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Escape From Tarkov Quick Updated Reserve Key Guide Post all the Ninja Nerfs By: BiosTheo


I’ve been looking around and there hasn’t been a quality updated Reserve keys guide post a ton of ninja nerfs to various Reserve keys. Reserves by far and away my favorite map and I have a few hundred raids this wipe with almost all the keys. So today I’ve put together a quick guide on the keys, their worth, and how much you should be willing to pay based on my personal experience and the experience of my friends combining a few thousand raids between us all.

Key Ratings and desired Cost are based on:

  • Average Value of the Room

  • Expected Average frequency of visiting AND being the first to it during raids

  • Slot Value in a DOCs case (if you have a SICC case and infinite money just get all the keys you don’t need a guide to tell you which ones to get)

Bear in mind the ratings given are given AT the evaluated price so you know when to get them if you’re going to get them. Don’t get scammed. In general only 2 keys are always worth it on reserve and the rest are not necessary to get great money from the map.

RB-BK and RB-VO Evaluated Price: 85k Always

Marked room keys are almost always a priority (with an exception we’ll get to later). These should always be in your docs case even though they are likely to be contested. The fact that they often run for UNDER 85k is just a bonus.

RB-AO Evaluated Price: 40k Skippable

This is a good key purely for its positioning value when defending from aggressors pushing marked room. It has some weapon spawns and maybe, if you’re very lucky, you might be able to pull 60-70k worth out of it in a raid. That being said, unless you spawn on this side of the map you’re probably never hitting this room. If you don’t spawn on this side of the map then you’re probably still not heading to this building because whoever did spawn there hit RB-VO which is the real reason to go.

RB-AM Evaluated Price: 150k Priority

Very good room if you can get it for the right price. Right now its going for 200k plus and, from about 100 raids hitting this room, that’s an incredibly debatable value proposition. On the third floor of the same building you’re more likely to find valuable loot than in this room, and don’t forget dropdown is in the same building. However, if you’re farming KAPPA this room is amazing for Firesteel.

RB-AK Evaluated Price: 0k Skippable

Its not trash, but its not good either. Its nice to not have to jump out of windows if people start sniping you when you’re in dropdown, but you never want to open this door if someone is in dropdown because they can spam you through the door.

RB-GN Evaluated Price: 10k Trash

Don’t buy this key. It was good when filters can spawn here, but now its just toolboxes. Its not even worth the time.

RB-OP Evaluated Price: 20k Trash

What and Intel spawn room is bad? Well, its not just intel spawn because it does have a loose loot rare spawn but in over a hundred raids of hitting this room I found exactly zero intel. My friend found one, though, in a little over a hundred. So there’s that. But considering this is in one of the most contested buildings AND its in one of the worst spots to be caught for PVP its very high risk and very low reward.

RB-RH Evaluated Price: 20k Trash

Most people know this key is hot trash. When Reserve first released this was one of the best keys. Then they turbo nerf nuked it from atmosphere so the best thing you’ll find is an un-modded AK. Woo.

RB-RS Evaluated Price: 25k Skippable

This is another RB-AO situation where its more valuable for the strategic positioning it can give you when fighting in and around dome rather than the loot inside, which tends to be terrible.

RB-KORL Evaluated Price: 50k Skippable

Intel Keys on reserve leave a lot to be desired, especially considering there’s numerous intel spawns that you can get without a key. This is by the most common extract, it has a spawn, and its likely to be contested early. So if you didn’t spawn here you’re almost never finding it unlooted. And on your way to extract you’re generally going to be loaded down with loot so stopping at a room this contested generally isn’t worth it.

RB-RLSA Evaluated Price: 60k Priority

This is one of those “its good because its cheap” keys. Its contested, often hit, but if you hit it you’ll tend to get around 40-50k on average. However, its a very feast or famine room where it spawns 2 Military Cables and an MGT or it spawn absolutely nothing. So if its 60k, get it, if its not, don’t. I know this may seem wierd to say when I say “its a priority” but just because its a priority doesn’t mean rake yourself across the coals to buy it.

RB-KPRL Evaluated Price: 100k Priority

Two safes is really good. Is it godly? No. Is this room always hit by whoever spawns here? Usually. Should you pay more than a 100k for it? No. For some reason people seem to think this key is the second coming of Christ and are charging around 700k for it. The average yield of a safe across a hundred raids is 50k, and there’s two of them. So you’re looking at 14 consecutive raids of GOOD rng to break even, more realistically you’ll need 21. Now factor in what I said about it always being hit.

