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In this tarkov tactics video I have two skirmish breakdowns from one of my early game raids on Customs. This episode again showcase how relocating in a fight is always a good idea, this time going also into some close quarters examples. You will also see how sometimes scavs can be your best friends and that extra time to make sure you check your surroundings is always a time well spent.

First, a little background. I spawned on garage side on Customs and cleared the whole area. I spent there probably around 5 minutes. That is how I usually approach that spawn. While checking for enemies I heard some shots in front of big red, so I decided to go with unusual route and investigate. Ok, to explain what happened there. I was very surprised by the second player. You could probably see it in my mouse movement. I switched instantly on the new target, but it took me a while before I steadied my aim.

I tried to make this fight 1v1, so I moved in a way I was covered from the second guy, but I guess he still could see top of my head or I didn’t shorten angle enough. What I’m 100% sure is that helmet saved my life there. At this point I go with my default strategy, which is not risking with another peek and just relocate. As far as I can tell it’s still 2v1. I’m suspecting my opponent could also relocate, so I’m just checking other angle too. I guess he thought he killed me. Yeah, this strange bush almost gave me a heart attack.

Well, it seems my opponent just wanted to get nade killed. What he should have done is just retreat to his previous position or just go inside big red the second he saw my body is not on the ground. If my enemy survived the first nade then he probably moved out this way, so I just throw the second nade to maybe catch him there. Again, checking spawn area to not get clapped by some sneaker. And this is why you should always look around. Not sure what my opponent was trying to do there. He trapped himself under that ramp and could only crouch walk. Don’t do that guys, unless you are looking at the only place where you can get shot from. Uff, SA-58, now that’s a scary weapon.

One tip here, don’t forget about insurance fraud. I switch some gear and drop my insured one, so there is high chance I will get it back. Time to check body near big red. At that point I’m still not sure if I killed his teammate. I suspect that I did, based on what happened in this skirmish, but again it’s better to assume the worst. It seems it was just bad smg ammo that saved me with that headshot earlier. Still it was very lucky I didn’t die. To be sure nobody is near I also go into big red and clear the area.

I also wanted to check office for some flash drive spawns in computers. Time to check if I got the first dude in the shack. Lesson from this one is, if somebody is shooting at you, don’t just peek from the same spot, or at least try to time it out. Ok, time for part two. It’s still the same raid, I just slowly moved to check dorms. It seems three-story dorm was cleared, so my plan is just to go for extract. Making sure there is no sniper scav on this big chimney. I was lucky enough to find one Ancient Teapot so far, so I just move to extract, still thinking about maybe going to check dorms 110 for flash drive spawn. So I heard somebody in dorms, and I’m thinking about going in, suspecting maybe it’s a scav boss.

At that point I’m on quest that requires me to kill him and get the golden TT. Looks like a team of at least two. Ok, so it looks like there are just regular scavs in small dorms and this is the moment where greed put me in a bad position. The good play would be to go and clear the big dorms or just stick to my original idea and just move for the extract. So I enter small dorms, clear the first floor and go for flash drive spawn. And another Ancient Teapot. They are always so hard to find for me, so it makes me extra nervous. Now the goal is to survive at all cost. And pro tip, don’t aim like me right there. The big mistake was to side step and shoot at the same time, before my red dot had time to settle in. I wanted to be fast but instead I missed every shot.

Oh, yeah, the good old standing up and shooting trick. Reshala’s guards can easily one tap you, that’s why I play very slow and try not to re-peek them. Yeah, now I screwed. I closed the door because I wanted to focus on team in dorms and guards can sometimes sneak up on you. Call it six sense or something, that nade could easily blast me. I guess goodbye ancient teapots. Knowing I still have some time before hell let loose, I decided to reload my mags and started healing. They know where I am, so there is no point trying to be sneaky. Time to move out and try maybe get surprise attack on one of my enemies. Ok, so this was a good example of why relocating even in a close quarters combat is a very good strategy. My opponent did also know what he was doing. First he fast peeked and I gave up my position with bad shot, then he instantly re-peeked and prefired my spot. Lucky for me I moved.

Then I tried the same trick on him. I move and prefire, but my opponent is not there anymore. He also did wide peek trick and it was enough to throw off my aim. I can still hear him running outside, but I can also see the timer is ticking away. I go for full heal and it’s time to move out. I count there number of Reshala’s guards. It should be four and it is. Sadly I don’t have time to loot everything. It seems guards got somebody. And here is the second one with purple bag I saw earlier.

Time to check car extract. Yeah, so the only chance now is the old gas station. I use factory exit key for shortcut. No green smoke, things are looking bad. No smoke either, but I see the lights are on. My last chance anyway. So yeah, I was very lucky and managed to secure those two teapots. I hope this was helpful. Thanks for watching and see you in raids!.

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