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Ultimate Solo Survival Guide / How To Survive More Raids & PvP / Tips & Tricks – Escape from Tarkov


Greetings Escapers! This guide focus on solo player pvp tips and surviving aspect of Escape from Tarkov. I will start with some basic stuff, talk about gear, map awareness, and then I will focus on in raid tips tied to movement and actual fighting. In “how to youtube” guides they always mention that you need to sell your guide with some weird flex, so here it is. I also play this game only solo and I’m not joking this time, no for real. Ok, first rule of Tarkov is: greed is the number one killer! Learn to let it go, avoid unnecessary risk and for the love of god, don’t rush to somebody you just killed the second the body hits the ground. This leads us to the second rule of Tarkov, there is always one more! Person you just dropped could have teammate or somebody else could be close and can third party you when you instantly go for the goodies.

Unless it’s a very safe place, you always have to check your surroundings to be sure it’s safe to loot. Now, if you started looting be quick with it. Use default keybinds for fast items moving. Alt + left mouse button to equip item in open slot on your character. Ctrl + left click to move item into your backpack without unnecessary extra mouse movement. I also did bind my drop key to shift + left mouse click to drop items quickly. You can drop your bag in safe place before going for to the loot, so you can equip backpack of your enemy, throw in there his chest rig and other gear, so you will waste only few seconds searching his pockets. Then you just go back to your previous position and now you can search his stuff and do all inventory management without risking your life. You should also always clear area you just entered and you should do it right away.

It’s quite obvious that getting rid of potential threat is good, but this will also allow you to make quick and fast maneuvers if somebody else will come to your position. Also there is nothing worst than trying to move on a good fighting spot to get destroyed by some random camper. I also had plenty of situations where I thought I spawned very close to dorms on Customs. I moved in 100% sure there is nobody there and go for marked room and surprise, surprise, somebody was already there. Always expect unexpected. Make sure to check all the corners, nests and holes! Alright, now maybe not so obvious, but very important stuff: your gear. No matter how good you are, if you are using bad ammunition, you are setting yourself on a huge disadvantage.

Early wipe it’s doesn’t matter that much, but after five months since last wipe like we have right now, everybody will run with at least class 3 and 4 armor at minimum. That means you have to use ammunition with at least 35 penetration value, unless you know what you are doing. You may also consider not using tracer ammo, because that makes it easier to pinpoint you, especially when you are using suppressors, something I highly recommend to use as a solo player. It really makes a huge difference in some scenarios and will let you remain in the shadows. The second best gear to use often are headsets. They will increase distance of picking up sounds and may save your life.

You will hear danger from far bigger distances, so you will have much more time to react. Wearing armor to survive more raids is obvious, but new players sometimes use a good armor with very low durability. If you are one of those players, stop doing that, your are setting yourself up for failure. For instance, if you are using Gen 4 armor that is 20 on 20 maximum durability all you will get is protection from like one bullet and the rest will go through it like a knife through butter. Armor material also matters a lot. For instance, ceramic armors will lose more durability when they are hit compared to titanium and so on. My rule of thumb is using armor till it drops to 40 maximum durability. You can even go with 50 or higher to be extra safe. Last gear tip is about cosmetic clothes. I played as BEAR this patch and this faction summer camo saved me bunch of times.

People where literally few steps from me looking into bush I sneaked into and they couldn’t spot me. If you like going into buildings, then using black outfit is a good idea. Wearing mask and protection glasses is also a very good practice to mask your shiny face. Ok, so we have some basic stuff covered. Time for second big thing: map knowledge. It’s quite simple correlation, the more you play the map and more you know about it, the higher your chances of surviving the raid on it. It’s maybe not a linear progression, but map knowledge can give you huge advantage in some situations. Good practice is using offline mode to get the hang of the map layout, but that’s just the beginning of the story. First thing, learn PMC spawns.

It’s very crucial for small maps like Customs or Factory. On those maps fights can happen just a few seconds after you spawned, so you should know where to expect enemies. If you are still not confident about your fighting skills, you can play slow in spawn. Wait your opponents out in a bush or good cover, anything that will work for you. No shame in that. Second big thing is learning map sounds. You should know where you can hear wood, metal, broken glass sounds etc. This will let you pinpoint enemies very fast and also mark in your head areas where you have to play slower and be extra careful with your movement. Then you will learn loot hotspots and the usual player routes. If you are still learning the game you may consider not going for the best loot on the map for now. In the future, you will use this knowledge for your advantage, predicting player movement to set ambushes and to avoid potential risk. Last good thing to know about are AI scav spawn points.