RB-Orb 1-3 Evaluated Price: 50-60k Skippable

These are decent keys for the price, but often times you’ll find better loose loot in the same buildings just lying around. They’re okay, just not great on a map littered with great loot.

RB-TB Evaluated Price: 60k Priority

Good key, and surprisingly it isn’t always hit considering its right next to marked room. It can have pretty decent loot so its usually worth picking up. Is it worth the 192k that people are currently asking for it? No, its right next to marked room which is the 2nd most contested spot, which is in a building that’s adjacent to the 1st most contested spot.

RB-OB Evaluated Price: 20k Trash

In over a hundred raids I’ve found literally nothing here. I hit it because I’m an optimist, but really its not even worth the slot.

RB-ST Evaluated Price: 80k Skippable

Yet another nerfed room after release, RB-ST is aggressively okay. Ands its aggressively okay in a terrible spot on the map. Long garage is just terrible for PvP pushing into or out of. You’ll be exposed to dome, both knights, the yard, orange, etc. And odds are you won’t get great loot out of it. Its more of a “I spawned in the lot behind it so I might as well” kind of key than anything else. That, or if you need military tank batteries for Kappa this is “technically” the best place to farm them, but they don’t spawn often and they’re absolute turbo trash as loot. Oh yeah, and people ask 560k+ for it, which at that price makes this key turbo gigga trash. This key is so close to trash that its almost trash, kept barely afloat by the rare OFZ shell spawn.

RB-SMP Evaluated Price: 200k Priority

This is a great key, and its rarely hit due to its location relative to the best loose loot spawns in the map. You want to get an FiR Ophthamalscope and this is one of the best places to find it. Not to mention you’ll often find Goldstars and propital. That being said, its a shit show for pvp as far as buildings go and going up to the second floor gives you VERY limited options. Also its adjacent to a hot spot. I frequently PvP in this area, so its more of a “bonus after I win” room than a “loot up my butt hole” room. People are asking 300k for it right now, and thats waaaay too much. 200k I would say is the very top of the value. If you’re specifically farming Ophthamalscopes you’re better off going Shoreline or Interchange. I’ve HEARD LedX can spawn in this room but I’ve never seen it nor met anyone who has, so I think that’s BS.

RB-KSM Evaluated Price: 40k Priority

Very underrated key, imo, and its down the hall from one of the best keys on the map. Its generally just loose medical loot, so vaseline and propital, but its still worth having.

RB-MP12 and MP21 Evaluated Price: 50-60k Skippable

Good keys to have if you find yourself in Black Knight a lot. Otherwise? Eh. You get some good ammo sometimes, and one in a hundred raids you’ll get an intel.

RB-MP13 and MP22 Evaluated Price: 40-50k Skippable

The second floor of White Knight is an absolute death trap. Couple that with the okayish loot inside? Yeah, not great. And its on the edge of a terrible area. Also the Third Floor Military Room is contested by literally everyone that spawns over there. That being said, you can find thermal scopes in here. They’re stupid rare, but they exist, and they’re the only thing keeping these keys from being absolute trash.

RB-PS82 and PSP1 Evaluated Price: 100k Priority

If you’re on this side of the map you should ALWAYS be hitting these rooms. It took a long time for people to catch on these were the good undergound keys but they figured it out eventually. Mostly, you’re in there for sugar. And due to their location you’re not going to find them contested often. But, PvPing down here is a nightmare because, for some reason, you can shoot INTO the cages but not OUT of them. Right now they’re overpriced but they generally do drop.

RB-PS81 and PSP2 Evaluated Price: 30k Skippable

I would have said these keys were trash because people seemed to believe they were worth half a mil each. Now people realize they’re not that great, so they’re just skippable. If you have them and you’re there might as well, but otherwise? Eh.

RB-PKPM Evaluated Price: 0 Gigga Turbo Trash

You remember the foreshadowing earlier about marked rooms? Yeah, I was talking about THIS one. Nothing good spawns here. Ever. I’ve run through three different keys just to make sure, and I’ve talked to DOZENS of people that hit this room. Ever wonder everytime you go underground this room is never touched? Now you know why. If you bought this key you got scammed. I won’t even put this in my SICC case because of how terrible it is.


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