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Interchange Loot Guide with Minimap | Best Spots, No Keys Needed – Escape from Tarkov


Greetings Escapers! The time has come, star aligned and I managed to make for you guys the long promised loot guide for Interchange. In this one I will go over the most important loot places you should be aware off. All that GPUs, bitcoins and screw nuts are waiting for you to be picked up and liquidated on the flea market. Before I start, there is part one to this guide that covers scav’s tips for Interchange. You should see right now link to it on top right part of the screen. Alright, so let’s go over the main loot places you should know about. First one is the Power Station. In small office you can find some PCs. First is near entrance, then we have jacket with PC near to it. Now is the main loot spot in here, two shelves that can spawn rare electronic items. Next there is file cabinet with PC under the desk. In next room you can find two jackets and two more in the bathroom section.

There are also three toolboxes in here and spawn for fuel conditioner next to this generator. Let’s move to IDEA. Outside the back entrance to the office you can find bronze lions. Moving inside, check big shelves on the right for potential great electronics spawns. Sometimes items bug out and spawn below on boxes, I had examples of people missing Tetriz because of that. Inside, on the left on the box you can find gphones and military cables. There is also first PC there.

Then we have second PC and on the wall the last one in this area. This big counter has more high value electronics spawns and this desk can spawn some minor electronic items. Last thing in the room is sport bag. First new addition on the map, the small storage room that did not have spawns before. You can find tools on shelves in this area. There is also one toolbox there, but the main jackpot spot is this metal shelve. You can find there dry fuel or even fuel conditioners sometimes. Next we will look at shop called TTS, but first outside you can find two jackets for all that juicy key spawns.

Inside the shop, on the counters on the left, you can find rare electronics items sometimes. Same with the shelve that is nearby. There is also one toolbox located in the shop center, be careful not to step on wood or you will alarm the whole map. Moving forward, those shelves can spawn valuable items and there is also sport bag in here. Voyage is not amazing, but it’s close to a great shop I will cover next. You can find here two jackets and a weapon crate. Next is German, another rare electronic items spawn paradise.

You can find items on counters next to the walls and on those display stands in the middle. On the opposite side of German is Mantis with plenty of medical items spawns. On the left there is medical case. In the next small area you can find yet another jacket and on the metal shelve spawns for household goods like bleach or chlorine. Next stop is big if you believe some rumors, first there is medical bag and on the white shelves you can supposedly find LEDX.

Moving into the last area, on the metal shelve you can find valuable items and near the couch there is sport bag and jacket. Now let’s go over Generic. It’s not a bad shop to try to arm yourself as a scav. First thing is this shelve that can spawn weapon attachments. Then we have two weapon crates close to each other and another attachments spawn on this table. Close is another weapon crate and a jacket. Moving along, on this table you can find weapon attachments. There is weapon locker here and this mannequin can spawn armour. Last spot is this sneaky corner that can spawn valuable items. Close to Generic is shop called Pretty Lights.

First, on almost all boxes inside first room you can find weapon attachments. Then lurking in the shadows is one weapon crate. There is also a small secret area here where you can find valuable items on those small drawers. Next place worth checking is Adik. First thing is the jacket in the corner. Make sure also the check shelves for some loot. Then we have weapon crate and two more jackets. Early game PMCs can camp in this room, so keep an eye for some bodies on the ground. Next stop is a sport bag and on this small drawer you can find valuable items. The last thing to check is one more jacket. Now let’s go over electronic shops cluster. First is Rasmussen, often looted but always worth checking. You can find plenty of spawns on the shelves, but also make sure to check this hidden spot behind the counter. Sometimes items can spawn inside some blue boxes. Only way to make sure you are not missing on GPUs is to just go and check them from close. And then the last thing in this shop is a weapon crate.

Close is another electronic shop called Texho. First great spawn for GPUs is this box and shelve near the speaker. Then you can find more items spawning on counter next to the wall and also on those shelves in the center of the shop. Just be careful when looting here, you are in the open and people from OLI or upstairs can hear you and be prepared for you. Upstairs is Techlight for even more electronic spawns. First thing are those boxes with material than can spawn attachments and also AKs sometimes. Then close to it is a place where sneaky fuel conditioner can spawn.

The rest loot in this room are electronics item spawns. You can find them on almost all shelves in here. Sometimes items can’t be easily seen, so make sure to double check before leaving this shop. Other good place to loot on the second floor would be those rooms with building materials inside. Check the boxes for some Kektapes, nails, screws and maybe dry fuel. Maybe I’m just lucky but I find this place almost never looted in my runs. In the next room you can also find water filters, pressure gauges, tapes and fuel. It seems spawns sometimes bug out in this room, so make sure to also check the floor. There is also one other good room for building materials located next to the IDEA escalator and gphones spawn room.

