Escape From Tarkov Here are some great tips for getting better at the game. (Especially for new players) By: Animal_Prong


It’s more and more often that I see posts of people who just got the game and are wondering how to get better and how they are constantly dying to stupid things they don’t see. Here is a collection of tips that can really benifet you.

  1. Just fucking die lol. You will die a shit ton like a painful amount. Like 10 raids in a row amount when you first start off. YOUR NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG. Your new to the game and this shit happens. Hell I’ve been playing since 2017 and still have a surv rate of sub 20%.

  2. You can’t be taught how to get good at the game. Sorry to tell you this but watching pestily’s guide or attempting to be landmark will only make you worse. While yes you can get great knowledge, the best way to learn is from experiences. This way you develope your own playstyle.

  3. No this game isent “bullshit” you’ve just owned it for 3 days chill tf out. Your not gonna be God at this game after less than 3 days. In order for you to be able to know the basics of this game will take a couple hundred hours. Being a plat 1 on seige doesn’t help. Just because your good at tennis doesn’t mean your good at soccer.

  4. Learn movement. If you heard an enemy chances are heard you. You cant just get back into stealth after they heard/saw you this isent assassin’s creed. If your running and you hear an enemy, you might as well face them head on. Your not being a rat when your making enough noise to warn the whole map.

  5. Similar to the last tip learn how to notice movement. One thing I suggest is going I to your microsoft setting and turning on sound equalizer or whatever it’s called. It makes it so quite noises are louder so you’ll be able to hear slow walking from 50 feet away.

  6. This is the final tip. Use good ammo and spray it like you don’t care. “I have 3 60 rounders of m995 I don’t wanna waste it”. Well congrats dipshit, you just lost 180 rounds of m995 because you didn’t wanna spray at literally anything that moves. (Actually learned this tip from watching Quattro Ace). If you spray at an enemy and only one shot hits, they instantly start to worry and be concerned. Once you learn how to waste ammo you’ll be surprised how often your hits land and kill someone. Oh also use good ammo. I suggest m62 because it shreds lvl 5 armor in half a second.

That’s it, just a couple random tips to help you get ok at the game and actually enjoy it.

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