how 2 dodge boolet – An Escape From Tarkov Movement Guide with tips and memes


You know being new to this the whole time I was making that last video was like, but then I guess Klean saw my obscure Reddit post and suddenly all this positive feedback starts slapping me in the face. Honestly, you should totally watch that It’s a really funny video, but it’s super informative. This guy only has 100 subs. So let’s go get him some subs Thanks for the kind words everyone it’s all so pretty, but also fak. What if this next video’s bad now imma? Let everyone down god shid fak! Oh, if you haven’t seen that video, you should go. Do that real quick? So i was having a rough time deciding what to do next, but eventually I had this amazing idea.

I just made an entire video about this mechanic that can be abused and it makes the gameplay … um. How should I put it? The meta being. The way it is is so fucking garbage and not fun. What if, on the next video, I teach everyone how to abuse this mechanic, so they too can make the game f. U c k i n g g, a r b, a g e, a n d n o t f? U n genius phenomenal, absolutely superb! Okay! So once again, i’m gon na start on a bit of a tangent. The average player knows a few of the tricks like jiggling around corners and not standing still too long, but there’s a big difference between the tricks and understanding the principle behind them. That can be applied to any situation. That’S the difference between an okay player and a great player. Let’S be real. Most people who play this game are pretty garrrrrrbage at it. What makes an fps player good casual players tend to go straight to but aim’s just one of the few mechanical aspects of the game, not to mention the more vital mental ones, uh long conversation for now. You just have to take my word for it. When i say that your movement ability is just as important as your aiming ability, but neither as crucial as your game, sense, positioning or other mental aspects, any pro player will tell you. Fps is a game of probability. It’S simply impossible to predict everything in a fight, but a good player has enough understanding of the possibilities to play in a way that makes him the most likely to come out on top. So now to the subject of the video movement. What do you use it for? Well, the most obvious way you can think about movement. Is your ability to make yourself hard to hit while having a good chance to use your aiming skill to hit your opponent? What does it have to do with probability? Sometimes you may make yourself as hard to hit as possible, but your opponent might land a lucky shot anyway, there’s always a chance.

What matters is, if you’re doing it right most of the time he won’t Last point is that it’s hard to treat movement as an isolated skill, since putting it to use effectively relies on a myriad of other skills. Now that you have a bit of context on today’s subject, let’s go on to practice And also chill out a lil bit, Let’s start by demonstrating something you probably already know in one way or another, there’s this neat training map in CSGO, where you can make targets Pop up for a set amount of time, they’ll either be static, moving linearly or moving randomly notice. How me a trained G, A M E R, can hit a static target that stays up for about point five seconds about eighty percent of the time i can hit a linear, predictable target, moving pretty fast that stays up for about one second about eighty percent of The time as well a random target, though, give me two seconds, and i can still only hit around fifty percent of the time, see where this is going. We’Re trying to be this guy here, while being as far as possible from this guy inertia, makes real people move more like this guy, except slower, since the deceleration and acceleration periods make you change directions, slowly enough to be pretty predictable, but lucky for us. Tarkov doesn’t have that mechanic, so you can look like this with minimal effort, while also being pretty accurate.

So let’s teach you to put those sanic abilities to good use. Oh yeah, also obvious, but crucial point. Lateral movement is the key because the closer to a 90 degree angle you’re moving the faster you’ll move through your opponent’s screen. If you’re moving towards or away from him, you might as well be standing still yeah. Yeah vertical movement is still at 90 degrees, but we’ll ignore it for now, since the average player doesn’t fly so good now, i’m gon na go into a general explanation of how to use movement. Then i’ll demonstrate what it looks like in a firefight. Don’T sleep through this part, it’s important i swear aiming is mostly based on a mix of muscle memory and prediction. Watch how I track my friend mike who is graciously volunteering as a target bro. What the fuck are you doing? *Shoosh* I can follow his head closely or have a chance to throw my aim at it. As long as i can predict where it’s going hitting this shot is entirely on me. If someone has this kind of a chance to shoot at you, you’re relying on him messing up the shot, which is not great but as soon as it does something. I’M not anticipating. I’M not gon na hit it, at least on purpose. Until i can read its new trajectory, this is the sweet spot, we’re looking for. We can’t control the muscle memory of whoever is shooting at you, but we can try and anticipate his prediction to dodge his shot, and you see, while changing direction, is a key tool to achieve this task. That is not the principle behind it see.

