Escape From Tarkov A noob’s guide on getting started with Escape from Tarkov By: RiXZ


I see a lot of posts from new people asking for advice of how to get started with EFT. To begin with, I am a noob who bought the game roughly a month ago and till today I barely reached level 12. You don’t have to read this or accept any of it as I might as well be wrong about all of it. I just found what worked for me and how I approached this game so I would like to share it with the rest of the noobs in this subreddit.

Suggestions on how to improve this article are always welcome. I am still learning the game and boy I have a lot to learn.

DISCLAIMER: I will reference a number of YouTube video links or web sites from popular content creators. I am not affiliated with any of them, they just helped me through my voyage. You may as well find better online content.

NOTE: Originally I included links from the YouTube content that I am watching and is helping me learn EFT. Unfortunately I had to remove all those links because of rule #5. If having those links present is not rule breaking I will edit and include them again. Until then you will have to google/search YouTube and use common sense to locate the videos.

  1. Manage your expectations. To rephrase this better, have none. When your raid starts on the top of the loading screen there is that “The time has come” line, which really should be changed into “Prepare to die”. To help yourself with this I highly recommend you to watch this video from Veritas: Escape from Expectations || Getting Tarkoved

  2. When you play, always have another laptop along side you and have a map of the area you play open for reference. Make note of the PMC spawn points and the loot in each of the locations. Use this in accordance with step 3.

  3. Learn Customs (or whatever map you decided should be your first) like your pockets. Offline mode is your friend for learning. Learn about the spawn points and what your action plan should be for each of those. Ask yourself: “What should my first steps be if I spawn “here“?

  4. Whenever possible watch a good getting started with Tarkov series. I usually watch an episode or two when I go to bed. I watched both Karmakut’s Season 1 and Season 2. The dude plays really good explaining the thought process behind his actions. He kicks ass but his ass is also getting kicked in equal measure. I like his season 2 better because he dies more in those, yet he manages to remain positive and keeps going. Another good series are the Raid series on Pestily’s. He has a more aggressive chad-like playstyle so it will be definitely worth your time if you prefer the more aggressive approach. By watching any Tarkov series on youtube you will learn that everybody dies a lot in this game. How you take these events is what really matters.

  5. Learn the bullets and the mechanic behind bullets and armor. Always have the NoFoodAfterMidnight’s EFT Ammo and Armor Charts spreadsheet beside you on your laptop for reference. From level 1-9 your bullet choice will be limited but once you reach level 10 it will be a whole new game.

  6. Don’t be angry when you die and don’t discourage when you die. I was guilty of this. Learn on your mistakes. Every time you die, ask yourself: “Why did this happen? What could I have done differently to prevent this? Maybe I should’ve been more aggressive/passive? What if I just waited in this bush? What if I pushed him harder? Oh wait, I started shooting first, but I missed. Perhaps then I should’ve run away, reset and flank my opponent from a different angle?” I am sure you get the idea by now. Use the theoretical knowledge from the getting started series you watched in Step 4, in accordance with the actions that have failed you, so that you get a general idea of what you could’ve done better. Use a different approach next time.

  7. Learn to play alone before playing in a team. Playing in a team will make you dependent on your teammates to watch your six. As you play alone you will learn to watch you ass better. Your senses will sharpen, you will learn to trust your instincts, you will become more tolerant of the adrenaline, you will panic less which will result in you making better decisions. All of this will make you a much better (independent) teammate once you start playing with your friends.

  8. Learn a ground cache route. Use this route at the very beginning of the raid to quickly get some loot then scram to the exfill.

  9. Night raids are your friend. Oh yes! Embrace the darkness. At least for me, especially from level 1-10 night raids are my friend. I call these “going burglar” since I go with a gun with a flashlight, a backpack and a cheap balaclava only. You don’t really need NVGs if you are just hunting ground caches for loot. Stay in the shadows, lay low and follow a common ground cache loot. I learned that most of the PMCs during night raids are just like me and not really looking for a fight, so unless you really cross paths and bump into someone, chances are that you will get out of there without even firing a bullet.

  10. Finally don’t fall for that Chad Vs. Rat meme and play the game as you like it and as you feel comfortable. Then again what do I know? I am just a lvl12 rat noob. Just let me know how can I improve.

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