EverQuest 2 Shadow Odyssey Fabled Drops Instance Locations


EverQuest 2 Shadow Odyssey Fabled Drops Instance Locations by Hecatean

Ruins of Guk

  • The Ruins of Guk: Halls of the Fallen
    • Fungus Spore (All Fighters) aITEM 1689985518 1785154258:Fungus Spore/a
    • Gatorscale Leggings (Bruiser, Monk) aITEM -2146493978 590130533:Gatorscale Leggings/a
    • Gatorscale Sleeves (Bruiser, Monk) aITEM -495263207 2110657915:Gatorscale Sleeves/a
    • Glowing Mask (Coercer, Conjuror, Illusionist, Necromancer) aITEM 969233904 271957293:Glowing Mask/a
    • Reed Ring (All Classes) aITEM 1419598323 1490659360:Reed Ring/a
    • Wovern Gloves (Bruiser, Monk) aITEM 467955848 -2025545564:Wovern Gloves/a
  • The Ruins of Guk: The Lower Corridors
    • Scalp of the Ghoul Lord (All Scouts, Defiler, Inquisitor, Mystic, Templar) aITEM -1870343636 819987979:Scalp of the Ghoul Lord/a
    • Skull-Shaped Barbute (Berserker, Guardian, Inquisitor, Paladin, Shadowknight, Templar) aITEM -1435366420 -1043749749:Skull-Shaped Barbute/a
    • Thick Banded Belt (All Classes) aITEM 1439178441 1789703001:Thick Banded Belt/a
    • White Gold Necklace (All Classes) aITEM 586909731 809314734:White Gold Necklace/a
  • The Ruins of Guk: Ykesha?s Outer Stronghold

The Void

  • Obelisk of Ahkzul
    • There are no Fabled Drops for this zone other than Masters
  • Anchor of Bazzul
  • Palace of Ferzhul
    • Glass Wand of Emptiness (All Mages, Fury, Warden) aITEM -1427948196 -173744074:Glass Wand of Emptiness/a
    • Indestructible Obliterator?s Shackle (All Mages, Fury, Warden) aITEM 196938529 535272706:Indestructible Obliterator?s Shackle/a
    • Obsession Wristlet (Coercer, Illusionist) aITEM 535994949 17763131:Obsession Wristlet/a
    • Plated Vambraces of the Undying (Berserker, Guardian, Inquisitor, Paladin, Shadowknight, Templar) aITEM 1365583713 1415590199:Plated Vambraces of the Undying/a
    • Reinforced Void Brute Shackle (All Classes) aITEM 2011754003 -527159997:Reinforced Void Brute Shackle/a
    • Robe of the Undying (All Mages) aITEM 764980083 732352653:Robe of the Undying/a
    • Tracking Eyeball Fingerhoop (All Classes) aITEM 1546679517 -2017487613:Tracking Eyeball Fingerhoop/a
    • Vacuous Chainlinked Bracers (All Scouts, Berserker, Defiler, Guardian, Inquisitor, Mystic, Paladin, Shadowknight, Templar) aITEM 1112459995 -1851545788:Vacuous Chainlinked Bracers/a
    • Varsoon?s Neckguard of Timelessness (All Classes) aITEM -518588732 943715434:Varsoon?s Neckguard of Timelessness/a
    • Void-Soaked Peacock Feathers (All Classes) aITEM -6330411 -349800201:Void-Soaked Peacock Feathers/a


  • Befallen: Cavern of the Afflicted
  • Befallen: Halls of the Forsaken
  • Befallen: Necrotic Asylum

