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Greetings Escapers! This is the first video in the series focusing on how I make money in Escape from Tarkov. It’s an introduction video that covers some basics like scav gameplay tips, what you should loot for maximum profit and also I go over Factory loot spots and how to fight AI scavs. Let’s start with some tips for scav gameplay. First thing I do after spawning is checking raid time. For the most part you will spawn mid raid, so majority of PMCs already extracted and you have to worry about only some random player scavs.

In case you spawn very early you should approach the raid as if you would play as PMC, so don’t rush and take your time to approach good loot areas. The next thing I check is gear and items I spawned with. Some very valuable items can spawn in your backpack, in that case it’s worth considering fast extract. Those can be items like rare keys or keycards or stuff like Military Battery that is needed as found in raid for one of the Prapor quests. After checking my gear I decide where should I go. If I’m missing only a better gun then I try to hit some weapon crates. If I’m missing backpack or armor, then I will plan a route that includes some scavs spawn points, and either kill scav with gear I need or if I’m lucky there will be plenty of bodies on the ground to find upgrades. You can also find better gun this way. I will also try to go for meds spawn points if I’m missing something crucial like bandage. From other tips, scavs will not shoot you unless you shoot first, so kill them only when you really have to.

They can be your eyes spotting enemies approaching your area or they can be used as a bait. You also need to know that not all AI controlled entities will be friendly towards you, all raiders and bosses will shoot you after they taunt you. There is also aggro range on scavs, it means that if you kill scav in IDEA area on Interchange, scavs from OLI will not shoot you on sight. If you see player scav shooting other scavs, be careful, even if that player kills other scavs, if you kill him, all AI scavs in the area will aggro on you. The only exception to this rule is when you get shoot and hit by player scav.

Then you can kill him without worrying about AI scavs aggro. Recognizing player scavs should be quite easy with some practice. First, if you see scav in the area where no AI scavs should be, that’s pretty telling by itself. Second thing it’s movement. AI scavs often move very slowly compared to they animation, they sometimes slide when walking or they look like they are lagging.

They also don’t jump and definitely don’t loot, but they can run and shoulder peek. If you observe them for a while you can notice they usually patrol area on a fixed path. Also if you see scav with a gun on his back, it’s 100% player scav. The last tip I have is just don’t be too greedy. Greed is the number one killer in Tarkov. If you have decent loot just extract, it’s not worth risking it for a very little extra gain. You can bump onto a random player scav or sneaky PMC even very late in the raid. When it comes to what you should loot, there are few factors that make it almost impossible to make full list that will last entire wipe cycle. Some items have much higher value early game, because they are needed for quests or hideout upgrades, and as soon as majority of people are done with those tasks, those items drop in price quite fast.

There are also constant ninja changes made to barters and crafts in hideout, so trash item can all of sudden be very valuable. From the bright side, there are some items that should keep value all the time, but they are mostly quite rare. Those are items like: LEDX Skin Transilluminator Virtex Programmable Processor VPX Flash Storage Module Portable Defibrillator Chain with Prokill Medallion SSD Drive GPU Physical Bitcoin Paracord Roler Gold Watch Opthalmoscope UHF RFID Reader Tetriz Portable Game Military Thermal Vision Module Secure Flash Drive Deadlyslob’s Beard Oil Phased Array Element Military COFDM Wireless Signal Transmitter Military Power Filter Gold Skull Ring Fuel Conditioner Golden 1GPhone Silver Badge Old Firesteel Of course there are more items worth looting.

If you want the complete list, you will have to do some homework. I could just give you those items, but with very volatile market like we have right now in Tarkov, it will be just pointless, because that list will be outdated very fast. Instead you can go with what I do from time to time. So, I go into the flea market, I disable barters, and I just go through items one by one and note the ones that are above 20k per slot in price. I know it takes some time, but there is no better way to do it and be 100% sure it’s correct. The last option is site I sometimes use, it shows average price of all items on the flea market, you can also search for specific items or sort by price so it can save you some time. When it comes to item value you should also know about concept of price per slot. Basically, you take item size and divide it by the selling price. For instance, Green Gunpowder “Eagle” is a 2 by 1 item that sells for around 60k at the moment, so it’s 30k per slot item.

If you like to min-max, this should help you decide what items are worth keeping when looting. The last topic in this segment I want to cover is gear looting. Let’s start with armor. You should probably loot armor only early in the wipe cycle, when you don’t have easy access to it. As soon as you unlock armor buy option from traders it’s really not worth looting it anymore, unless you don’t care about maximizing your profit. If you join mid wipe, all you need is to hit character level 5, then you can use flea market to buy all armors for your needs.

Just make sure to check durability first in that case, possibly going with armor that is brand new or close to it and it doesn’t require to be repaired. The reason why looting armor is not ideal is that the price per slot on armors is very low. On most armors it’s around 5k per slot. Things change only with tier 5 armors and above, when it goes up to around 15k per slot, but if armor is damaged you have to also factor in repair cost, so price per slot can drop to 10k or in some cases even lower.

