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Escape From Tarkoz Easy guide to farm 50 GPU’s for your btc with routes and some explanation for new(er than me) players By: LilP0lak


I will keep it simple here.

In Every lootspawn I marked here Ive looted gpu/tetriz atleast once.

What should You know? Give Yourself time to learn spawns, dont hesitate to invest for stims but dont use them always, I learnt that best way is to use on 3 spawns which are basically 10 meters next to each other, power station obviously dont use any stim, just check gpu spawn there and usually scavs come so YOu kill them, and You can loot everything in route to Hole in Fence extract (once I killed 51 lvl killa farmer there just becouse I waited for raid to pass 10minutes) at other spawns just use 3-b for sta recovery and some speed/endu. You can use FXAA to see GPUs easier in darks becouse they “glow” and with edges its easier to see them. Try to look as fast as You can and move fast, dont try to “overlook” becouse You not sure if You see or not something – dont make loops around shelvs either, if nothing there its nothing there, with best spawns and stims You have like 30-60 seconds to loot texho and techlight before someone come, its not uncommon to be alive till rasmussen or even german and this spawn between idea office/german (marked on screen). I needed around 300 raids, included learning the map becouse I never played interchange before, just for farming GPU’s, included learning whats best spawn, where GPU can spawn etc. + its pointless to loot PC blocks, only if You need other tech items for Your hideout for example. I dont remember what else I could say, its really worth that anyway, trust me. I know this “guide” looks like Im doing unwanted homework to school, and yeah I feel like that so thats why it looks like that, everything I care for is practice information that You should know.


makarov (pm I guess in game name) with PBM (head-eyes sometimes geared chads, worth), other option is SP7 or PMM I guess, just 1 mag in gun + chamber, so 9 bullets, not worth to invest more

I run balaclava just becouse I dont like my glowing head when fighting 1v1 geared players with makarov

(use in this order):

SJ1 > 3-(b) > SJ6 (first 2 gives also speed (strength give speed) thats why sj6 at last)

Lube (kappa)

beside farming u will lvl endurance so thats anotjher reason why its worth

Hope it helps, now I have whole hideout and many mills.

Worth to lose fear gear and possibility to run what I want. I dont care if I lose 3 altyns+slicks in a row, high tier ammo etc, I dont hear my heart anymore, chill, fun, if You want same just care for Your hideout and it make You happy too.

analyze my screenshot its all You need, hope You enjoy saving alot of time

ps. im aware its not easy to read screenshot (sorry :D) and this is boring strat, but honestly I had fun time doing that also I was just bored this hour and thought even if this isnt quality guide then it will help someone who care more for “how” then how it looks

and idc my english sucks, cuk urself if u have a problem with it


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