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Hi and welcome to the new Tarkov Tactics video. In this episode we are on Interchange. I have very medicore spawn and I will show you how I approach this situation. There are PMC spawns in front of me and one on the left down the road, so running inside the mall is not an option. Another aspect of this PvP breakdown is also importance of using good ammunition, but you will see why I mention this little later.

I’m on my Punisher part 6 quest and have to use SVD, a very mediocre gun if you ask me, mostly because of the long ADS time. That’s why I have it suppressed and my plan is going for a more sneaky gameplay. There is a PMC spawn very close in front of me and another one where I zoomed right now. Making also sure that nobody is coming from the other side. I’m running here because I know I’m far away from any potential players.

You should almost never try running in the spawn zone, I think it’s one of the biggest mistakes new player can make. You will very often alarm people, so they will just wait for you and shoot you before you will have time to react. You will see I often go into the bush just to look around. I try to scan the area and when I’m sure it’s safe then I move forward. Looks like a big fight near Emercom checkpoint. That probably means nobody should be in front of me, so I run again. Another fast bush check just in case somebody is playing sneaky.

Seems clear. We are close to the danger zone now, time for walking only mode. That nade sounded very strange. I also have two times zoom scope, so moving away was a good tactic anyway. Time to listen to make sure nobody else is nearby. There is also a chance that somebody could be slowly clearing spawns like me and is now on my tail. Almost done with Punisher part 6. It seems nobody else is here, so it’s time to check the bodies. It was very hard to spot him, but just small movement was enough this time. I watched Raid series part 1 earlier this day and got little carried away with the immersion there.

Time to loot. Sadly not much on them. Still checking my back. Time to move inside the mall. I have quest to mark minibuses and go towards the parking entrance. Well, well. Wasted a very good opportunity there. I’m using suppressed weapon, but I still relocate. They movement was very strange, it seems they are going into the construction area close by, maybe doing the same quest as me or going for the locked container in that zone. Time for a big flank. Quick glance if the area in front of me is clear. No sign of them, maybe they went for the extract after all. I guess not. I think I hit him two times but it wasn’t enough. To bad I wasted my nades earlier. I spray the bush to make him move or maybe get lucky kill, it’s 2v1 and I want to drop one of them as fast as possible. I noticed him moving out of the bush just after reloading animation started, so my only move was to just hide.

I played very risky here, he was able to see me and could easily kill me, don’t do that at home guys. I’m in relatively safe position so I stop bleeding. Making sure I have full health on thorax too. Not sure how he saw me there, but I guess luck is the most important skill in Tarkov after all. Impatience, the ultimate killer. This armored rig is doing god’s work right now. From the retrospect I shouldn’t just move from the right to left side of this bush when peeking and maybe try some mind games and let my opponent guess. Punisher part 6 completed. I also fully healed in the bush, now it’s time to get some loot. Fast check if anybody is around. Ok, he was using terrible ammo, that explains a lot. Second guy was using Mosin, so it could end up very badly if his thorax shot would fragment. Time to finish my main mission and plant some markers. Not a bad raid, little rough on the edges, but all that matters is I survived and I finally unlocked Epsilon secure container.

I hope you liked this one, thanks for watching and see you in raids!.

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