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What up, brohams! Welcome to another installment of The Beginner’s Guide series on the Broham nation. In our last video we went over the basic essentials every tester should know to get started. In this video we will be taking a look at the new quest system in Escape from Tarkov. This won’t be a video on the location of each quest so please know that now. I’m sure this will get some dislikes but I can accept that. As part of the RPG element Escape from Tarkov includes a system of quests (or missions) from in-game traders.

It is still unclear whether there will be player- and clan-made quests, but until there is a 100% definitive answer we can only hope at this point. Quests are one of the key features that have created more of the dynamic that we will see in the release version of Escape from Tarkov. Currently there are over 30 quests for starters, and I would venture a guess to say that if there were more we might uncover some spicy details and theories.

Now I will note — there is a portion of the community and content creators that asked: What exactly is the story behind Escape from Tarkov? Quests will eventually become small pieces of that overall puzzle with story mode being the biggest reveal. Now let’s get into it. Accepting quests is not especially difficult. Just go to one of the three traders who have them — currently, Prapor, the Therapist and Skier are the only traders with quests for you. Rewards for completion of quests offer various things like money, items, experience, and, most important, reputation. Quests range from removal of Scav infestation and PMC opposition to the acquisition of sensitive document storage drives and personal items. The quests serve to give us a peek at the larger picture of Tarkov and an understanding of the roles each of the traders serve in that picture. Through the tasks you will also get a feel for the remaining citizens of Tarkov and their struggle for survival, as you will help to restore precious water sources, supplies and free them from their local oppressors. As you know by now, you have had the option to decide what faction you pledged your allegiance to, but until now that was merely clicking a button on screen.

As we move forward toward the actual game we can start to indulge in the roleplay by taking into consideration the choices we make with quests. At this point you will need to think about your dealings in Tarkov, how you want to proceed throughout the course of your operations. If you choose to go with Prapor, you will not gain much in the way of monetary gain and weapon modification, but you will definitely be the hero the city deserves. Most of what Prapor needs are special documents, which, I theorize, he’s passing along to the Russian Federation.

He is also interested in suppression of the bandits and location of fuel reserves. The Therapist is of course most interested in the overall health and well-being of the city’s survivors. She will send you out to help with water reserves location, purification tools, medical items and suppression. You will at some point have a mission that involves Propor and Therapist, and I personally like this aspect. Skiers missions are similar to Prapor’s in scope, but this is when you must consider your choice, as I mentioned earlier.

Completing quests for Skier are going to offer more in the way of money, but will cause a severe problem with the other two traders. You will lose a significant amount of reputation with Prapor and Therapist upon completion of the Skier quests. You can perform some quests now that restores some rep with Prapor, but be careful. My personal suggestion to you is to complete only Skiers first two quests, as they do not reflect on your rep. Finish Prapor and Therapist’s quests, then finish up with Skier. Upon activating your first quest, select, then click accept at the top. You will hear an audio cue that lets you know you accepted it. You will also receive a message from the trader in your messenger.

Always remember to accept the quest before going in raid. Trust me. I have had friends who realized their goof in raid. Feels bad. You can view your quest information in time through the traders. The tasks tab on your character screen or in raid on your in-game tasks tab. The in-game tasks tab will update while in the raid so that you can keep track of your progress. Once you are finished completing your goals, just go back to the trader and make sure to click Hand Over and then Complete at the top. Your rewards for each quest will be sent in a message from that specific trader. It’s just like collecting insurance. Well, brohams, that about wraps it up. As always, this is a basic guide to help you get going with the essential info. Make sure to subscribe, like, comment and share on the video. It really helps me out a lot and helps especially while they’re doing all this de-monetization. Thanks a lot guys, I’ll catch you in the next one. Peace!.

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