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Tarkoff takes this tradition and makes it even more important since your ammo is often very limited, and there is this constant risk of dying And losing everything. You’Ve looked. It’S very stressful game Escape from tarkov has been on the market for quite some time now, but whatever reason it is, It has been blowing up over the last month or so, and I’ve mentioned this game on numerous numerous Fps top tens tons of players are now Jumping in to see what the hype is, but if you know anything about tarkoff, you know it’s a very Punishing game to get into so I have scavenged the Internet and put together some of the most useful tips that I could find from Experienced players. I’M telling you right now I am not experienced at all. I’Ve just started the game myself, but I thought it would be good to do some best tips for brand new beginner tarkoff players So drop a like, and if you want more escape from tarkov Content, you let me know what you want and we can probably make It happen So the first thing is pretty easy: Bookmark, the tarkoff wiki, that’s right!

Now escape from tarkov has an extremely passionate community. I mean it’s it’s up there with Rainbow six League of Legends overwatch csgo. They are very passionate about this very technical game with a ton of Moving parts. So you will end up going to this wiki, which is ever-expanding in super detailed, so I’ll put it in the description and you can get instant access to a huge database of Pretty much everything about the game You need to know now. All new tarkoff players should bookmark the wiki on their phone or a second monitor, So you always have somewhere to turn in case you encounter something You’re not familiar with fine. A new gun Check the wiki not familiar with the map or, if you’re, in a nighttime mode, instead of a daytime Check, the wiki and speaking of maps do raids offline to learn the maps. First, as you all know, It’s an online game and you can’t make any progress with it offline. Well, what a lot of people don’t know is you can actually play the game offline,

Sure You won’t get any loot this way, But you will still be able to run around these maps and get the hang of where all the main points of interest are to Play. A raid offline just go into a raid, like you, normally would but eventually you’re going to get to a screen with a button That says enable offline mode for this raid go ahead and click that and then you can even throw in A I bought enemies. In the mix, if you want to there’s nothing wrong with that again Your character, progress will be locked when playing offline, so you won’t get any XP and you won’t get to keep any of the loot You get. But this is a great tool for Learning everything. A lot of survival type multiplayer games will just throw you into the fray and force you to learn. Everything on your own, But offline mode here allows you to get your bearings together. Learn the map, learn the equipment, learn the load outs, learn everything about the game. Speaking of learning Learn the bullet drop like most big map. Survival games escape from tarkov does not use hitscan weapons instead, you’re going to have to get used to the bullet, drop and travel time for the different weapons and the ammo types and there’s a lot as you battle real players probably know this can be the toughest Part of the learning curve, when getting into a new game, as you have to do everything right and you totally Totally get the drop on someone. But if you don’t have the bullet physics down? Well, you end up screw yourself and losing a fight altogether, because you missed your shots And as to be expected. 7:6 two rounds behave very differently than five five six rounds.

You’Re gon na notice, this more and more the further you get away from your target. The game and according to the most recent Developer, update there are a hundred and seventeen different ammo types in escape from tarkov, so you’ve got a lot of homework. To do again, going into offline mode can help you get the hang of this. So you don’t run into the awkward situations in Actual combat, but with that being said, bullet drop isn’t everything You have to learn the damage system. Most online shooters love different damage, multipliers for different parts of the body. Tarkoff takes this tradition and makes it even more important, since your ammo is often very limited and there’s this constant risk of dying and Losing everything. You’Ve looted. It’S very stressful game. The head, the chests, are extremely high targets and tarkoff as a heavy hit to either one Can result in a instant kill. Arms are a pretty low priority target. Is they only have a point? Seven times multiplier, But damaging someone’s arm will reduce their accuracy and increase the reload time until they heal up, which is a nice touch. This is a detailed game. Now legs are weird: They don’t have any damage multipliers, but shooting someone’s legs will cause them to lose balance and prevent them from running away. So obviously, you should always aim for the fastest kill possible, but if someone’s trying to get away or if they’re running at you, a milot could Actually help you turn the fight into your favor.

