Escape From Tarkov Ak budget build By: Orgerix


I just reached lvl 15 and unlocked all dealers lvl 2 and I am looking into modding cheap AKs.

I am following a guide which is 4 months and advised PK-06 sight, which is now absolutely the opposite of budget, and almost always out of stock, except maybe the first 10 min of dealer refresh.

I am trying to look at alternatives

– OKP-7 reflex sight (Dovetail) is kind of cheap in the flea market (10k), but it is skier lvl 3, and I would prefer to not depend on flea market

– I have the regular OKP-7, but I could not figure out a way to put it on the AK in the modding tool

– Peacemaker have a bunch of sights, but I don’t know how to put them on the AK.

My current build is from the stock AK

– Add Recoil pad GP-25

– Switch muzzle brake to DKT-1

– switch handguard to Polymer AK-1000series foregrip and add Zenit Rk-4 handgrip

– Potentially switch pistol grip and stock to polymer at it give a bit of stats for not much.

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