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Offline Mode Explained – Ultimate Escape From Tarkov Beginners Guide


– What’s up guys? My name is JesseKazam. Welcome back to the Ultimate Escape from Tarkov Beginner’s Guide. In this video, we’re gonna be diving into an amazing tool for new players to Tarkov, and that is offline mode. This gets overlooked far too often, so we’re gonna dive into that. Think about dropping a like on the video if you like it, and subscribing for more content and guides like this. I stream Escape from Tarkov a few days a week, so all my links are down below. If you’d love to come check me out, I’d love to have you. So let’s go ahead and dive right in. (heavy metal music) (gunfire) (gunfire) (explosion) So, offline mode is pretty self-explanatory. It means you are not going to be connecting to the server and there is going to be no other actual players in that raid with you. You can decide if you’d like there to be AI in that raid with you or not, and there is a few other mechanics that we are going to talk through in a second. But, in offline mode, you are not going to lose any of the gear that you bring in.

If you bring in a kit, and you, you know, tell it that you want the AI to spawn in and you die or you run out of time or anything like that, you are not going to lose any of the gear. You are not even going to lose the spent ammo that you use in that raid. Once you come out of that raid, everything is still going to be on you and everything will kind of reset as like right before you went into that raid. That also means, you are not going to be pulling anything out of that raid. All of the mechanics in that raid are going to be normal, so you can practice looting and searching and all that kind of stuff. But you are not going to gain any experience and you are not going to get any loot and you’re not going to increase any of your soft skills or anything like that.

This is strictly for practice. And we’re going to go through why and how that can be incredibly valuable. So you access offline mode, kind of just gearing up like normal. Click Escape from Tarkov, choose your PMC, click next. Pick your map, pick your time. Go through this screen and then right here where it says Prepare To Escape, you can click Enable OFFLINE Mode. Now you can just ready up from here and that means you are going to be completely by yourself in that raid. This is great for learning the maps, learning the extractions, learning the spawn points, learning loot spawns, all that kind of stuff. So, if you’re new and you’re struggling to find where you are in certain maps or something like that, doing this completely without any AI or any players is a great way to just like run through all the buildings and get in all the rooms and learn the maps. I know that it seems, I don’t know, kinda boring ’cause you’re not gonna be gaining anything, but if you’re down to the wire on funds or you’re just really struggling to understand some of these maps layouts, I can’t recommend this enough.

You can also click on random weather conditions, random time. I wouldn’t necessarily do random time because you want to know if you’re gonna be in a day or night raid. And then, right here you can click Enable PVE. So, this is going to put the Scavs in the raid. And there is a ton of awesome, awesome kind of controls here. So by default, the difficulty in the amount of Scavs in that raid are going to be like it is when you do a normal raid. But you can actually lower that difficulty or raise it up to like crazy hard difficulty for the Scavs. Same with the amount, you can do less all the way up to horde mode, which is an insane amount of Scavs.

You can enable the bosses, Killa or Reshala, you can click tagged and cursed. What tagged and cursed does, it means as the Scavs spawn in, in their waves, they know where you are, and they immediately start to pursue you as soon as they spawn in. And then you can also click Scav War, which means that as Scavs interact with each other, they’re actually gonna fight each other as well. So that’s a great way to practice, um like, audio positioning.

So if you hear some gun shots off in the distance and practice things saying, “I think that’s around this place” and then running up there and seeing if you’re right. So that’s really it. There’s not a ton of mechanics behind it, but the mechanics that are here are really cool and are really, really helpful. I, personally, a lot of times if I haven’t played in a few days, will fire this up with a ton of Scavs and practice my point-firing, practice my movements. Um, this, like I said, this is a great way to practice just about anything. If you want to test out a new weapon, if you want to test out a new play style, you’re trying to learn how to be more aggressive, um, if you want to learn the maps, if you just want to get better at the game, practice head-shots or anything like that. When you put the amount to higher hoard and the difficulty up to hard or impossible, it gets really, really challenging. Now, at the end of the day, you know, a Scav is still gonna be different than a human player, and coming across players, they’re definitely gonna act differently.

But for all the other things that you can control and practice at like we talked about: map knowledge, accuracy, or knowing where the extractions are. This can be an incredibly, incredibly helpful tool, and I really hope that you guys take the time to check this out. Thank y’all so much for taking the time to check out this video. Drop a comment down below if you have any questions about this video or if there’s any guide videos you’d like to see me make here in the future. I really hope that these videos are helpful and helping you have more fun in Tarkov. Thanks again and I’ll see y’all in the next one..

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