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EverQuest II Heroic Opportunities Guide by Kantharis

Heroic Opportunities provide benefits in battle. They can damage enemies, debuff enemies, heal allies, or buff allies. Heroic Opportunities have two parts, the Starter Chain, and the Combat Wheel. Every archetype has an ability to initiate the a Starter Chain.

Fighters use Fighting Chance

Priests use Divine Providence

Mages use Arcane Augur

Scouts use Lucky Break

Once a Starter Chain is initiated it shows different icons on the screen. There are 6 different icons for each archetype. If you right click on an ability and select Examine you will see two icons. The first is the icon you see on your hotbar, the second is the icon for Heroic Opportunities. Not all abilities have the second icon.

Fighter icons are all in Blue, they are: Shield, Sword, Horn, Boot, Arm, & Fist

Priest icons are all in Yellow, they are: Holy Symbols, Hammer, Chalice, Moon, Eye, & Druidic Stones

Mage icons are all in Red, they are: Tome, Lightning, Flame, Star, Staff, & Wand

Scout icons are all in Green, they are: Lock, Dagger, Cloak, Mask, Bow, & Coin

When an ability with a matching icon on the Starter Chain is used it will either progress to the Combat Wheel or there will be more icons needed in the Starter Chain. The only way to break a Starter Chain is to use one of the 4 abilities that create a Starter Chain. Using the wrong abilities will no longer break the Starter Chain.

When you get to the Combat Wheel anyone can use any abilities that do not match the icons and it will not break. Under the Combat Wheel it will tell you the effect of the Heroic Opportunity. Scouts have the unique ability to change it. They can attempt to change it up to five times. It must be done before any abilities have been used on the Combat Wheel. To change it, the Scout must use an ability with the Coin icon. Even if you try to change it you could still end up with the same effect. If you cannot remember what icon each of your abilities has, don?t worry, when you have an ability on your hotbar that can advance the Starter Chain or the Combat Wheel, it will blink for you. You only have 10 seconds to complete the Heroic Opportunity once you make it to the Combat Wheel.

All Heroic Opportunity buffs have a 6 minute duration. All group AoE and encounter AoE effects have a radius of 25m.


Ability icons in the Starter Chain are underlined. So you must do the underlined abilities in order or you will break the chain (They are only underlined in this guide. NOT in game). Combat Wheel ability icons are in bold. Using the wrong ability there will not break the wheel.

A ?+? sign means the abilities in the Combat Wheel do not have to be done in order. A ?-? sign means the abilities must be done in the order shown.

Most guides say that the different effects from each chain are common/uncommon/rare but I seem to get the common and uncommon about the same number of times, but there is 1 that is rare.

Fighter starts with Fighting Chance

Sword [[Starts a Fighter solo Heroic Opportunity]]
HornSky Cleave = Single Target Slashing DD
Crushing Anvil = Encounter AoE Crushing DD
Hero?s Armor = Self Armor Buff
Chalice [[Starts a Fighter/Priest duo Heroic Opportunity]]
Hammer + SwordDivine Blade = Single Target Divine DD
Horn + MoonCrippling Shroud = Has a Chance to Slow Enemy Attack Speed When You Are Hit
ChaliceChalice of Life = Group Instant Heal, Ward, & Health Regeneration
Chalice + SwordDivine Nobility = Heal Over Time to a Group Memeber
Coin [[Starts a Fighter/Scout duo Heroic Opportunity]]
Cloak + BootLuck?s Bite = Single Target Piercing DD
Cloak ? ArmSwindler?s Gift = Group Attack Technique Buff (slashing, piercing, etc.)
Cloak ? HornRaging Sword = Powerful Slashing DD
Sword + DaggerArdent Challenge = Group Strength and Agility Buff (+10)
Lightning [[Starts a Fighter/Mage duo Heroic Opportunity]]
Horn ? LightningScholar?s Insight = Self Evocations and Disruptions Buff
Horn + LightningStorm of Ancients = Encounter AoE Magic DD
Fist + StarArcane Aegis = Increases AC Against Crushing and Magic Damage
Flame ? ArmSoldier?s Insight = Self Attack Speed Buff
Hammer ? Lightning [[Starts a Fighter/Priest/Mage trio Heroic Opporunity]]
Star + Arm + ChaliceArcane Salvation = Group Power Restoration
Eye ? Arm ? FlameArchaic Ruin = Single Target Mental DD
Hammer + Lightning + SwordThunder Slash = Single Target Divine, Magic, & Slashing DD (3 different hits)
Flame ? Fist ? HammerAncient Wrath = Encounter AoE Long Duration Stun and DD

