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What up, brohams, this is colonel Twerkins and welcome back to the broham nation! In today’s video, I’m gonna be going over the new hand gestures and a couple other things for the new patch. Let’s go! Okay so the first thing before I get into the hands gestures is the onscreen notification for fire mode. So, normally, when we press fire mode, you would just see it switch with the hand, but you would kind of not know unless you know the weapon that you’re using and you know which position is for auto or single fire, okay? So, normally we press that but now when we press B, this is what we get: single fire, full auto, okay? I personally liked having to figure it out myself, but…

That’s just my personal opinion. Also, you can do it by doing Alt and B. Okay, and then when you look at it, it’ll tell you what you are on if you forget. So if I changed it to single and then I’m moving along and I forgot that it was on single just hit Alt+B, and it’ll look at it and tell me what it is, okay? Alright, so now, let’s move forward. One of the next things is the hand signals, so if you do this here you just click on the hand signal you choose – by pressing Y and then actually click on it with your mouse.

Now these other ones here don’t light up, so you can’t really do anything with those yet. Those are gonna come soon, but we do have this one here. This is pretty nice. Command and then you go ahead and click it, Follow me! Fall back, let’s get the fuck outta here! Move forward Let’s roll! Folks, pay some real fucking attention now! Not a step back, bitches, or you’ll be in a freaking world of pain! Go check Hold still! Shut the fuck up! Every man for himself now Keep it at the ready Cease fire! Lay down more damn fire! Oh shi~, scatter, move it! Take some fucking cover! Withhold fire Working closely Now one of the things that I like is knives only, because this right here to me just add something else to the whole thing, right? Because not only can you tell your whole team knives only that we’re going super stealth here, but you could tell it enemy.

You know, you could say knives only, and then he’s gonna pull his out, you’re gona pull yours out, and you’re just gonna go at it, man. I think that is so awesome! I say that as well because, coming from Contract Wars and Hired Ops, you will often see in chat you will see people announce: Hey, let’s go knives only or let’s go pistols only you know just – just for fun, right? So, it’s like is it’s – it’s like we’re getting that option in this game by being able to say it to the opponent or to our team or whatever, and actually see the results of that what happens, right? So I’m gonna be making some videos where I do that where I just say knives only and just see what happens, you know.

All right, so, so far. That’s pretty much all of the new things that we have available, as far as the main things that people are looking for that’s what this is for. Now, tasks I’m gonna go ahead and just show you a little bit of that here, but I’m not going to actually do the tasks because I don’t really want to show you where everything is or anything, that’s locations at too much. I mean I may show you some things, but mainly I just want you to see how the system works.

I think the fun is for you to figure it out yourselves. I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be somebody to make videos to tell you, you know. But here’s the question for you then, okay? If you guys would like me to make the video with all of it, with the locations of where to go, what to do or tips on it or whatever, tell me. There’s not gonna be too much that you’re gonna get out of the quests because, with quests what happens is we only have 30 so far, right? but they haven’t given us much more, and I think my theory is, my tinfoil hat Twerkins theory is that if they give us any more there are things that will be revealed, and that will give us more of the storyline so we could figure things out, and they don’t want to do that until we get to the point.

You know what we when they feel like it’s okay, you know. Not too much is gonna get out, so… You would basically click on here and you’d get certain rewards from that, but remember you’re only gonna have a certain amount of time on some of these to get them finished, so… That’s something to consider. That’s another thing that I want to mention is that you’re also – this is going to put you in a situation where running raids the way that you’ve been running them is not gonna work like it used to.

Like, you could still do some of the things that you did before, but it’s gonna add a different dynamic. You have to, like, okay, I only got three days to get this one task done right so now what am I gonna do? You know I gotta get, you know I’ve gotta, like, be on this. I can’t just go in here just to get loot, I’m going here just to kill people or whatever. I’m coming in, you know, for that reason, so… Just take note of that, you know. Alright guys. That’s pretty much it. Don’t want to get too deep into it, just want to give you something quick, so I’ve got a render the video and put it out to you. Alright guys, thanks a lot for watching. Appreciate it! Make sure to subscribe if you’d like to become part of the broham nation and I will see you in the next one piece!.

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