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Eve Online Space Janitoring 101. Pochven ninja salvaging guide By: Triglord3000


Pochven right now is the number one source for trig related salvage, and has a quite lucrative LP store for those who can exploit it. One of the great things about Pochven is both NPCs and locals love generating wrecks for the aspiring space janitor.

You too can become a Space Janitor, it has not been uncommon to come across half a bil worth of salvage and Nav logs on a single dive in risking no more than a few mil if you know where to look for it – and there is a certain fun in looting under hostile fleets.

Here is how to to be the best god damn space janitor you can be and enjoy your time in the oddest region of eve or test it out on an alt and make some bank in the process.


Forget about grinding standings for now grasshopper, what we’re interested in is diving into Pochven getting some dank loot and getting out preferably in one piece. If you decide you like the life of a janitor you can work on these later and the region becomes 100 times more enjoyable.

First your going to require a ship ; as a true Pochven space janitor we care about one thing above all else. This would be align time.

The only way to reliably move around Pochven solo before you have bookmarks everywhere is a very fast align time and or cloak. Rogue drones can still insta-lock but don’t apply too much damage and are without points/scrams. You also need it to be able to ninja loot under hostiles but more on that later.

We also need high slots for salvaging, preferably a cloak (even if non covert-ops) a decent chunk of cargo space, and at a throwaway cost because just like regular wormholes, its just a matter of when will you die, over if you will. Although the below ship is about as safe as you can get for this method of ninja salvaging/looting, smart pilots will find ways to catch you.

Destroyers would be the obvious choice and the clear winner of the above criteria in my eyes is the humble Sunesis. Base align time 2.81sec, 4 highs, 600m3 cargo. This below fit has given me the most fun but feel free to modify to your individual needs, meta down as required. You can also use a Astero, or any other destroyer if you fit towards the same principles. I have found Sunesis to be the nuts that said.

[Sunesis, Oi You little Shit]

Nanofiber Internal Structure II

Inertial Stabilizers II

Nanofiber Internal Structure II

Inertial Stabilizers II

5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive

Warp Scrambler II

Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier

Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier

Salvager I

Improved Cloaking Device II

Salvager I

Core Probe Launcher I

Small Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II

Small Salvage Tackle II

Small Salvage Tackle II

Sisters Core Scanner Probe x8

4 x Warrior II

4 x Salvager I

Once fitted grab a border-5 and a proximity-5 filament, warp to a safe spot and Yeet yourself to the place where the skies always red using the border-5.


Mostly any grid can be spicy with NPC on NPC action in Pochven including your landing grid : launch probes, mwd in direction of your choice and cloak.

You can tell how juicy a system will be for janitoring by the amount of incoming wormholes the Pochven system has. The more connections the more NPC on NPC violence can be happening which in turn equals more wrecks for you.


Scan down the incoming connections to the Pochven system, whilst running d-scan, Try and figure out if there are PLAYER ships on d-scan and where they are. Current meta in terms of player Pochven PVE fleets you will see mostly revolve around long range Nagas, Rokhs, with the occasional Heavier Leshak comp. Having hostiles in system is a good thing, they are generating more loot for you!

Once fully scanned it is time to warp to the wormholes and create some important bookmarks. When initially warping to the wormhole you will land at a button roughly 50km from the wormhole itself. The best way to deal with this issue as a janitor is to make a perch bookmark whilst your in warp to the grid itself.(Ctrl – B prior to warping, bookmark doesn’t create until you press enter, press enter on the last 50-25k of your warp, watch the screen – and you end up with a bookmark around 1-3k off your warp in point with some practice,) as soon as you land warp to this slide in and cloak. Due to your align time you are almost impossible to catch.

You are now at a perch off a Trig wormhole connection. Bookmark the exit itself via right clicking the wormhole and you now have a warp directly to the wormhole as well as a perch 1-3k off. You can show info on the wormhole itself to find out where it goes (Kspace,NS,Jspace) and also see if Crit/end of life although this isn’t a primary concern when janitoring.

Repeat this for every connection, this is important as if a roaming gang or locals wake up and run some PVE you need to be a good janitor and clean that shit up for them. Generates some impressive hate mail as well as iskies.

Once you have all wormholes bookmarked, as well as handy perches around 1/3k from them do the same warp in/bookmarking method for gates in system as you did prior ensuring you always warp to 100km to any celestial.

On landing grid ALWAYS warp instantly to your perch bookmark and cloak, you are only relying on your align speed to stay alive and the initial warps to 100km to make perches can be sketchy and land you in the middle of NPC fleets.

Once gates are pinged out this way repeat for all POCOS in system and NPC stations. Essentially in an ideal world you leave your diving system with a full cargo of loot you have also fully mapped it for next trip.


You found a wreck field off a poco/npc station/gate. Excellent.

You can decide your risk factor next, if system is quiet you can judge if you have time to get inside the field and start grabbing stuff and salvaging everything by mwding between wrecks. In terms of salvage, trigs give great stuff and the t2 edencom wrecks give t2 salvage. Prioritize Trig wrecks and Edencom t2 wrecks over anything else when aiming to salvage the field, I wouldn’t bother salvaging t1 Edencom wrecks personally although if you have time it isn’t an issue. You have a great align time of 1.6 secs so spam dscan and get ready to warp to a ping/safe should anything decloak / land on grid with you. Loot everything when using this method you can dump out worthless stuff to keep going when your full.

If you have ended up watching hostiles (EITHER PLAYERS OR NPCS) from a perch at a wormhole or a station you can absolutely get away with ninja looting wrecks with your dank align time. Sit at your perch 3k away from them and once a wreck has popped simply warp to 0 scoop and warp back to perch rinse and repeat. If they have fast tackle, use your brain and don’t try this method on NPCS that are not engaged on each other. I don’t personally bother salvaging under hostiles and just go for loot instead.

In terms of actual loot from the wrecks over salvage your main money maker is Interstellar Navigation Logs as well as the assorted Pochven Filaments and a couple of big ticket items which you will learn over time. The NAV logs can be exchanged inside Pochven NPC stations for various Trig related items and BPCS. You can do your own research here on what best to buy. You do not require standings to use the LP store. Some meta mods are worth keeping also

Shouldn’t take you too long to fill up on juicy loot at which point either leave through the High-sec wormhole or pop the proximity filament, due to the nature of Pochven and the filaments, border systems will always tend to spit you out close to a main hub to drop off and go again.

Typing this document I salvaged a system that had 2 wreck fields on NPC stations that gave me 239mil in loot in less than 15mins. Go out and clean space nerds.

Memes aside this is a perfect entry level activity to Pochven to get your feet wet and can provide a nice income as an aside. Its also allows you to print kikis and ikis……..

TLDR : Come Pochven,Make bank.

Space Meme Janitor xo


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