From helmets you should probably loot tier 4 and above helmets only. When it comes to looting guns, it’s a very similar story. If you care about profit, you should probably loot only highly modded guns or even better just mods from those guns. Again, early wipe, looting guns you can’t buy is good idea, mid wipe you should use flea market as the price there will be mostly lower compared to vendor prices. One thing you should have in mind is that early wipe some guns will have good value, going for around 15k per slot or higher, like in case of SVD that is used for one of the Prapor quests. As soon as people are done with that task, the price of SVD drops to around 7k per slot.

The only good value weapons too loot would be some pistols like Five-SeveN or Glock 18C and some melee weapons like Antique Axe, Sword or Machete. You have to also remember that you have slot for extra main weapon and pistol on your character, so it’s always a good idea to loot something there even if it’s not worth that much! For gun attachments there is very simple guideline, just loot silencers, laser devices, flashlights, scopes and sights and you should be fine. There are some other valuable mods but most of them is not worth that much. You will learn those with time when you will start modding guns and doing some quests. The last group of items I will talk about are usable medical items. Again, most of them are not worth looting, unless you need them to stay alive. You should loot things like stimulants and morphine, IFAK medical kits, Ibuprofen, Golden Star, Vaseline and probably survival kits. Early wipe Salewa med kit can be worth a lot. Again, just monitor the market and you will be fine.

One last tip if you will stick to my gear looting tips, since you will mostly loot small items, it’s a good idea to put any good chest rigs you found in raid into your backpack to increase the total capacity of items you can carry. For example, even basic chest rig like Triton gives you 4 extra slots. As you can see it takes 12 slots in your backpack and it have 16 slots inside. Ok, so now that we know all the basics, let’s go into specific tips for one of my main scav maps, the Factory. It’s quite hard map for beginners, but there is no easy way in Tarkov anyway and you may as well just jump right into the devil’s playground and hone your PvP skills on very easy to learn map with zero investments on your side. I go into Factory usually to get some action after a long PMC raid. It’s also a map for fast gains. You can kill few scavs, loot them and extract in a very short time frame. You don’t have to go over too many items, you mostly loot gear and that includes also looting weapons, unless you find better gear to replace them in your backpack.

So first let’s go over basic map overview. Factory is divided into three main sections. Forklift spawns area with pumping station, middle area with silos and the other spawn points area with some steel containers. Next to the middle area you can find office with showers. There are also tunnels that you can use to move between spawn points. There are not too many loot spots on this map, but there are few worth checking when you are near. First are shelves near the office. They can spawn rare loot. In office you can find safe, two jackets and two filling cabinets, but this will be almost always looted by PMCs. Next place are showers, there is spawn there for West wing room 306 key for Shoreline Resort, you can also find some good loot in some shower cabinets. On bench you can also sometimes find “Factory Pumping Station” key, but to be fair loot there is terrible so it’s not worth your time.

There is also spawn for key in the blue locker near forklifts spawn point, it’s called “Key to utility room of power substation” for Interchange map. Now let’s go over weapon crates on this map. It could be a good idea to check the ones that are very close to you after spawning, if you are lucky you can find gun upgrade in it. Be careful when looting the ones in the open, it may be not worth the risk.

About some tips when fighting other scavs. If you want to farm them just pick one spot that gives you good cover, good idea would be tunnels for instance. You are protected from all sides, there are two entrances, you lure scavs from one side and if things get bad you can run through other exit. The other tip would be being extra careful when peeking scavs that know where you are. Scavs can aimlock through walls and may just one-tap you when you move out of cover, especially when only your head is exposed. The strat is to wait for them to come to you and as soon as they turn the corner, you blast them into oblivion. You can try shooting on the floor or wall this may lure them in.

If possible you can also reposition to lose aggro and then try to fight again. When you roam the map and hear scav taunting it means he sees you and is aggro on you, in that case I would just start sprinting right away, possibly to good cover and try to locate him. Taunting scavs are head shots beasts sometimes, and they will have no mercy. One more thing, there is aim punch on AI scavs so you can stay in open and shoot them and don’t die, but you have to actually hit. I would probably not relay on this mechanic and just try to lure scav to me or just reposition and then peek.

Now, aim punch works also on bosses, for instance it’s a good way of getting Killa on Interchange. As long as you shoot him, he will not fire back! If you don’t want to fight a lot on Factory, you can just ignore the office area and you should be fine most of the time. I usually roam the map through tunnels, checking spawn points to get better gun and armor. I will sometimes find there many dead PMCs or scavs.

If at this point my inventory is full, then I can just extract for easy gains. Now, if I’m not happy with my gear or I hear there is some action going on and I want to be part of it, I then cruise into the office area. Many people camp in showers or in main office, killing waves of scavs, so be careful when you approach that area. You can also find there dead scavs and maybe PMCs who died to them. When you are ready to extract don’t go easy route to Gate 3 exfil and use your other extract, either Office Area or Camera Bunker Door.

I know it sound counter intuitive, but trust me, there are plenty of people camping main extract, especially early in the wipe. Alright, I hope this guide will help you guys make money for your containers and loadouts. I know it was mostly basic stuff with hard map to start with, but in the next video I will go over the real gold mine that is Interchange. If you have any questions or I missed something feel free to post it in the comments. Thanks for watching and see you in raids!.

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