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Greetings Escapers! So after hours of editing and trying to figure out how to present you Interchange, I decided to split it into shorter parts. This is one is only about tips for scaving on Interchange. Second one will cover best loot spots and the last one will be in depth loot guide covering almost everything on the map in example loot routes. If you haven’t seen my previous video about playing as a scav, I highly recommend you check it out. You will find there plenty of general tips about scav gameplay, what to loot for maximum profit and how to fight AI.

Let’s start with a basic map overview. This map is mostly about the big mall located in the center. Other than that, there is also Power Station area with decent loot and some hidden stashes on the map outskirts. The shopping center has three levels. First one is the parking lot, where you can find some weapon crates plus some sneaky entrances into the mall. There is the main floor divided into four major sections: IDEA – good for rare electronics, including pc parts and also valuable statuettes, GOSHAN – for tushonkas, tools and pc parts with two office areas, OLI – good for industrial spawns and computer parts with two office areas, and then there is the middle area with shops where you can find pretty much every kind of loot.

There is also a second floor level covering area above the middle shops, good for some weapon crates, building materials, cloth materials and some meds with one tech shop with rare electronic items spawns. Currently there are three scav extract points on the map: Emercom Checkpoint located on the back of OLI, Railway Exfil located in front of IDEA and there is also Scav Camp on the road in front of the mall. The last spawn require friendly PMC, so good luck with that. When you can chose where to go, I think Railway may be safer, because most PMCs spawn on Railway side and need to extract through Emercom. There is also more loot on the OLI side, so this may also funnel more scavs into that exfil.

Now few words about Killa, boss of this map. You can find him mostly in the middle shops area in the mall center. Always be extra careful in those places. Killa ignores only AI scavs and try to kill anyone else. He is also very aggressive, sometimes going on a hunt, following you through the map, even going on the second floor if needed. You can use it for your advantage, waiting for him around the corner and blasting him through the power of stunning mechanic. As long as you shoot him, he will not fire back. In case you are using bad ammo aim for the legs. He is wearing tier 5 armor and tier 4 helmet with tier 6 face shield and have more health than normal player. I would not advise challenging him with peeking battle, because he’s aim in true and he’s blessed by Nikita himself. He is also very often using high penetration ammo. If you kill him make sure to check his deep pockets, you can find there some rare keys and keycards, including the newly added one for his stash.

So when I play this map I usually try to not overextend too much and I loot one or maybe sometimes two of those big areas I mentioned in basic map overview. I try to not sneak in the open, especially when I can be seen from above. I died so many times like that, so I finally learned my lesson. My main strat is to go on the second floor and look from above into the middle area to check for dead bodies and people that haven’t learned yet that sneaking in the open is bad for their health. There are also some weapon crates clusters that can help me arm myself for big baddies I may encounter. First, there are two weapon crates near the IDEA staircase. Then two more close to this place. One in furniture shop and another one on the table in burger. The last two are near OLI staircase and there is also one more under the stairs. While second floor may seems like a safe place, many scav players can do the same tactic. The most dangerous area will be the main hallway between two side escalators. There is something magnetic about that route to Techlight that it summons players there like moth to the light.

Hmm… Mothlight. Ok, bad jokes aside. From upstairs you can also sometimes spot PMCs looting Kiba. They can be even trapped there sometimes by AI scavs. Kiba is less popular now that you need to turn power switch before coming there, but it’s worth checking what is the situation there nevertheless. The one place you should be extra careful about is small terrace near IDEA, it’s a campers paradise sometimes, especially early in the raid. Even late in the raid it can be dangerous place to be, that’s why I always use back entrance to enter and exit the office in the IDEA. Other dangerous place is near Goshan registers and tents. Same with front of OLI. People sometimes farm scavs there and those places are so in the open, you may get instagibbed right after you show yourself. So if you want survive more, then you may try to avoid those areas. Sadly, it’s not the end of the warnings. It’s probably obvious but all high end loot spawn points have high chance for deadly encounters. Most people go for electronic spawns because of the chance of getting GPU or Tetriz.

You should be also careful near Power Station. To other main goal I have for this map is to look for flash drives plugged in front panels of PCs. I also sometimes go for industrial spawns and building materials that people seem to miss a lot of the times. From other tips, make sure to always crouch and slow walk in wooden floor shops, this sound is so loud and distinguished that it will alarm anybody nearby. Four main shops where you can hear that sound are German, Generic, Rasmussen and Texho. Also the metal sound is something you may hear when PMC is looting in Emercom or someone is moving on the escalator nearby. Last tip, when extracting always check your surroundings. Right now time to loot for scavs on Interchange is quite short, so many people try to get out from the map with few minutes left on the raid timer, so it’s not unusual to bump onto somebody when you extracting. That’s all I have in this video. It’s still longer than I anticipated, but I hope you enjoyed it and will have better times scaving in on Interchange.

Good luck with your loot and see you in raids!.

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