Escape From Tarkov Simple Meta AK-74N Build Tutorial


Hey guys today, I’m gonna show you how I prefer to build my ak-74 ends The main step that I focus on is recoil control. So we’re gonna be looking for stocks muzzle brakes and the vertical grip For stocks, I like to use the Zhukov because it has the highest vertical recoil stat And then I like to change my hand guard to an aggressor And after we get the aggressor on there, I like to put either an RK-2 or a b-25 U on there Sometimes I use the b25 u just for the little bit of extra ergonomics because a 1% difference in recoil isn’t always worth it The next thing I will change is the muzzle break.

We turn this into a PWS CQB and That’s the most we’re gonna do for a recoil control, but now we’re gonna change the rest of the parts for ergonomics First we’ll change our dust cover to a PDC Then we’ll change our pistol grip to an RK3 and we’ll change our magazine to a PMAG 30 This last detail isn’t too important but I also like to put a rp1 charging handle on here because it adds one point of ergonomics and Now what you’re gonna want to do is put your preferred optic on the gun Typically, I would use a PK-06 However, I would like to put a laser up here like the LS321 so what we’re gonna do is we’re actually gonna use a holographic sight like this due to the fact that is raised and the laser sight will not compromise the sight and That my friends is how you build my preferred ak-74m If you like this video, please leave a thumbs up subscribe and have a good day

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