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We just received maintenance patch for Tarkov, but BSG also sneaked into it two new guns. First one is all time Russian classic, the PPSH also called Pepesza in my country. Second gun is the Colt 1911 and that will probably make some western weapons enthusiasts very happy. In this video I will go over pros and cons of those new guns and I will also compare them to other weapons with similar role in Tarkov. I can tell you right now that both of those guns will be good to use next wipe, but don’t get your hopes too high.

Let’s start with PPSH that use 7.62×25 mm caliber, the same used in TT Pistol. You can buy it from Prapor Loyalty Level 2 for around 25k rubles. In Tarkov gun is as good as ammo it can use, so let’s have a look. Early game ammo with only 9 penetration value doesn’t look that great, but thanks to very high rate of fire we should do fine versus someone using Paca that is class 2 armor. If you will face class 3 armor on your happy adventures, save your prayers or run. There is always option to go for the head or the good old trusty leg meta, but that’s not everybody’s cup of tea. We know that with 12.6 some pistol ammo, mainly 9×18 and 9×19 caliber will get some buffs. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some changes to this caliber too, but until then I don’t see bright future for this gun in the endgame.

Twenty four penetration for the best round is just too low. That is not the only problem that PPSH faces. At Loyalty Level 2 you will be able to buy 19-01 Vityaz and from the quick look at stats I can tell you that this will be my early game weapon of choice. It was great last wipe and should do wonders in the next one until people will start rocking with good armors on regular basis. Before I can get my hands on Vityaz I may get some Kedr action. It’s avalible from Level 1 Prapor for nice price and early rounds are good enough. I included here silenced Kedr that is not bad option too. Stats are fun, but let’s look how it actually looks in game. One thing you can see right away is that annoying muzzle flash that obscure your screen and makes harder to follow your targets with PPSH. Vityaz, even though it shoots slower, has great recoil control. Kedr has higher recoil, but as I mentioned it’s always an option before you can get you can get your hands on Vityaz.

To finish this comparison let’s have a look at ammo for those SMGs. As you can see, best rounds have similar stats. Have in mind that you can buy PPSH from Prapor at Loyalty Level 2. You can clearly see that 9×18 round is better than TT caliber at that time and 9×19 round that is available from the get go is not much worse. Just one thing, if you would like to go with 9×18 SMGs mid game, you will have to use Klin not the Kedr. Kedr can’t use PMM ammo. Ok, so the second new gun is 1911. You can buy it from Peacekeeper at Loyalty Level 2 for around 131 dollars, so around 15k rubles. This pistol use new ammo caliber, the .45 APC which is 11.43×23 mm in size. At this moment there are only 2 rounds for this gun, something that will probably change with patch 12.6. From stats perspective, FMJ with 19 penetration and 72 damage looks quite good. That means you will be able to use this gun from level 10, if you will focus on leveling Peacekeeper.

Here’s the thing. Let’s look at some ammo options available for other pistols. Until level 15 when we can level up Prapor to Loyalty Level 2, we have okeish 9×18 mm option and very close in stats 9×19 mm option. So the question is, is 72 damage that important? For pistols, not really, it will be great for Vector that should come with 12.6, but for sidearms there is almost no difference. No matter the round, headshot kills instantly and two shots into the chest will also make the job done for any pistol round.

Looking at the best ammo for all calibers, both 9×18 and 9×19 have superior options right now. Ok, so let’s compare our pistol options at this stage of the game. Let’s start with 9×19 that is clear winner for me. I picked Glock17 here, but to be fair, Beretta will do just fine and you can start using it at level 1. Here you can also see one big drawback of 1911, for now we have only mags that can hold 7 bullets, so we have a very small margin of error. Glock has superior magazine size of 17 bullets and much better stats than Colt. In theory you can buy it from Mechanic Level 1, but you need Euros for it and that is something you can get from Skier at Level 2. From 9×18 I picked APS. It’s ok gun, but I don’t see much reason of using it when I can use Beretta or Glock. The last gun I picked is 5-7. It’s a great gun that you can use safely even at endgame. As you can see it has superior stats compared to other pistols. When it comes too ammo, it’s similar story.

With 37 penetration you can shred through faceshields and even go against class 4 and maybe class 5 armor. To finish this off, let’s look how those pistols will perform in game. Little surprise is that 1911 despite it’s big recoil have quite tight spread. Not sure why, but for some reason it feels like you can’t shoot it as fast as other guns, despite the same fire rate. One thing that was also very noticeable was lower sensitivity compared to other guns when aiming down sight with Colt.

Glock and APS have high recoil, but if you try to time your shoots, you should be very accurate with them. And here you can see again why 5-7 is such a strong pistol. For some reason recoil on this gun goes downwards, that means that after you started spraying at head level all your other shots will easily hit chest, so you have much higher chance of dropping your enemy when in panic mode. To summarize, both of new guns look good as early game options. They may not be the best, but they will make the job done and variety is always welcome. For now we don’t have any mods for them, but that will surely change.

One promising thing is that 1911 has mod slots for trigger and hammer, so we may get next level modding with new patch. Sadly, as it stands right now, both new guns fall short after early game, but maybe with some hinted ammo buffs, this will also change. I can tell you that I will definitely give those guns a fair chance after the wipe. That’s all in this one. If you liked this video, consider subscribing for more. Thanks for watching and see you in raids!.

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