Ultimate Escape From Tarkov Beginners Guide Pt. 1 – What Is Tarkov?


– Hey, guys, I’m Jessekazam and I’m super excited to start this new series of videos that I’m calling the Ultimate Escape from Tarkov Beginner’s Guide. I absolutely love this game. It is so much fun, but it’s really hard, really deep and it can be really overwhelming the amount of information in the game and it can be really frustrating to try and play the game and not really know what’s going on. The game provides little-to-no tutorial information for you so what I wanna do is create a series of short videos that kind of walk you through everything you need to know, answer any questions that you might have. There’s a lot going on here but all of this kind of builds together towards this amazing game. So let’s go ahead and dive right in. (intense rock music) (gun firing) So in this first video I really kinda wanna just take like a 10,000 foot view of what Escape from Tarkov is. Help you you understand what the game is, what it’s about and that’ll help lay the groundwork for all of the future videos.

So if you are thinking about buying Escape from Tarkov, if you bought it and don’t know where to start or if you’ve been playing and are frustrated and/or confused by how hard it is or what’s going on this and this whole series is gonna kinda walk you though everything that you need to know about the game. Just as a disclaimer this game is in beta as of right now. And it’s definitely a beta game. There can be a lot of bugs and a lot of things are subject to change. They’re trying to create the best version of this game and so with patches and content updates stuff can change. Now what I wanna do is talk mostly about the kind of core mechanics of the game through this series.

Stuff that most likely won’t change or won’t change much. But just as a disclaimer it is a beta and kinda everything is subject to change. Escape from Tarkov is often called a hardcore survival shooter and it definitely is. But what I love about the game is that it pulls elements from a ton of genres, a ton of genres that I love. Such as MMOs, RPGs, FPSs, even a battle simulator. And kind of creates what Escape from Tarkov is. And it really does feel different and that’s kinda what this game is about. At it’s core, it’s about shooting people, killing them and taking their loot. But the magic of Escape from Tarkov is the feeling and the intensity of playing the game.

Me, personally, and basically everybody that I’ve talked to that have grown up playing FPSs or just video games as a whole. As soon as you start playing Escape from Tarkov you can feel something different. Whether it’s mere seconds feeling like minutes in a super intense combat firefight or whether you’re actually stalking some players through the map over 10, 15, 20 minutes. Whether it’s hearing a grenade explode off in the distance and it completely freaking you out. Or just minding your own business and a bullet whizzing by your head and you realize that there’s a player out there who missed a shot on you and you have no idea where he is but he knows exactly where you are.

There are just the kinds of encounters that really create the experience of Escape from Tarkov and make it what it is and it’s awesome. Escape from Tarkov is PvPvE which is player verse player verse environment. So at any time while you’re playing the game you can encounter real other players playing the game or AI bots in the game as well. It can be played solo or in a squad of up to five total people. So you and four others. And there’s really awesome moments to be had at each of those tiers. Whether you’re playing by yourself, in a duo or up to like a huge five man squad. It’s set in a really lore-rich fictional place called Tarkov. I’ll go over some of the lore of the game in a future video but just know that there is a lot of really cool lore set up around where you are, why you’re there and who everybody kinda is. So the kind of core mechanic of the game is risk.

The devs have talked a lot about this that when they created this game they wanted to create something where you were kind of always afraid. Where death in the game mattered. So it’s an instance-based shooter which means you pick your map, you pick your time of day, you load in. There’s a preset number of real people and AI that could be in the game up to that. And you run around, you shoot people, you take their stuff and you bounce. Outside of the raid you have your persistent stash. And so there’s kinda two things, there’s what’s on your character and what’s in your stash. When you’re in a raid and you die you lose everything that’s on your character. And if you kill somebody while you’re in a raid you have an opportunity to take all of the loot, the gear, the rig, everything that they had on them and extract with it and add it to your stash.

So, the core theme is kind of risk. When you die it has meaning. You lose that amazing gun that you’ve spent a few days building up, or that armor that you killed the scav boss to finally get. There’s risk involved and that makes the losing and the winning kinda feel more intense. Because when you get to pull loot off of a dead body it feels amazing and when you lose it it feels devastating. And that’s kind of like the core of what Escape from Tarkov is. It’s risk, it’s intensity and that’s very much so by design. There’s a lot more to this game and a lot more that we wanna get into but this video I just wanted it to be kinda like the 10,000 foot view. So that kind of in a nutshell is what Escape from Tarkov is.

It’s a lot of fun, and if you’re into it and if you like what you’re hearing in this video then kinda keep rolling through these other videos. I’m super excited to make this series. I’m super excited to get more people involved in the game. It’s a lot of fun. So thank you guys so much for watching. I stream Escape from Tarkov about four days a week. There’s a link down below to my Twitch, Twitter, Discord. Discord is a great place to ask questions about the game or even find some people to raid with. Go ahead a drop a comment down below if you like the video, if you have questions about the game or if there’s something that you wanna see future videos made about. If you liked the video, go ahead and give it a like.

And think about subscribing for more content like this. I’m not only do this series but I also do create a bunch of other just Escape from Tarkov tutorials. So thank y’all again so much for watching and I’ll see y’all on the next one. (intense rock music) (weapons firing).

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