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Escape From Tarkov Lvl 10 players Guide – Hunter Sniping in Woods By: Wp_Feltac


Hello guys,

For my first guide, I want to share with you the gamestyle I’ve been using for some weeks now, and that definitely worked for me : taking Vepr Hunter in Woods.

Once you’re level 10, you get access to the flea market, which can grant you a Hunter (Vepr 101) for about 30k (sometimes less) and a PSO (the 18k one) cheaper than with Prapor (not all the time though)

If not already done, make your way to lvl 2 with Skier, unlocking the 7,62×51 M80.

Buy 3 5-bullets mags (still on the flea), about 55 rounds (15 in the mags, others in secure container in order to refill them) and a Salewa.

Now you’re ready to go : move slowly, watch everywhere, hide carefully,and wait before looting

M80 allows easy 1 shots in head (got many with SSh-68 or ULACH) and 2 shots in torso on many body armor.

You can also buy a headset, which really helps with that loadout.

Not working? Don’t worry, people are not that much interested in Hunters….

Got insurance back…

…you will easily get them back 😉


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