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Escape From Tarkov This is a task & key spawn based map route for a beginner learning Customs By: EvilJet


My primary goal with this is to create a path that beginning players can learn that will give them the strongest footing for starting out on Customs. I include 3 primary extracts, nearly every key spawn, all the task locations up to level 10, and a few other noteworthy things.

Learning a map well will not only increase your survival rating dramatically, it also will also increase how dangerous of a player you are. This is a collection of 32 locations that I felt were most important to allow a player to thrive on Customs. Whether you follow the route I created, or make your own, learn these locations. They will serve you well.

It is, of course, vitally important that a player learns a loot route as well. For the sake of reducing overwhelm, much of the valuable loot to know is left out. I recommend a player learn at least 75% of the available loot before considering themselves a “complete” player on any given map, and I suggest starting with loot caches on Customs. To know the map well is to know your enemies objectives well. Collect the loot yourself, or set up to ambush those who loot it; you decide.

If anyone would like more information I would be happy to share it. The top left locations are all contained in a public google sheet that I can provide the link for. I also have a video version of this follow-along guide that I will be publishing soon.

**If you choose to learn this route, I recommend you run it in reverse order as a next step in your learning. Offline raids are a safe way to learn and do not save at the end. You cannot lose or loot items from an offline raid**

32 locations on a linear path; A beginners map guide for a foundation on Customs


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