Check all the boxes for all kind of tapes, screws, nails and hoses. Close to this room is also small medical shop in which you can find meds. I’ve also seen some posts about potential LEDX spawn on those white shelves. Deeper inside you will find PC you can loot. There is also medical case in here. Let’s move to OLI. While there are some spawns on other shelves in OLI, this seems like the best place to check. On those big shelves you can find items like water filters, electric motors, analog thermometers and also both types of fuel.

Also make sure to check those small metal shelves that are nearby. In one of my raids I’ve found 3 Kektapes on them. You can also find there corrugated hoses or silicon tubes that sell for 14k to Therapist. Since we are close to those big shelves in OLI, here is also one more sneaky room worth checking. You can find there tools most of the time, but I also have found dry fuel in there. I will skip little ahead and show you another place I’ve found dry fuel in patch 12.4.

It was on those shelves in hallway in the back of Goshan. You can also find tools there most of the time, so I think you can see the pattern here. One good place if you are looking for pack of screws or nails, but also with chance for corrugated hoses and Kektapes are front shelves near cash registers. Even if you will not hit those items, there should be plenty of silicon tubes worth picking up. From around the middle of OLI you can also find gas analyzers on those shelves, but they are not worth much, so I would just stick to those few shelves that are safe to loot. Now let’s talk about some PC components.

There are nice places in OLI where you can go to loot some computers If you are lucky, you can find also flash drive plugged in front of the PC. Right now they are not worth much, but early wipe they were selling for 200 to 300k a piece, reaching even 600k at some point. There is also one good room with PCs near the main OLI entrance. First thing worth checking is this counter for household items spawn. There is one sport bag and another household items spawn near printer. In the last room, you can find some PCs. First one is here and close to it is another household items spawn. Then there is a weapon crate with another PC close to it. On a counter you will find the last household items spawn and under this desk, the last PC.

Since we are talking about PCs, let’s teleport into one of Goshan offices. In this you can find six of them. In the second Goshan office, things get more interesting. There are also PCs there, first one close to the doors, but also on the counter on the left you can find some weapon attachments. Skipping PCs as they are easy to find, there is a jacket hidden in the corner and also sport bag under the counter. To spice things up a little there is also a weapon crate in here. In patch 12.4 we got new security room in this office.

You can find sport bag there but also weapon locker. You can also disable alarms with this switch. Before I go over keys, let’s also mention some other things. First is is this fuel conditioner spawn on the barrel next to the generator in back of Goshan. There is another spawn like that in front of Goshan, again on the barrel next to the generator. Now the jackets. Two more you can find in The National. Last one I know about is on the second floor near glass wall. Valuable items. First one is near IDEA. Next one near OLI and the biggest one is in the Goshan. Now let’s talk about hidden stashes. One is behind bush in Power Station. Second one is next to the office, it’s near this yellow pipe.

Next one is outside IDEA in the middle of this kart circuit. Very close next to the shack with blue roof is buried barrel. Last one in this area is under the bridge. Let’s cover stashes near Railway Exfil now. First is in the open on small hill. Second is quite hard to find between some trees. Then one buried barrel is near this rubble. Very close in the bushes is another one. And if you run along this wall you will find the last one near the rubble.

Now we will move from middle road tents too the Emercom exfil. First stash is next to the tree close. Then another one near the tree close to this big metal tower. Third one is in the map corner between two trees. Then some sneaky one next to the bush and another one little further ahead. Close to exfil you can find two stashes next to those wooden boxes with material on them. The last stash is on opposite entrance to exfil area, on small hill next to some stones.

Last thing are key spawns. Let’s start with IDEA cash registers key you can find on the front seat in this bus. The next key is for OLI cash registers. You can find it in this small room on the front of the second desk. There is also a household items spawn on cabinet next to it. The last key is for Kiba Outlet, it’s Kiba 1 key. It’s where things get little complicated, because I have never found that key, so I’m just going with rumors. I will show you three places for it, but no promises it still spawns there.

First place is in parking lot B near IDEA escalator. There are tents in there and in the second one you can find weapon crate and in this box there was spawn for the KIBA key. It’s the oldest of the spawns, apparently not working at the moment. Next one is in Goshan tents spot, supposedly not spawning key either, but if wonder you could find it near this cardboard here. Close to it is also valuable items spawn on those shelves. Also check inside those small tents for more valuable items spawns. The last spot and the one that should work in patch .12 is in Power Station. It spawn on this cardboard box near the jacket. Last thing, I saw some people showing some key spawns for Reserve on Interchange. Again, I have never found them, so can’t confirm that. In case you want to check them anyway, just check the small drawers shelves, people often mention the one in Generic, Adik and Power Station showers. Alright, that’s all I have in this one. There is a lot more loot on Interchange, but I wanted to make it shorter and focus only on the best stuff.

More to come about Interchange in the future. Thanks for watching and see you in raids!.

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