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So one of the most annoying tasks early game is getting two secure flash drives for Skier. On top that you also have to find 3 more for Jaeger and all of them have to be found in raid. In this guide I will show you all the spawn points for them. Since flash drives can spawn in front panels of any PC, this guide will also cover all the best PC clusters on each map. So, let’s begin. First is the oldest spawn in the game in camping spot on Woods. You can find it in front of the tent, but I would also check guitar and near sport bag in case BSG moved some stuff around. Ok, time for one of the most reliable map for flash drives, also the one you will run a lot for early game quests. First place worth checking that require Customs Office key has 3 PCs inside. You will require this key for few quests anyway, so you should get it quite early in the game. In two story dorms in room 110 there is a static spawn for flash drive.

You can find it on the bed. I would probably prone and look under the bed too, because in Tarkov spawns for items are sometimes bugged. And since we are very close, in room 114 there is also one PC you can check. Now the spot that is in game for quite a while and not many people know about it. We are in camping spot near two story dorms and the spawn is near sport bag and near the guitar. Again, I would also check in front of the tent in case BSG moved some things around this patch. The last spot on Customs is blue van outside one of the warehouses. For some reason spawn rate on PCs located inside this van is very high, so always make sure to check that spot when you are near.

Ok, time for Shoreline. There are two great places with PC clusters on this map. The best one is in Admin building. You can find plenty of computers in here. This place has also a lot of great loot, so make sure to look around. For instance on this pouf you can find GPUs. Same for the shelve in the next room. Second place with PC clusters is located in East Wing room 306. You can access that room also from room 308 through balcony, so you need just one of those keys to get inside both of those rooms. Pier is the last spot on Shoreline. You can find 2 PCs there, each in one of the rooms upstairs. Now Reserve. There are two good buildings with PC clusters on this map.

First one is located in Black Knight on the third floor. Second building is Black Bishop. We will go with east entrance first, you can find 3 PCs close to staircase, each on a different floor. Just be warned, this is highly contested building, so expect a lot of resistance. Now let’s move from the west entrance. On first floor you can find one PC. Then we go up on the last floor and we will have to do window jump to get into the room below. There are two PCs here, but the main thing why people come here is amazing electronic loot you can find on the shelves in this room. Time for Interchange, another great place for hunting some flash drives. We will start with Power Station office. Next place is IDEA office. Make sure to check this counter and also back of office for electronic spawns, inlcuding Tetriz, GPU and Gas Analyzers. Now two office areas near Goshan. In the first one you can find 6 PCs.

Second Goshan office has other loot inside, but what matters to us, PCs you can check for flash drives. Now office area near the back exit of OLI. There are also three cubic areas in OLI, each with 2 PCs inside. We are near main OLI entrance. We will check office area close, but first there are two booths that have one PC each. First office room is locked, it requires OLI Administrator Office key and has one PC inside. Then another locked room. It’s OLI Logistics Department Office and also contains one PC. And then close there are two open office rooms with one PC each. The last spot is another office room. There is nice loot in this one and also three PCs you can check. Alright, those are in my opinion the best places you can try your luck with flash drives.

Thanks for watching and see you in raids!.

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