Facebook Evony Age 2 Colonize 400 Cities Guide


Facebook Evony Age 2 Colonize 400 Cities Guide by Evonator

Seems like an overwhelming pain, but the achievment buff reward of 10% increased item drop rate is more than worth the effort and can/should be done in the early stages of the game. With an organized system, it?s really not so bad.

Here is what I suggest:

1. Search around your cities within a 100 mile radius or so, looking for any player cities with 2k or less prestige that are NOT in beginner status and that aren?t already colonized. 99.9% of the time these are abandoned accounts. If you have the time, try to find at least 50 or so.

2. On a sheet of paper, write down the coordinates of each one you find, declaring war whenever possible (it has a 5 minute cooldown). To make things simple, you should mark a W next to each city you declare war on.

3. Set up 1 or more of your cities to have a feasting hall full of junk heroes, except maybe your mayor. The more heroes the better. The reason you want junk heroes is because you don?t want to risk any loyalty drop/capture of your good heroes in cases of failed attacks.

4. After you have entered war status with each city, send a junk hero with 1 scout to colonize. (mark an A or something next to each city you attack to keep track) Most of the time, your colonize report will be successful with no defending troops found. The ones that fail, you should either scratch off your list or create a separate list as they can still be farmed with a small troop of warriors or archers etc. Though depending on how far away it is, it might not be worth the march time required.

5. As soon as you succesfully colonize each city, immediately recall your troops to ensure they do not successfully suppress the city. If they do, you will have to wait 8 hours suppression time, plus 24 hours colony abandon time before you can hit them again. Otherwise, you can hit them every 8 hours as soon as suppression period ends.

With proper timing, you could attack each colony 5 times during the 48 hour war period. With a list of say 50 colonies, that is 250 colonies in only 2 days. That alone is enough to get you the 8% increase item drop buff.

Keep in mind, after each server reset a few of the cities on your list may get deleted, just search for more if your list gets too short. Don?t be discouraged if you don?t see the number on your achievement list increase right away, it only seems to update for me when I reset evony.

After you have gone through your list, the job only gets easier. Assuming you are still in war status, set up your attack for the first city on your list, and simply change the coordinates on the attack screen for the rest of the heroes in that city as you go down the list. Once you have confirmed which cities have ?no defending troops? you can go ahead and send your good heroes too if they aren?t busy.

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