I know this target will change directions once it hits the wall. Therefore, the change doesn’t prevent me from hitting it because it doesn’t throw off my prediction in game. This translates into using all your experience with firefights knowledge of the game and any information at your disposal to understand the chances of your opponent, landing a kill shot on you before you land, yours in any given situation. Based on that chance, you know what kind of a peek you should go for and when, if you should peek at all, if you should dip out into cover or commit to the fight either by standing still for the accuracy or moving around to be a harder Target you know how to avoid the bullets before they’ve been fired, and even if they never are, There’s my opponent, …

As I see him, I know exactly how long it will take to get that Meta M4, roughly aimed at my face and it’ll be fast …. My masters guided me in the way of the gun and I’m confident in their training, but I can never be 100 % sure that I’m nailing my shots within that time. Window shit happens. That gun could tear me to shreds in milliseconds. If I end up in its sights so unless i’m praying that he whiffs, I want to be out of the way before he gets his shot off. …

Hmm … Think think … dammit ADADADADADADADADAD …. That’S it To be fast enough. I’M not even gon na have time to process. If I hit the kill shot or not, i got ta start throwing his aim off and walking into cover about as soon as I start. Shooting, let’s do this NANI heh …? He never stood a chance yeah! You get the point By anticipating where your opponent is going to have his sights and how fast he can get them on you, then, comparing that to how fast you can get your shot on him, you can determine how to move around and, in the perfectly possible Scenario that you are unable to hit him with that good good, your only ways to prevent death are either throwing off his prediction or becoming unavailable as a target shooting at you should demand precise muscle memory in the most big-brained guesswork. Alright now check out this other case. I know the chances of me hitting this flick before my soul is freed from its carnal chains, are pretty slim but look but look there’s this big piece of thing right next to me. He can’t shoot me if i’m behind that, since I came prepared for this situation by jiggling enough to avoid being an easy one tap, i can probably get there before that happens. So i do that now that i survived the shitty fight. I can try and get a better one. Oh yeah movement might sound like a defensive skill so far, but it’s equally offensive you’re trying to find a balance where you give yourself a reasonable chance to hit your target and make yourself hard to hit in case you’re shot back. Alright, let me show you one more clip before i address the elephant in the room. You may have noticed, take a gander at this engagement and try to specifically pay attention to the movement. Don’T worry about how i pushed and why, where i positioned, etc, ooo did ya catch that, Let’s run it back and slow it down. I know this guy is on the second floor. Somewhere i go to the top of the stairs. I stop and shoot him turns out. I’M dogshit garbage at the game, so i don’t kill him in the first spray.

Now, here’s the interesting part most people i see – will just take this fight and keep going intuitively. You can make a case for standing your ground, i’m a small target he’s moving, so it’s harder to hit. Supposedly i have a better chance right, but it doesn’t work that well in this game. My experience tells me that at this point i have about the same chance of waiting and or adjusting for the recoil and flicking the headshot onto him. While he’s just changed directions than he does of hitting my small stationary head with the spray while moving so i’d rather move out of the way sure enough, he hits my right arm, which is precisely where my face, or at least my chest would be before i Started moving then immediately after notice, the tracer going precisely where my face-eyes were a tiny second ago. It all sounds really simple: right: a plus b equals c minus one. That’S three quick math! Well, look at the fight in real time. It happens fast. I see him turn to that ak. My brain knows i’m probably about to die if the shot doesn’t hit without me, even thinking about it, my hands just do their thing on their own. Oh yeah remember this clip see how my initial fortnite zoomer reaction was to flick, and only then i awkwardly turned around almost like when someone gives you a scare and your body does something weird before you can even process what happened see this whole thought process. All that understanding i mentioned before nobody thinks that fast for skilled players, it happens as a second nature, they’ve trained dissected and experienced these situations enough times that it becomes a subconscious process fast enough to turn into a physical reaction but chiggen.

How do i develop this reaction? Well, there are plenty of videos out there on how to improve specific skills, but the gist of it is mindful practice and repetition. You’Re, obviously not going to absorb this information into your dna by just watching this video, but trust me. It’S a whole lot easier to know what you should be paying attention to than to develop this understanding on your own through thousands of hours of grinding. It makes your practice more fruitful and the experience you get more valuable. So now, whenever you die or fail to get a kill fight, the frustration instead dissect the situation with your newly acquired movement, glasses, to see what you could have done better, what your opponent did right, etc. I dont have autism watching skilled players while applying the same logic works just as well. It’S a lot like learning a new language with time, you’ll start getting the feel for it. Suddenly things get smoother, you don’t have to think about it as much and eventually it just becomes instictive instinctive. But for now it’s important that you slow it down and think about it. Long and uh H, A R D, and no you don’t need the reaction.