First, you will know where cheeky scav can break your sneaky play and second, you can use them as your mobile alarm system, so you don’t have to always kill them on sight. Time for some actual gameplay tips. Let’s start with movement. Now the most important rule of solo survival is to always try relocate when possible! It is a very great tip when in open maps, but also in close quarters scenarios. So let’s assume you were in a fight in the open, you should change your position right away and try to go for a flank. Many players will stick to their safe position and will try to monitor only the last place they saw you, so flanking can net you easy kill.

This tip is also very useful versus teams. Good team will try to flank you from both sides if possible. If you move out from your last position you not only avoid certain death, but also give yourself a chance for another surprise attack. The reason why it’s also a good tip when fighting indoors is that a good player, if he knows where you are, will peek and ADS at the same time and his crosshair will be right on your head. I guess you can figure out the rest. Some people are so skilled they will just out aim you almost every time in situation like that. Don’t get me wrong, camping somebody’s spot may work, but it’s not a guarantee, so have that in mind. Next tip, you should treat walking as your main movement mode. I know it can be very boring to just walk for 10 minutes, but it’s either having more action or surviving more. I try run only when I’m in open to reach good cover or concealment or if I’m quite sure it’s safe to do so. Running makes a lot of noise, so you can easily alarm anybody nearby.

It doesn’t really matter that much in the open, because you are at risk anyway, so you may as well be a harder to hit target at that point. You should also be aware of your stamina usage. Try never depleting your stamina completely, or even better not drop it into the red zone. It’s always good to have some extra sprint option just in case. The worst offender is of course depleting your stamina in the middle of the open terrain. Crouching is a very similar story. Use it only in places where it makes sense. You should almost never crouch and walk in the open. Crouching in combination with slow walking is a good practice to use when moving over wood, metal or bushes! It’s also useful when you heard somebody and want to ambush them. In some places going only with crouch plus normal speed walk can also be a good idea, you will make less noise than normal walking and still have decent moving speed.

Your profile is also lowered plus you get extra bonus for recoil control. Next thing, when you traverse the map try to always move in a way that you put cover or concealment behind you back. I would also always try to use other terrain features for your advantage. Moving in some terrain depressions instead in the open is always a good idea. Also don’t forget to check your back from time to time in case some sneaky bastard is trying to hunt you down. Sometimes I go into the bush and then when inside I crouch and turn around to see if somebody was following me. You can stay in the bush for few seconds to scan your surroundings, but I highly discourage you from camping, because if you kill somebody from a bush, you will instantly get hate message or you can even earn yourself a reddit rage post. On a serious note, bushes may sometimes not render properly, so you risk crouching in the open while being still. Unless you really want to give somebody those easy sniper kills for shooter born in heaven task.

Ok, so now let’s cover some movement when in combat scenarios. First good little trick is to use right side blind fire to bait shots, if you suspect that somebody is watching your spot. Many players will shoot the moment they see something moving. All your risk is potential arm shot for exchange of surprise attack of your opponent. You can also check for danger just with some fast moves near corner, so you show only your gun and maybe an arm. The more risky variant of this is to actually run from one side of the corridor to another one. It’s often used to also get some info about your enemy position. Third option is leaning, but you should use this feature ONLY when you are leaning to the right! That way only your head is exposed.

It’s because your character holds gun on the right side. When you lean to the left, you have to expose almost your whole body. Also remember that you can ADS and move at the same time. It’s a good tactic in some cases. You will walk little slower than usual and if somebody pops out from random doorway you will have a good chance of dropping him. Just be aware that aiming down sights makes some noise that can be heard with headset. It is also true when it comes to using meds, reloading etc. Even looking around can can make a little footstep sound, because you character will have to turn his body and make a step! If you know that somebody is close and you have some time, you should almost always use painkillers before the fight. If for some reason you will get caught in the open and will lose leg, you will not be able to run for cover.

Painkillers solve this problem. In a combat situation every second matters. You should also remember that with new weight system you may lose some speed if you carry a lot. Good idea is to drop your backpack before going for some fancy moves! And this leads us to the fighting tips. If you are coming from any other shooter you will notice that recoil feels quite strange in Tarkov.

That’s because your character do the recoil compensation for you. First shot will hit where you aim, then bullets will go up to stabilize with few shots. This thing was quite hard for me to get used to, but once you know how it works it’s quite easy to take advantage of it. In short, if you start shooting, don’t stop and fully commit. Burst fire is terrible in Tarkov and will get you killed a lot. Spraying is the king. If you have gun with very high recoil just switch it to semi auto and use it that way.

