EpicDuel Areas and NPC Challenges Guide

EpicDuel Areas and NPC Challenges Guide by AVACentral Station ~ Gates:Gate 1 ? Fortune City | Gate 2 ? Minetower 10-BGate 3 ? Biological...

EpicDuel FAQ

EpicDuel Frequently Asked Questions by AVAPlayer Equipment and Quests1. Where is _____? Where can I get? You can always check the EpicDuel Wiki for...
EpicDuel Factions Guide | GuideScroll

EpicDuel Factions Guide

EpicDuel Factions Guide by SMGSTable of ContentsIntroductionThe Faction War and Faction War BarInfluential FactionsRecruitmentHierarchy SystemFaction StatisticsFaction LeaderboardsFaction HeadquartersFaction BattlestationsCapture PointsIntroductionAs one of the most...

EpicDuel NPC Farming Guide

EpicDuel NPC Farming Guide by WraithThis guide brings to you the easiest and best NPCs to farm at that level.Level 1Light City Guard (level...

EpicDuel Creating a Build Guide

EpicDuel Creating a Build Guide by The ND Mallet GuyBuild making is really quite simple but you just need some patience. It also helps...

EpicDuel Farming Credits Guide

EpicDuel Farming Credits Guide by T.600IntroductionCredits, sometimes abbreviated to ?creds? is the primary currency in Epicduel. It is like ?gold? in other RPGs and...

EpicDuel Mission Rewards Guide

EpicDuel Mission Rewards Guide by AVASection 01: New release Missions ? Delta 1.4.2b ? 17/10/201201. Batesian Mimicry > Starts From: Administrator 12 (Fortune City)...

EpicDuel Technology Bounty Hunter Guide

EpicDuel Technology Bounty Hunter Guide by Zean ZappleScreen Shot: https://freetoplaymmorpgs.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/2vrudn6.jpgIt?s a good build, quite useful in 1v1 battles, can be pulled off in 2v2...

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