📈 Level Traders FAST in Escape from Tarkov (Latest Patch)


Leveling your traders in Escape from Tarkov can be crucial to buying items that are lower cost than flea market offerings and giving you access to barter trades that can make you money every trader reset. It does require a combination of three things however, raising your PMC level, your trader reputation and your total trader sales. Don’t understand what any that means? Give me two minutes and I’ll tell you what those terms are and I’ll share some of my tactics to get you through some of the tedious parts quickly and efficiently. I’m CarvemUp and this is 2 Minute Tarkov Tutorials There are currently eight traders in the game. All but one can be leveled up all the way from level one to level four. At each level you unlock a variety of different items you can purchase or trade for.

The only trader that doesn’t level up is fence and therefore you should be interacting with him the least. To level up the traders, you have to do some trader specific and nonspecific things. Trader specific requirements are the same style for all traders, so I’ll just focus on Prapor for now, but the same logic applies to all. Let’s start with non trader specific requirements. For each trader level there is a requirement to get your PMC character level to a certain number. You level your PMC by gaining XP and you can get this from either doing quests or simply playing raids as your PMC. The more you do in a raid, the more XP you get such as kills headshots looting exploring and more. Now on to trader specific. These requirements will be separate per trader so make sure to pay attention to every traders numbers and requirements as they are all different. Required reputation: This is the number used to determine how much positive or negative reputation you have with the trader. You improve this by performing quests for each trader, the more quests you complete the more trust you gain with them, the higher reputation you will earn with them.

Required Sales: this number is the amount of money passed through each traders hands when dealing with them. Either through buying or selling. The more you buy or sell with them the higher the number will be. So you might be asking what’s the most effective way to deal with these three requirements. Well the main way to gain XP fast is to be doing quests as often as you possibly can with your PMC character. For quests such as killing X amount of scavs on a certain map, try to focus on this as much as possible without getting burnt out since the faster you complete it the faster you can move on to other quests. Also when obtaining items for quests be very observant with what the requirements for the items are. If it doesn’t say specifically ‘find in raid’ and rather just says ‘find’ or ‘get’ or ‘give’ then you are not required to find this item yourself.

This means you can buy the item straight off the fleamarket! I would recommend doing this for a lot of the cheap items as it will greatly speed up the leveling process. The same goes for trader reputation, the more quests you do higher the number will go. Check the Tarkov Wikipedia to find out more about what quest leads to other quests as you may find out one you’ve been putting off due to difficulty will lead to three more easy quests down the line. Finally required sales: a simple tactic is to buy items offer trader and sell the items back to the trader directly you will lose half your money when doing this but you will spend 1.5 times the value of an item.

A way to get around this that’s slightly more risky is to buy up items such as popular sights, magazines and ammunition and sell this to the flea market for just under the traders price, thus making more money than selling directly back to the trader. Personally, I would just sell the items back to the trader it’s guaranteed and it’s saved time instead of waiting for sales of your items to actually go through.

And that’s it really if you focus on the quests and spend the required amounts with each trader, you will be leveled up in no time. That’s it for this 2 Minute Tarkov Tutorial. If you have any questions, ask in the comment section below or ask me live at twitch.tv/CarvemUp Make sure to subscribe for more 2 Minute Tarkov Tutorials and good luck with your raids.

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