⛏️ Red Rebel Ice Pick 👉 How to Get in Tarkov (Latest Patch)


The Red Rebel Ice Pick is insanely useful for extracting on Reserve and Woods. It is almost required when playing as a PMC on Reserve and without it your extractions are severely limited. It’s absolutely worth the investment. Speaking of investment, here’s how to get the Red Rebel Ice Pick. Step 1: Earn about 5 million roubles. Step 2: buy the Red Rebel Ice Pick off the flea market.

That’s it! Now if you want to know how the people that sell these Red Rebel Ice Picks get them, and how you can save money in the process stick around for the next two minutes and I’ll show you how. I’m CarvemUp and this is How To Get Things in Tarkov. You can either find the Red Rebel Ice Pick in raid or barter trade with Jaeger Level 3. Let’s go over finding it in raid first: Red Rebel Ice Picks spawn inside 5×5 weapon boxes, the common fund stash or Shturman’s stash on woods, the old gas station in customs and on Shturman’s dead body when you kill him. All of these spawns are pretty rare and to be honest I wouldn’t recommend trying to find the Red Rebel Ice Pick in the game itself. What I would recommend however is level 3 Jaeger barter trade. If you have no idea what trader levels are and how to increase them, check out my suggested video here and in the video description. The Jeager Trade requires a whopping 15 Dry Fuel, 14 Propane and 7 Fuel Conditioner.

The best spawn locations for these items are on Interchange and Shoreline. Interchange has a bunch of potential spawns for dry fuel and propane inside Oli. There’s potential for spawns all along the shelves at the front of the store as well as the larger and smaller shelves towards the back. These areas are always worth checking since barter items tend to go for a large amount of cash. Shoreline also has the villages, a great spot for barter items that’s usually uncontested. Inside the resort the utility rooms normally contain a variety of spawns for barter items such as these as well. For Fuel Conditioner, the most common spawn for these is inside duffle bags. There are also potential spawns inside techlight on Interchange, the Woods Marked Circle and brown jackets.

It’s almost always worth checking duffel bags and jackets due to the variety of high-end potential loot inside them. Once you found these items either in raid or on the flea market, perform the barter trade with Jaeger and enjoy your Red Rebel Ice Pick. Be sure to check out my related videos on SICC Cases and Key Tools as these are both fantastic items that you want to get your hands on as well. That’s it for this how to get things in Tarkov tutorial, if you have any questions, ask in the comment section below or ask me live at Twitch.tv/carvemup Make sure to subscribe for more 2 Minute Tarkov Tutorials and good luck with your raids!

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