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Hey guys Nitno here, today we’ll be going over Hot Delivery from the Ragman so in this quest we’re going to be getting 2x peltor compact2 headsets 2x 6b-47 helmets and 2x BNTI Gzhel-K armor. Basically, what we’re going to be doing is are going to be going over to interchange and then we’re going to be going to two separate locations and they’re going to be dropping off those equipment So this is up to you you can either do one item at a time and then do two raids to be safe because if you’re gonna carry two times all of those equipment you’re going to be putting some in your bags And if you die, you’re going to be losing a lot of money So if you want to play it safe, you can just do one X of each item and then do two different raids So that’s what I’m going to do in this video.

Let’s do it Alright, so if you are facing ultra on the west side of the map You’re just going to look to your right in this stage right here That’s where we’re going to be placing the Gzhel-K armor right on these boxes right here So I just wanted to mention that you’re also welcome to do this at nighttime If you think it’ll be safer, that’s up to you So this is probably one of the safer places that we’re going to have to plant We’re going to be moving into the mall in just a few moments Alright for the next part there is a couple ways you can go, you could go through the ultra store You could go through the parking garage and then take the ramp up or you could go through the Oli store I just go through the Oli store because I feel like there might feel a little bit less foot traffic.

That obviously depends it could be completely random. You could run into a group there. But usually you’ll hear them because there’s usually a couple scavs in there But either way, I’ll show you how to get through Oli. Alright, I’ll speed up the video and get to the point. Let’s do this. All right We are at the Avocado store right next to the hole in the floor with the ramp that goes down to the parking garage. So we’re gonna go to the back of this store is gonna be a bunch of trash bags and we’re just gonna place our last two items there and that’s pretty much it. And I suppose just a reminder if you did bring in to 2x of each item Make sure to plant both of those items in this video I just did one X because usually on this quest I like to break it up into two different raids and kind of take my time with it to play it safe.

Either way that’s gonna be pretty much it for this video Good luck on this quest if you guys found this helpful. I really appreciate your support Hit that sub button, like button, comment. You guys have been great, I really appreciate all the love and I’ve been getting on this channel and I’m gonna keep on putting out videos! All right guys, have fun in Tarkov.

Take it easy. Peace. .

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