have an EE yet and potentially could be even more amazing when she gets one!
  5. Rin is Earth! (Evasion buff into ssb/dizzy is a lot of fun!)
  6. Rin has the most utility of any Soul Weaver kit in my opinion!
  7. You probably have SSS?d her by now if you?ve been playing for a long time and can beef her up with self imprinting %Health!
  8. Rin has amazing emotes!
  9. Rin is HOT!
  • In all seriousness Rin is an incredible unit. She doesn?t get enough usage as a community for how awesome she truly is, and I promise if nothing else you will enjoy using her. Give her a shot even at +0 skill, you won?t regret it!

Here is the Rin I use currently, definitely not optimized but still performing very well!


Here is the Rin I would like to use if it didn?t wreck a ton of builds I don?t want to touch!


Not saying my Rin is the best or even my desired setup is, merely providing as a guideline for a Rin that has been working for me! I hope you all enjoy the guide and more importantly enjoy RIN! Feel free to comment with corrections or maybe things I didn?t consider! Cheers!

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