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My scav raid breakdown video I made some time ago did get some nice reception from you guys, so I decided to make something in that alley. This time it’s PMC raid gameplay commentary with PvP tips, focusing on importance of being patient and how relocating after a fight can give you upper hand in skirmish. A little background. I looted IDEA, checked ramp outside of it and decided to also check Power Station. Almost as soon as I entered that area I heard some gunshots and then enemy footsteps on the other side of the fence.

I think my opponent heard me, but I’m still waiting in case he would move on me. He stayed on his position, probably waiting for his teammate to flank me, so I decided to take more aggressive approach. At this point I thought I should be fine and his teammate that was far away shouldn’t be a problem. Boy, was I wrong. So I somehow survived and then I had a lot of luck he missed his follow up shot. Ok, so I know now that he is probably on the ramp and his friend next to the fence should be little hurt. At this point I suspect that they may be using thermals, because they could easily track me in the bush. It was risky move anyway, but it was so unorthodox move that I thought it could work.

I mean, nobody expect that someone will sneak on them like that in the bush, but I would not use this as your main tactic. So I was lucky again, not the last time in this skirmish to be fair. Anyway, I’m hurt, my stomach is blacked and I need to heal. Now I’m 100% sure he is using thermals. Was it smart to peek like that again? Not really, but at least I know that one of them is still somewhere on the IDEA ramp. Dude on the ramp probably gave info to his teammate, so I expect he would try to flank me. Little lucky timing and a lot of whiffed shots. To add salt to the injury I didn’t notice he didn’t went straight for the back of Power Station building and just hid between some power coils.

What he did was very poor play and in any other circumstance, just suicide act. Trying to cover my footsteps with the flash. I’m playing here slow, because if I will make a lot of noise and then go outside, sniper on the ramp will expect me and I will be dead in a second. Ok, point firing exercises paid off. One down, one more to go. So if I was the guy on the ramp I would now scope in on my teammate’s body, so looting him is asking to get clapped. I’m also not quite sure where exactly he is and he has thermals advantage, so I take it slow. I wasted also some ammo and need to replenish my 60-rounder mags. Few minutes passed and now I have no idea where the second guy could be, so I try to clear all the spots one by one.

Bingo. It looks like my enemy wasn’t patient enough and decided to go after me. Mobile alarm scav system works as intended. Now, it’s quite late in the raid, so I assume that nobody else should show up for the party. My plan is to go for the wide and kinda risky flank. First, I make sure that nobody is still on the ramp. You can see I often stop in place and listen. Sound clues are very important in Tarkov. I don’t hear anything, but I know my opponent should be somewhere near, so again I go with stealthy approach. And I guess my wide flank paid off. Before I go for the loot I first check if somebody else is not sneaking around. So yeah, he had thermals after all. I tried to go for car extract, but I forgot to take some cash with me. Lucky for me I still managed to extract. I hope this will help some of you guys to survive more. Thanks for watching and see you in raids!

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