Time of a 16 year old, your physical reaction time is not a big deal at all in this game. Since we’re talking about improvement, remember when i said this: try to specifically pay attention to the movement, don’t worry about how I pushed or why, where I positioned, etc, and remember this guy from earlier, i had kind of a bad peek. Initially, i overexposed too much while aiming at nothing. You see it doesn’t matter how i got to this point or what i do afterwards. It’S inevitable to get yourself into scenarios like this, where you’re about to get shot, and your only chance to save your roubl- life is to rely on your movement. Shenanigans. Half the point of mechanical skills is their potential to bail you out of your shitty decision, making every now and then, but to improve. It is important to know how to separate the two, so you can understand what needs focus just because i killed this. Guy doesn’t mean my play was good. My movement was alright, but i should work on the bad awareness that made me overexpose, like that. If the peak was good, the first few shots would have been easier to hit and missing, wouldn’t almost get me killed. An inexperienced player will often blame something superficial like bad aim for dying, but, as you get a better understanding in my game, you’ll notice that it’s always a lot more behind it. Okay, now back to movement, here’s a few more ways to apply these principles. You learned today, starting with the most obvious. The AD spam is widely known and used, since it is the most effective, close range fighting method, while requiring barely any skill whenever you’re in a straight up face-to-face firefight.

It’S way better to look like this than just sitting. Still, since your accuracy is not very different in both cases, while it is a jack-of-all-trades by now, you understand how a more calculated approach will give you that extra edge, but sadly when in doubt spamming works, fine, the closer the range, the better another quick tip. Baltimore. Remember to throw your mouse a lot look around fast to be able to sprint in sharply changing directions when throwing the shot off or wimping out into cover. It’S a lot faster than just simply holding your moving keys. It also helps with smoothing out your pathfinding, making it more efficient, not getting calm, corners, etc. That’S right, we’ll fuck, your wife. Even when you’re, not in a firefight, you should be abusing tarkov’s, inertialess strafing, of course, you’re harder to spot when sitting still, especially if well, camouflaged within bushes or a dark corner like a filthy rat. Our eyes evolve to pick up movement in the jungle, but it’s always risky. Since you never know. If someone has already seen you or popped up from somewhere, you can’t see you’re just vibing and someone spots you before you’re ready to fire on them. You’Re on dead madafaka go to hell because in Tarkov …

You’Re fucked 6 ways from sunday Take a hike now if you’re moving worst case scenario, you’ll still have a decent chance of getting into cover safely, throw in that laggy zigzag thing, while you’re at it keep in mind that this also applies. Whenever you stop to shoot at something as well, someone could always be watching just waiting for the right moment. Does this mean a good player is moving a hundred percent of the time? No, this is more about awareness and game. Sense than movement actually experienced. Pmcs simply know where they’re visible from and where people are likely to show up and therefore can judge precisely when they are in danger of getting spotted first to decide whether to camp or jiggle. And that’s why you rarely see good streamers, getting one tap out of nowhere compared to the average player. It’S not luck, you’re, just bad guaranteed and finally, clearing new territory is the most common situation in tarkov, but most of the time you don’t know what’s behind that corner, how do you find out? How do you deal with it? I’M not gon na make this a 30 minute video, so i split the segment into a separate one.

Maybe make it a series: what’s that you’re interested damn, if only there was a way to get notified when i released some of the spicy new content. Some of that fresh good-good sum of that lil, something something. Oh that’s right. You can report the cha-. No don’t do that. Please it was a joke. But yes, sub hit bell hit like all that good stuff. Was this video, nice and entertaining? Did you learn? Something? Is there anything i forgot to mention? Was it just hot stinky garbage and i should commit a self-inflicted absence of living? Let me know in the comments below don’t forget, to share this with your friends. You know like a passive-aggressive way to letting them know they suck. So hopefully you stop being such dead weights and getting you killed or fast. Leaving you hanging every time you play MIKE anyways thanks for watching have a good time.

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