Post FX Settings for Good Visibility and FPS – Escape from Tarkov – Patch 12.5


Patch 12.5 is up and a new hot feature that came with it is PostFX, a set of filters that you can use to improve visual clarity on your screen. Let’s go over what you can do and how it will impact your game. First thing you can notice right away is turning PostFX will drop your max FPS by 3 to 4. Now the settings. At the top we have brightness, quite obvious setting. I would not go too high with it or you will hate your life when in areas with a lot light or fog. It seems that max safe value is around 15 to 20. Then we have two similar settings that can give some color to your Tarkov experience. Personally I don’t see much difference between those two settings. Saturation can go negative and it seems it ramps much faster than colorfulness. Next is enigmatic setting called clarity and it looks it’s just a fancy name for contrast that works on per texture basis.

This setting can improve, well, clarity on your screen, but it comes with the cost of some of your frames. Then we have two sharpening options. First one, luma sharpen is performance free. It seems it also can brighten up screen in some dark places. Second sharpening option, like in case of clarity, will hit your maximum fps. It’s a much better sharpening than luma that will also make objects pop out a little on your screen. Then we have some coloring options that will definitely get abused, unless BSG tested it carefully. If you are in bad mood and hate the world you can even play in black and white or go extra fancy. Great feature that will also be abused by some people are colorblind modes. Some of them can turn some colors into more distinguishable ones for people without colorblindness, making some stuff pink for instance. If you wonder what settings to use I have two solutions for you. But first here are my graphics settings, so you will have some reference point. I use only TAA, you may also consider turning on anisotropic filtering to get sharper textures, but again, it will cost you some frames.

Ok, so first PostFX setting is performance free, well, you will lose those initial 3 FPS when you turn post processing on. Second one will use Clarity and Adaptive Sharpening and has two big drawbacks. You will lose 10 to 15% of your maximum fps when using them, but the bigger one is that after using painkillers your screen will burn your eyes. If you don’t mind FPS hit you may try to tinker with clarity value to make it bearable, but I’m not sure if it’s worth in the end. I recorded some videos to compare all of those settings in some illumination scenarios.

If you want to tinker with those settings a little you may go with some saturation. I personally don’t like too bright colors on my screen, so I have it set quite low. Alright, it was a short one this time. I if you like this video consider subscribing for more. Thanks for watching and see you in raids..

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