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Escape From Tarkov Tips for Stash – Magic Cleaning Guide By: hooran_special


Hi Everyone.

**Many of players have not much space in stash. “**I have not much space in stash, need to clean it” – i have just ask all of them to show me them stashes. And much of my friends have the same problem – they keep NOT NEEDy ITEMS.

Here i’ll try to give some tips how to get a lot of space in stash, without buying thicc Cases, Hideout upgrades and other obvious hints.

So, to get your stash clean:


  1. FIR needed for quests, except craftable.

  2. Good ammo for guns which you would use today.

  3. Meds/grenades which you would use next raid

  4. Junk needed to upgrades and craft today.

  5. Literally Few rare items to early end of Mechanic Weapon quests, like Skeletonized AR-15 pistol grip (TD120001) for Gunsmiths.part13

B) Sell:

  1. All keys which you not use. There is no reason to keep FIR Resort keys if you play only Customs/Woods. So, sell FIR keys for locations where you not start playing yet (if you are new player). For NOT FIR keys – check their selling price for Therapist – if it about equal Fleamarket price – sell.

  2. All junk ammo/meds/grenades.

  3. All FIR ammo/meds/grenades which you will not use today.

  4. Sell weapons, which ammo and mags are much expensive for you. You would never use it, before “good times” comes. But when it “comes” – you will have cases and upgraded hideout. Shotguns and Bolt-rifles – sell to Jaeger, other guns – to Mechanic.

  5. Sell Everything which you not use in every raid (next raid), if could buy this thing easy. Example – if you could sell this item for 30k and buy same item for 50k – no reason to keep it in stash, it just fills the space.

  6. Everything which costs less 5k for 1×1 space. AK Mags for example.

  7. Every weapon upgrade which you would not use this week.

  8. Armor/Rigs which you will not use today.


  1. Get more space with Rigs. MPPV has around 30 slots. AVS, Blackrock – is your friends. Blackrock needed for quest – so keep FIR Blackrock and enfil.

  2. Keep nothing in stash – keep only inside of cases or rigs. It will give you much more of discipline.

  3. Buy Mysterous Ranch Backpack to store of rigs. It has biggest space for its size. You could put 6SH118 Backpack inside this backpack for better space inside too. Inside 6SH118 – you can get 4 AVS.

  4. Make a Loadout Backpack with gun/armor/meds/etc inside – to take it to the fight, and start raiding rapidly 🙂 1-2 backpacks will save you a lot of time, and you will not forget to take something in the raid.


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