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Escape From Tarkov Second budgeting Guide, for flee market gang. Level 20 and over By: RalphTheRapscallion


Since quite a few of you liked my other guide, I’ve got more cheap weapon builds for some of you poor plebs. This guide also assumes that you have at minimum trader level 2 everywhere.

Build no 1. Do you hate body armour? Do you want to annihilate everything in a small cone around the target? Are factory and dorms the only places you play? Well I have the weapon for you. Introducing, the MP7!

“But Ralph, I thought this was a budget guide? Don’t I need AP ammo?” Oh you sweet summer child. You thought that non ap ammo in a sub rifle caliber would be bad at defeating body armour? No, of course not. Why would this gun follow the rules set by the game? Have some 4.7x30mm FMJ, because fuck your logic, its got 40 pen! Which is higher than m856a1, which is a larger, faster round with a penetrator. Don’t be a nerd, grab that cheeky slav by his ratnik, and shit down his cereal! All for the expensive price of 40k. It has 50 recoil as stock, so don’t bother getting any attachments. (Unless its mp7a2, you can add a cheap foregrip) Is it bad at range? I mean, kinda, but who made you so perfect? Be aware that this can be used at level 2 traders, but realistically you need level 3 pk and mechanic to truly utilise the bullshit that is the mp7. Did I mention its got 950 rpm?

Build no 2. Hey kids, you like mosins? Well I’ve got just the thing for you. Throw out that scuffed stick you nicked off a scav. Yeah, I see you. Buying a mosin off the flea to save, what, a couple thousand roubles? There’s budgeting smart and then there is spending money on an inaccurate rifle, and then making it fucking worse. Don’t lie to me, I know you gave 600 roubles to prapor to take it from 52 durability to 56. But you want to use 7n1? Well fine, use the non-shit mosin, the SV-98!

You lot think you’re so slick with those 100k mosins, huh? The Sv-98 is 26 ish k off the market. Yeah. Its 15k less than the cost of those shitty scav mosins you bought. Its one of the most accurate weapons in the game, its got 10 round mags by default, and it starts with a picatinny rail. Shove on an elcan or a tac 30, and you’ve got a 50k sniper rifle that does more than the pimped out mosin, and it even takes up a 1×6 slot, so you can cram it in a bag with ease as you take the life of a poor, uninformed, mosin cradling youth. Mmm, that 50k when I sell it to mechanic, delectable. Think of his sigh of frustration, as he watches that insurance money vanish from his account. His precious roubles, gone, forever! In all seriousness, this is great for levelling sniper skill, doing jaegers stupid ass quests, or sbih. You can wear this, a bag and a bank robber and easily set up a 100k kit try and get headshots. Also the suppressor is 30k ish, which is really cheap for a 7.62 suppressor. You thought you had me with your thread adapter, didn’t you? Well this suppressor is cheap too. A quick fyi, the trigger delay was a bug, and it has since been fixed. Id give more context to new players but i cba.

Build no 3. Okay, actual build time. So you want a cheap gun that is nearly guaranteed back from insurance? A low recoil leg chomping machine? Introducing, the pp-19! In my previous guide, I used the mp9, which is fine, but you lose it everytime, and therfore insurance basically turns into a fine. This is cheap, like less than 20k cheap. Scavs don’t spawn with it, for some reason (Apart from raiders). Plus it takes ak handguards and the pt lock stocks. Which you dont want to use btw. Yes it has it’s flaws, but its honestly quite usable. Now the strategy here, is to mod it to be as much as an inconvenience to take as possible. You remember the whole, add the stock adapter to the mp 153 and add a suppressor so its something like 14 slots? We want to recreate a mini that. First, get a vityaz suppressor. Its better for the rotor 43, and still dirt cheap. People aren’t likley to take it because, why would you want a suppressor that works on one, “shit” gun. Get a gp pad, and a moe ak hand guard. You can add an mlock if you don’t have have skier lv3, but if you do use the m-lock afg foregrip for 7k. Both of those are about 15-18k together. Now for 3k you can get a dustcover, but for a small investment, you could get a side rail. “Why do I need a side rail?” I hear you ask, as you sit in your gaming chair, slightly slouched, glazing over with those cold, dead eyes. Because homeslice, you must spread hate, and inconvenience. By adding a rail and a gp buttstock, you tell the fucker who did you in, “fine, take my 50k pp-19, but good luck shoving it in that sack full of hard drives and croutons.” In the heat of the moment, you’re anxious adversary will likely double click their fold hotkey twice, pull off the rail, try clicking it again, and will throw it down in frustration. I mean, I’d rather have a scav mosin, some individuals with questionable financial maturity will buy them for 40k. Ammo choice is important. Honestly, ap ammo is a bit of a waste here. Im all about those roubles, and 800 a bullet at 1000 rpm at what is probably a level 7 player with a paca is a tad too excessive for my taste. I mean, you won, but at what cost? You split him in two with the vector, but is his zeroed paca and m9 really worth it? Absolutely, but we do it in a more cost effective way. Remember the words of rat-king General Sam, “For us to be rich, others must be poor” Don’t even let him have that tushonka he needs. Eat it in front of his corpse. Fuck him into the dirt. Let him undertand what really get your rocks off. Use quakemakers for a leg meta weapon that can surpass 15 meters. The mp9 is godly in confined spaces. Use a pp-19 in customs, interchange and reserve. Its not bad.

So, cool. More guns from the man who brought you the stm-m4 thing. Also remember, always give your friends cool weapons. https://imgur.com/a/8ykZ4MV


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