    Miragul?s Phylactery

  • Miragul?s Phylactery: Scion of Ice
    • Hood of Chaotic Manipulation (All Priests, All Scouts, Bruiser, Monk, Paladin, Shadowknight) aITEM 24063942 343632270:Hood of Chaotic Manipulation/a
    • Hood of Reverie (All Scouts, Defiler, Mystic, Paladin, Shadowknight) aITEM 1392697343 -852168867:Hood of Reverie/a
    • Hood of the Shade (All Mages, Defiler, Fury, Mystic, Warden) aITEM -139974257 598741193:Hood of the Shade/a
    • Hood of the Sphinx (Berserker, Guardian, Inquisitor, Paladin, Shadowknight, Templar) aITEM -442886457 2062674523:Hood of the Sphinx/a
  • Miragul?s Phylactery: The Anathema
    • Choker of Tears and Dreams (All Mages, All Priests) aITEM 1230100659 843187305:Choker of Tears and Dreams/a
    • Darkest Fleck of Umbrage (All Mages, All Priests, Dirge, Paladin, Shadowknight, Troubador) aITEM -1283041522 361820302arkest Fleck of Umbrage/a
    • Links of Overwhelming Resentment (All Priests, Berserker, Guardian, Paladin, Shadowknight) aITEM 2055670483 413550738:Links of Overwhelming Resentment/a
    • Saddest Band of Grievance (All Scouts) aITEM 1541538788 779686835:Saddest Band of Grievance/a
    • Tears of Virulence (All Priests) aITEM -625825778 -1092649436:Tears of Virulence/a
    • Satchel of Deepest Animosity (All Scouts, Bruiser, Monk) aITEM 1209559820 707549040:Satchel of Deepest Animosity/a
  • Miragul?s Phylactery: The Crucible


  • Najena?s Hollow Tower
    • Drakota Fang Necklace (All Classes) aITEM -643360218 -1609760535rakota Fang Necklace/a
    • Najena?s Ring of Readiness (All Classes) aITEM 1742204660 -2090443436:Najena?s Ring of Readiness/a
    • Najenaar Blade of Chaos (All Scouts, Berserker, Fury, Guardian, Paladin, Shadowknight, Warden) aITEM 1713102137 -230572736:Najenaar Blade of Chaos/a
    • Symbol of Najenaar Dominance (All Mages, All Priests, Paladin, Shadowknight) aITEM 1978585608 1204260724:Symbol of Najenaar Dominance/a
    • Triple-forged Ro-steel Sleeves (All Scouts, Berserker, Defiler, Guardian, Inquisitor, Mystic, Paladin, Shadowknight, Templar) aITEM -1700304641 846068235:Triple-forged Ro-steel Sleeves/a
  • The Deep Forge

    Loping Plains

  • Evernight Abbey
  • Mistmyr Manor
  • Ravenscale Repository

    Fens of Nathsar

  • Emperor Atrebe?s Laboratory: The Fabled City of Kor-sha
    • Atrebite Mantle of the Destruction (All Scouts, Paladin, Shadowknight) aITEM 668960718 538560864:Atrebite Mantle of the Destruction/a
    • Dreadpriest?s Ravaging Symbol of Speed (All Mages, All Priests, Shadowknight, Paladin) aITEM 79467794 425894018readpriest?s Ravaging Symbol of Speed/a
    • Hand of the Enduring Assassin (All Scouts) aITEM -1374376232 -191074080:Hand of the Enduring Assassin/a
    • Kelkrin?s Bracers of Annihilation (Berserker, Guardian, Inquisitor, Paladin, Shadowknight, Templar) aITEM -1052322059 -137090433:Kelkrin?s Bracers of Annihilation/a
    • Kelkrin?s Side Ax (Berserker, Guardian, Paladin, Shadowknight) aITEM 653394071 2076142295:Kelkrin?s Side Ax/a
    • Mind of the Weapon (All Mages, All Priests) aITEM -593116805 670475428:Mind of the Weapon/a
    • Mutated Staff of Dread (All Fighters, All Mages, All Priests) aITEM -1366192532 1360736383:Mutated Staff of Dread/a
    • Selgrak?s Hammer of Destruction (All Fighters, All Priests) aITEM -433122027 253010263:Selgrak?s Hammer of Destruction/a
  • Nu?roga
  • Veksar: The Sunken Theater
  • Kurn?s Tower: Breaching the Void
  • Emperor?s Athenaeum

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