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💳 Best Budget Guns in Escape from Tarkov (Latest Patch)


Best Budget Guns: Are you struggling to kill enemies andlosing money rapidly? Are you a total beginner with gun modding and get easily overwhelmed with gun choices in Escape From Tarkov? Then this is the guide for you! In the next two minutes I’m going to go over five best budget guns that will get you killing players and scavs quickly and efficiently with minimal gun modding required. I’m CarvemUp and this is 2 Minute Tarkov Tutorials.

Here are five guns I highly recommend: The FN 5-7, The Mosin, MP-153, the PP-19 and the Hunter VEPR. They do not require extensive modding to make them usable. Hell a lot of them barely support any kind of modding at all making them much cheaper and faster to use on a regular basis. Now none of these guns are effective without choosing the right ammunition.

I cannot stress this enough, if you’re using the wrong type of ammo in Escape From Tarkov, you might as well be firing blanks. With each gun I’m going to recommend one ammo types use with it to get you started, but if you are confused with ammo types and how to choose the right one, check out the suggested video here and in the video description. Right let’s get straight into it. Number one: the Five-Seven pistol with SS190 rounds. This is a newer addition to the Tarkov weapon lineup, with a fast fire rate, 20-round magazines, quite low recoil and fantastic ergonomics you will be able to get the drop on enemies if you fire quickly. With the ss190 rounds, you’ll be able to pen class three armors and face shields with ease, making this brilliant for face shots. There’s no need to mod this gun at all but if you wish you can add a silencer and flashlight combo. Number 2: The Mosin sniper rifle with 7N1 rounds. This gun has actually caused controversy within the Tarkov community. At a very cheap price this gun will let you fire rounds that can easily penetrate class 4 and even class 5 armor.

The damage done by 7N1 rounds means you can even kill these enemies in one shot in most cases. But with that said if you’re prone to missing your shots this gun is very unforgiving. With five rounds in an internal stock magazine and bad ergonomics, you’ll have to be very accurate. You can mod this gun with a scope if you wish but with just iron sights it’s still a very dangerous weapon. Number 3: the MP-153 Shotgun with AP-20 rounds. Requiring very little modding to be effective, this semi-auto shotgun with AP-20 rounds can easily pen level three armor and face shields. Aiming for the legs and arms can also be very effective with a whopping 164 damage per slug. The gun is loud but it will absolutely destroy scavs and lower geared players with ease.

I would recommend buying an 8 rounded internal magazine off the flea market to really make this a powerhouse budget gun. Number 4: The PP-19 with PST GZH rounds. This is one of the most basic SMG’s in the game but don’t be fooled, it is incredibly lethal with the right tactics. With a simple cobra reflex sight and rubber butt pad, recoil is almost non-existent and the ergonomics are fantastic. The PST GZH rounds however are not that good at penetrating armor and even the more expensive AP 6.3 rounds aren’t that good either.

With that said, with the high fire rate, if you were to aim at the legs or face you can do a very large amount of damage in a very short period of time. And finally Number 5: the Hunter VEPR with M80 rounds. This is another controversial gun added to the game allowing players to use the brilliant 7.62×51 mm rounds. The M80 rounds can easily penetrate class 4 and even class 5 armor with a few hits, allowing you to take down geared players on a budget.

Requiring no mods at all, simply chuck on your favorite sight, buy some 10-round magazines and you’re done. This is a budget favorite of mine because of the simplicity and high armor penetration. That’s it for this 2 Minute Tarkov Tutorial. If you have any questions ask in the comment section below or ask me live at twitch.tv/carvemup Make sure to subscribe for more 2 Minute Tarkov Tutorials and good luck with your raids!.

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