Predicting Your Enemy’s Position / Shoreline Solo PMC Gameplay / Tarkov Tactics – Escape from Tarkov


Hi and welcome to another Tarkov Tactics episode. In this one I will breakdown one of my raids on Shoreline. This time the theme is predicting your opponent’s movement based on the stuff like spawn points, in-game sounds, points of interest and the last know location of my opponent. We just entered the map and the first thing we have to worry about are the closest enemy spawns. We started on the beach near the tunnel, so the first close spawn is on our left and then there are some spawns in the upper village. There are also 3 more PMC spawns in the lower village. While moving and looking for enemies I heard some gunshots near cottages. I’m on a sniper duty so I want to position myself for a good spot to have at least one good shot at potential opponent. My prediction for this one is that after clearing cottages players usually move out near the small construction site and move towards the terminal near Resort. It looks like it was just a scav. Hearing more shoots near entrance to cottages, so it looks like we can expect somebody moving through the area and while our spot is ok, we can try to find a better one.

I go for cross in the open here. The reason is, it’s rare to find somebody moving through the map in this place, so I should be quite safe. There is a chance somebody could be moving to Resort from far spawns, so I also monitor my right side. Somebody is in the Power Station. Now I could stay in my spot and wait but there is no guarantee somebody will show up and my spot is not amazing, so I take the new opportunity. Bingo. I didn’t want to risk the shot. If I would miss he would probably stay in that building for a very long time. My plan is to wait for him to leave and then take the shot. Had him there, but that sudden stop saved his life. He did some nice juking and he got away, but we saw where he was going. Now, he will probably stick to the wall or hunker down in one of the bushes, so my positions is not safe, so I instantly move to intercept his best bet route.

Looks like my prediction was correct. So he is either in one of the bushes or moved out. I really don’t like pushing people near bushes. There is a very high chance that enemy in that case will have a first shot on me and I just don’t like to take unnecessary risks. I was also a little in the open on this terrace, heard a lot of gunshots this raid and there is a very high chance that player I heard in cottages could be approaching terminal right now. Time to check my back. So it looks like my first opponent decided to cross the river. Yeah, looks like I was right that somebody could be in terminal already. There were some trees between us that gave me enough cover to safely disengage. I wanted to take benefit of my sniper rifle and take some distance, so I don’t have to relay on 5-7 vs. full auto gun. Looks like my opponent will not risk pushing me, smart move on his part. Now, I could push him, but I like taking my chances and try to surprise my enemies.

I went for very risky flank crossing river near Power Station. In retrospect, I think I could just stick around here a little longer or maybe try to flank from terminal, but this time I was lucky and it somehow worked for me. There is still a lot of action going on in the Resort. I take some time and monitor building connector in case somebody will be crossing. I decided to clear last know position of my enemy, but I strongly suspect he is in Resort now. He is gone, time to loot our first kill. It’s 29 minutes left in raid, so I risk it to check bus in terminal for west wing 112 office key that is needed for one of the quests and sells for a nice sum of money. So, I heard some action in the West Wing, time to go there to investigate. Next stop is Resort’s west entrance. I don’t feel like pushing with pistol, so I move next to the fence in hope somebody will be going for extraction.

People usually get out through the back of Resort, so you have a very high chance of catching somebody that way. Scanning admin’s rooms, good place for some nice loot. So I didn’t find anybody, but since I heard so many gunshots inside Resort I suspect somebody should be extracting via the Road to Customs. I base it mainly on the fact that early game I heard some grenades and I suspect it was in the West Wing. We also had firefight with enemy near terminal, that means his extract should be on the opposite side of the map. Then we heard shots in West Wing again, so that could be our terminal’s fight opponent or somebody else entering from west side. It’s just a hunch, but sometimes that’s more than enough.

I position myself for some nice ranged shots and just wait and see how things unfold. Now, that was kinda unexpected but my prediction was still correct. Loot is not amazing, but it’s better than going out empty handed. My opponent looked like the person I fought near terminal, so that means Resort is probably empty now, so no point in waiting for more sniper opportunities, time go out. I just stick to the wall, loot one cache near the exfil and it’s time to extract. Alright, I hope you liked this one. Thanks for watching and see you in raids!.

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