It’S also very important to remember when you hit someone. The lasting effects of the bullet damage Will help you close the gap and clean up the pit kill at number. Six insurance doesn’t work everywhere. Now. Insurance is a very helpful tool that you can use in tarkoff to help you keep your hands on more valuable gear after a match, but something you need to be very clear and aware of is that Insurance doesn’t actually work on every map. Labs is one of the more complex Maps currently in tarkoff and as it stands right now, Insurance is disabled here, regardless of whether or not you equipped it before loading in this means, if you insured one of your items And then you lost it in labs, You Just wasted your insurance, because you aren’t getting that item back And as it stands right now, labs is the only map where insurance doesn’t work, Although I could be wrong and I’m sure someone will correct me in the comments, if I am but just be aware, be Aware of that, when you’re loading into lab server that your insurance doesn’t work here and I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if The developers decide to make more maps with insurance disabled So once again keep your eye on that ever evolving wiki page at number, five Health versus pain management now, unlike other online shooters tarkoff, actually has a health and pain management item while items that specifically help with injuries on certain parts of your body, but while health items will actually heal you paint management items will simply push the problem way. Like a Band-aid for a little while to keep you in the fight just like in real life, for example, if your leg gets injured, you can use painkillers to prevent your character from stumbling around. But if you run, while on painkillers, You’ll still take damage because you’re putting additional pressure on that injured leg.

It’S pretty realistic in terms of logic, behind how everything works and you need to keep an eye on it. It’S not like pub G, where painkillers just give you a health boost in tarkoff. Painkillers are simply going to help alleviate the side effects of injury, but still going to be up to you to eventually fix the injury with an actual health item like a med kit or a splint or something Combat and healing are very complicated, very complicated. And it’s going to take repetition to get used to it at number: four experiment with character skills like other games, There’s quite a few skills for you to grind up and increase your character’s Efficiency in battle and looting. The five skills available right now are strength, endurance, health Metabolism and vitality. Now certain skills are harder than other to grind up, and certain skills are also arguably much more useful than others. However, given how deep and customizable this game is, every skill has its place in the sandbox and it’s worth messing around with all of them, so you can decide which one, if any You’re going to fully commit to in order to beef up your character. A bit number three have no mercy. A Common thing in multiplayer survival games is to have mercy on other players. If you can tell that you have an obvious advantage or that they’re new

However, you won’t be getting much of that in tarkoff, So you shouldn’t go into the game expecting it and you shouldn’t be practicing it either. I know it sounds pretty grim to say you shouldn’t have any mercy on anyone in the game, But this is the truth. Tarkoff is a very kill or killed B game and if you are at a disadvantage, They’re not gon na, let you live They’re gon na drop. You take your loot and move on with their game. So when you’re joining a server and tarkov, You should go in expecting that you’re going to die and lose everything, and this mentality will help you get out of more merciful. Mindset than other survival games know they may have conditioned you that way.

I don’t know It’s also gon na help you get over the fear of playing aggressive, Because this is kind of like a one-and-done. In a way. If you die, You lose it all at number, two hotkeys There are so many things in tarkoff that you’re going to need to get used to. There are tons of ways to stand, Move sort, your inventory So on so forth. This is where the magic of the keyboard and mouse will really come in handy. Not only are there a lot of built-in hotkeys for you to memorize and master, But you can also go get custom with your bindings to make sure that all of your tools are being utilized properly Into your advantage, if you’re new to PC gaming or you’re, just Not good at remembering hotkeys and whatnot

Like I am like, I’m not Don’t feel ashamed at all. Just have a notepad right next to your monitor, with all your bindings on it, Whatever works until you can get it memorized. Okay, you already have your wiki open right And when I said have your wiki open, I mean have it open on another monitor. So if you’re in the match – and you can go hide in a bush and you have to go search – something out information wise – You can do that.

There’S no shame in that and finally, the tarkoff discord. Now There are a few different tarkoff discord servers, but the big one is the one you want to be part of the official Escape from tarkov. Discord has over 63,000 members and then there is one called the unofficial escape from tarkov and it has 43,000 members I’ll put both in the In the description. By joining these two servers, you will have instant access to all patch notes and updates, But you will also be able to communicate with other players and find groups to play with that are in your skill range. It’S super super important. Okay, discord really is an amazing tool, especially for games like tarkoff, So join up in the main discord and the unofficial one. If you really want to get your information flow on and start to get To know the community, it is growing fast.

Don’T be afraid to ask for help You’ll probably get trolled from time to time, but that’s that’s how it is If any any gaming community there you have it. My friends, Those are ten basic beginner new escape from tarkov tips. This is for somebody that has not played the game at all, Like I said, I’m just now, starting to get into it and learn it myself. So if there’s other things, you’d like to see maybe top 10 best guns, worst guns, things like that, You let me know in the comment section on the screen now – is a red blue in a video today, Well red blue or red video in a blue video. Today, Let’s go with the red video I’ll, see you soon!

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