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Escape From Tarkov Battery Spawn Locations – Interchange


Hello: everyone, it’s Faxan, welcome to my YouTube channel. Today, I’m going to show you the battery spawn locations on the interchange map for escape from Tarkov. We actually got a really good spawn here, so we’re at the back of the Oli store in the southeast corner of the interchange map, Just checking to see if there’s any scavs or players and we’re going up the left ramp and we’re going to go into this Entrance right here, so you just jump on the pallets and you’re in

We’Re going to hug the left side past the forklift and we’re gon na go in through the double doors once you’ve made it through the doors you’re going to want to check these four sets of shelves and right off the bat. We have a battery right here and you also see ( spark ) plugs on these shelves as well they’re, usually on the second shelf. They can be pretty small, so look for them as well as you need them for this mission, so we’re just hugging the back rear wall of the Oli store and we’re checking these bins. The shelves just to see if we find any more batteries – and there are several sets of bins throughout this whole area, so I’ve seen batteries here before you just keep coming through. This is one place that has several shelves right here, but I’ve never seen a better here. So if you know if a battery can spawn here feel free to post in the comments I have not seen one there.

I would imagine they can because there’s several shows. They also see one here and there’s another spawn at the back. So I thought that was gon na be a plug, but it was just junk. There’S a couple more shelves right here: I’m going to go ahead and speed up the video. So now we’re gon na go to Goshan right there. I’M just check the locker to see if there are bitcoins or gold chains. So if you wanted to, you could bail right there at the conference, go to your excellent, the north west side of the map and I’m just following the path straight ahead from where we were. This is a computer. It’S usually one of the more deadly ones. That’S in the center of the mouth, so you could either check for flash drives. Oh damn or just wait altogether. I’Ve gone through Goshen running around on the bright side to the back of the silver okay, and this is the second spot where you can find batteries. So check all these shells around here same battery vector before, and it can also be these back around so I’ll just run here, look around, don’t say anything this wrong and then I’m going to go to the opposite side of the addition. It’S all speed it up.

All right, I do want to highlight this, for you so right here on the starboard box, is the goshinki spawn so make sure you check that it’s pretty a little odd I’ve never seen it so I’m just jumping over the boxes. Are you going around in the back, so you can find some to Shaka here, as I show right here, batteries don’t spawn right here which have to keep contact with it. So they started in this general area right here, so they can be on these shows and that again, in the background right here so just to quickly ground, don’t see it, but I had seen them there in the past deck. So that’s it thanks! Everybody! If you enjoyed the content, feel free to subscribe, follow me on Twitch, try to string them on Monday, Wednesday Fridays see there Thanks.

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