Priest starts with Divine ProvidenceHammer [[Starts a Priest solo Heroic Opportunity]]HammerDivine Judgement = Single Target Divine DD
Inspiring Piety = Single Target Divine DD & Self Inspirations Buff (+10)
ChaliceBlessing of Faith = Self Buff That has a Chance to Replish Power When You Are HitCoin [[Starts a Priest/Scout duo Heroic Opportunity]]Moon + CloakPiercing Faith = Single Target Piercing DDChalice ? CloakDivine Trickery = Single Target Divine DD & Divine and Piercing Mitigation Debuff
Faith?s Bulwark = Group Armor Buff

Mage starts with Arcane AugurLightning [[Starts a Mage solo Heroic Opportunity]]
LightningArcane Fury = Single Target Magic DD
StarArcane Storm = Encounter Magic AoE DD
FlameArcane Enlightenment = Self Power Regeneration Buff
Hammer [[Starts a Mage/Priest duo Heroic Opportunity]]
Flame ? ChaliceArcane Chalice = Power Restoration
Hammer + LightningSuffocating Wrath = Encounter AoE Magic DD
MoonAncient Crucible = Instant Health and Power Replenishment & Health and Power Regeneration
Coin [[Starts a Mage/Scout duo Heroic Opportunity]]
Lightning + DaggerArcane Trickery = Single Target Magic DD & Magic and Piercing Mitigation Debuff
Flame ? MaskTrickster?s Grasp = Single Target Magic DoT
Lightning + DaggerShower of Daggers = Magic DD Proc Buff

Scout starts with Lucky BreakCoin [[Starts a Scout solo Heroic Opportunity]]
DaggerSwindler?s Luck = Self Attack Buff
Ringing Blow = Single Target Piercing DD
Bravo?s Dance = Self Attack Speed Buff
Chalice ? Lightning [[Starts a Scout/Priest/Mage trio Heroic Opportunity]]
Lightning ? EyeBreaking Faith = Single Target Divine DD
Lightning ? Hammer ? DaggerArchaic Shackle = Encounter AoE Attack Speed Debuff
Lightning ? Coin ? ChaliceCrucible of Life = Full Power and Health Replenishment & Healing Proc Buff
Boot ? Chalice [[Starts a Scout/Fighter/Priest trio Heroic Opportunity]]
ChaliceVerdant Trinity = Group Instant Heal
Mask + Sword + HammerNature?s Growth = Group Regeneration
Hammer + Dagger + SwordCapricious Strike = Single Target DD
Lightning ? Horn ? Moon (???-Is this right? Should be Scout/Fighter/Priest, no Mage.)
Shield of Ancients = Group Armor Buff
HornLightning [[Starts a Scout/Fighter/Mage trio Heroic Opportunity]]
Star + Mask + HornTrinity Divide = Encounter AoE Piercing DD
Dagger + Sword + LightningSoldier?s Gambit = Single Target Magic DD
Mask ? Dagger ? LightningResonating Cascade = Power Regeneration Buff
Lightning ? Mask ? ArmGrand Proclaimation = Group Increase Power Pool Buff
Lightning ? Cloak ? ArmAncient?s Embrace = Group Slashing Damage Shield Buff
Moon ? Flame [[Starts a Scout/Fighter/Priest/Mage Heroic Opportunity]]
Arm ? Chalic
Strength in Unity = Group STR, AGI, INT, WIS Buff (+10)
Boot ? Coin ? Lightning ? Hammer
Ancient Demise = Encounter AoE Crushing DD
Boot + Dagger + Lightning
Tears of Luclin = Powerful Magic DD
Fist ? Star ? CloakPast?s Awakening = Massive DD & Full Group Health and Power Restoration

If you?re in a group not using Heroic Opportunities, you?re missing out on a lot. If you get grouped with people who don?t know how it works, just tell them what color icons they should be looking for (Fighter=Blue, Priest=Yellow, Mage=Red, Scout=Green) and let them know what the abilities they can use will blink on their hotbar. If you have more than one of a certain archtype in the group make sure they know who will advance the Starter Chain. In the Scout/Fighter/Priest/Mage chain if there are two Priests in your group and they both try to use a Moon ability, the first one will advance the chain but the second one will break it before the Mage uses a Flame ability. So just make sure they know who will be doing it.

Another thing to note, if you are in a duo with a Fighter, always let the Fighter start the chain. Duos with a Scout should have the other person start the chain. If you are in a trio with a Scout let the Scout start the chain. If you are in a trio without a Scout, let the Fighter start the chain. If you have at least 1 of each type, let the Scout start the chain (This all assumes that your duos and trios are of different archtypes). In a Priest/Mage duo, the Mage should start the chain.

If there are any corrections let me know. I have a feeling some of these may be wrong because, there is no Wand, Staff, or Bow shown (Lock , Shield, Tome, and Holy Symbols are on the abilities used to initiate a Starter Chain).


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