Evolve Behemoth Guide

Evolve Behemoth Guide?by ExRegeOberonisBehemoth is, despite his name, not a towering brick shithouse that can wade with impunity into groups of hunters at level...

Evolve Meteor Goliath and General Monster Play Guide

Evolve Meteor Goliath and General Monster Play Guide?by Evolve_StrapsHey guys! Let me start off with stating that I love this game, and have extremely...

Evolve What To Do When A Hunter Is Down

Evolve Stage 2 What To Do When A Hunter Is Down?by LocoPojoHello all! Pojo again, taking a (probably not so) quick aside for a...

Evolve Tips for Difficult Characters

Evolve Stage 2 Tips for Difficult Characters?by LocoPojoHey all, me again with another quick strategy dump. Today I want to talk about some of...

Evolve Tech Sergeant Hank Guide

Evolve Stage 2 Tech Sergeant Hank Guide?by HalfBloodPrinceHey guys, this is VehementVulcan (or HalfBloodPrince in-game) with the first in my series of guides to...

Evolve Dome Mechanics Guide

Evolve Stage 2 Dome Mechanics Guide?by Pandemic21The in-game tutorial is lacking information on this key aspect of the game, so I?m here to help...

Evolve Emet Guide

Evolve Stage 2 Emet Guide?by poiyurtNow, I?m in the middle of grinding out the Elite skins, but for now here?s my proof. Emet isn?t...

Evolve Jack Guide

Evolve Jack Guide?by ArkpitI?ve yet to come across a comprehensive guide to my dear Jack and ended up taking things into my own hands...

Evolve Support Unlock Priorities Guide

Evolve Support Unlock Priorities Guide?by TomsMeatPlatterTime to talk about Support! If you?re new to Evolve, Support can make or break your team. You got...

Evolve Renegade Abe Guide

Evolve Renegade Abe Guide?by BaklavahXWEAPONS:PenitenceRAbe?s new shotgun! This thing is interesting. The left click fire gives a single shot spread of poisonous pellets and...

Evolve Hunter Tips and Advice

Evolve Hunter Tips and Advice?by BrknKybrdHello everyone,As matchmaking seems sub-optimal at the moment, it can be quite frustrating queuing for the hunter-side ? especially...
Evolve Distillery Wildlife Map

Evolve Wildlife Maps

Evolve Stage 2 Wildlife Maps?by KaelranThe yellow circle is the monster spawn.DistilleryWildlife:Elite Spawns:Orbital DrillWildlife:Elite Spawns:Wraith TrapWildlife:Elite Spawns:Weather ControlWildlife:Elite Spawns:ELITE WILDLIFE KEYBLITZLEOPARDJump Height (Hunter) ?...

Evolve Dodging Strategy Guide

Evolve Stage 2 Dodging Strategy Guide?by LocoPojoHey new players! My name is Pojo and I?m excited to report that there are more of you...

Evolve Monster General Strategy Guide

Evolve Stage 2 Monster General Strategy Guide?by LocoPojoHey all, it?s me again. I had a few requests for monster guides (as monster is my...

Evolve Abe Guide

Evolve Stage 2 Abe Guide?by BaklavahXI shall be providing information geared toward helping Abe players better understand their trapper! Abe is an excellent trapper...

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