Escape From Tarkov A rat’s guide


Although I’m probably exposing myself and a lot of people, I’m going to post my method of ratting.

You see, in order to play this game, you need currency, whether it be rubles, dollars or euros, you need it. And for players who don’t have a large amount of time to spend on the game getting good at the combat mechanics and realism the game brings. So some people resort to what we call “ratting” and go into the game with no or minimal gear trying to loot as many valuables as they can acquire. This method usually has good results, with people making enough money to pay for the cost of dying and making profit.

Maps play a key role in your chance of returning a profit as some maps are spread out rather far. For me, I’ve seen the best results with reserve. This map has insanely good drops in my opinion, and they are not hard to find. Buildings usually contain mid to high tier ammo drops, weapon mods, and more depending on where and when in the raid you are.

I typically bring nothing but a hatchet and rush any building like there’s no tomorrow. Green boxes, ammo crates, anything. Looting these also increases your attention skill, which gradually gives you better items while searching.

I hope this guide, although short and un detailed, will help some of the newer and less experienced players in the game.

Edit: Forgot to put this, Mechanic typically has the best buying price for weapon mods and ammo, while therapist has the best for valuables, medical equipment, and food items.

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