One taps can still work wonders, but it’s the best when used with ammo that can one shot enemies. This rule is also important in situation when you bump onto somebody and both of your are surprised. If you try to go for cover instead off going medieval on his ass and he does the opposite, you are dead. Even trying to run from gunfight can get you easily killed if opponent can shorten the distance fast. So never turn your back to the danger! If you decide to disengage, make sure your opponent will not have clear line of sight on you. Running like that is also risky, because somebody else can be near and will third party you when you sprint out like crazy. Also make sure to not get carried away in a fight and always make sure you still have some bullets left in your mag. It’s quite obvious and should be a second nature for some players, but when adrenaline hits you may sometimes lose focus on it. You don’t want to hear that empty click sound when you have enemy right in front of you.

Now, some players instantly crouch when they start spraying. They do this because it improves recoil control a little. You should just be very careful with this. If you are going on somebody from surprise, then go for it. When surprise fight occurs and you both start shooting at the same time and your opponent went for center mass instead of head as your should do every time, he will score easy headshot on you whern you crouch. Another good practice is to learn how to use point shooting. You should almost never aim down sights versus someone that is in close proximity. Aiming like that takes few precious seconds that may cost you life. You should also try to always keep your gun up and at ready, preferably aimed at head level of potential enemies and not pointed on the ground. This will again give you some precious split seconds. Also don’t be afraid to pre-fire when moving around corners.

This also ties into another tip with blind fire shooting. You can do it only from right side for now, but it can be very effective at killing without risking your life. Shutout to Klean for this, I learned this one from him. So what you do is you move to the corner at 45 degrees angle and then press the key for blind fire. You should probably change binding for it to something easy to press that will not require any finger you normally use to control character movement. When in this mode, you can move right and left to adjust your aim. Be careful with this trick if you are very close to your opponent. With new nades that blew up after 2 seconds you may get blasted and you will not see it coming.

Don’t forget you can also practice your aim in offline mode with scavs! You will not lose any items, including ammo and meds. Same if you have shooting range in your hideout. You can test your gun there to see how it behaves in combat situation, so you will be better prepared when actual fight occurs. When you are trapped in the corner then having option to throw nade to flush your enemy out of his position is always a good solution. Nades can cost a lot, but even one flash can work wonders and they are not that pricey. After throwing nade you can quickly change place and ADS on your enemy and the dance continues. Now something maybe not so obvious, you can try to wait out you opponent sometimes. Let’s say enemy knows where you are and he zoomed on you. In that case waiting patiently can create opportunity for you.

He may get impatient and rush you, so you can get easy kill. He will also have to stop ADSing at some point, either because he runs out of stamina or he is now unsure if you maybe somehow moved out and he didn’t noticed it. That split second of doubt can be a matter of life and death. This is another important one, don’t you ever instantly re-peek from your last position. If enemy missed a shot on your and has some balls he will just adjust his aim and wait for your head to show on his crosshair. You can try to go for wide peek in that case. That means you move out completely from cover, so you can mess with his aim and force him to readjust.

It’s a very risky move and I would use it only as a last resort option or if you know your enemy is a complete potato. Now, if you are behind cover like a truck for instance, it’s obvious that you can just peek from one side or another. In that case you may try to go for some mind games with your opponent. Almost a second nature for me is to switch to other side of the cover after my enemy hides. Knowing that, when you are the person behind car, you can wait five seconds and re-peek from the same spot. It’s all risky, but hey, peeking from other obvious place was too. Now let’s talk about baiting. Some people make fake firefight shots to try to lure somebody to them, so try not to run like headless chicken to every gunfire sound.

The second thing is sound and animation baiting. Not many people know this, but you can actually cancel most of the animations just by pressing left mouse button. So you can for instance fake you are healing, cancel animation and pre-aim corner. If your opponent decide to rush you, you should be at advantage. Just make sure not to make any movement noise or any smart opponent will know you are going for the bait. You need to also remember that even canceled animation will lock you for few seconds. You should also always make sure your attack is at the best possible time. If you don’t feel it, don’t go for it. Also sometimes if you wait just a second before shooting, you will notice that this easy target that just showed up has a friend.

If you would blast him right away his friend would be a threat, but now since you waited you can try to drop them both at the same time. Ok, last tip and I think very important one. You don’t have to go for every fight. If you see team of four juggernauts and you are using pistol just let it go. If enemy is going into different direction, then no need to fight him. This ties to first rule of Tarkov about greed, if you have nice stuff on you already then just move to extract, if you can go there without being detected.

Alright, that’s all I got. If you liked this video, consider subscribing for more. Thanks for watching and see you in raids..

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