Hey there my fellow Fallout 4 players. I’m currently editing the next Trivia Walkthrough quest. It’s a fun one, and big one, so it may take a day or two to get all ready. But I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging. I have a quick tutorial for you today on how to get your hands on all the Total Hack perk magazines in Fallout 4.

I got inspired to do this video after watching the trailer for the upcoming DLC called Automatron. Have you seen this thing? It looks amazing. I’ll play a little bit of it here for you and then the rest at the end of the video… So cool! So, since that DLC is completely totally robot related, I figured some players might want to get their hands on these handy Total Hack perk magazines in case they might come into play. As with all Perk magazines in Fallout 4, you find them at specific locations in the Commonwealth and you get a bonus Perk upon picking them up. In the case of the Total Hack magazines, you get a sort of holotape that can be loaded into terminals to control things like Protectrons, Spotlights and Turrets. In upcoming Trivia Walkthroughs, I’ll be able to demonstrate what that process looks like, but it should be easy to figure out. You gotta get your hands on these retro ASCII art style mags first though. And here is where they are… Issue #1 is located at a place called Wattz Consumer Electronics. It’s a lone store directly south of Covenant, almost right in the middle of the map.

There are a bunch of inactivated Automatons in the place. If you’re sneaking, you can pretty much take them out one by one with any confrontation. Make your way to the basement, as you can see here the entrance up there. Then through an unlocked terminal and into the back room. Voila. This one provides the Protectron Override Program, which can turn Protectrons against all enemies and even make them a temporary follower. Pretty friggin’ cool. Okay, Issue #2 can be found at the Shamrock Taphouse. I’ll show you on the map where we are. Slightly southeast of Goodneighbor. I don’t know why the local area maps are blank like that sometimes. Anyway, there ya go. I found this one first actually because I went to the Shamrock Taphouse to recruit Buddy the Drinking Robot for my settlement, which I’ll show you guys in an episode this week. Pretty hilarious. Cold beer and jokes. You gotta love it! Anyway, you’ll wade through a bunch of raiders to a back lounge area and the magazine can be found in the hands of a mannequin on a table wearing goggles. Funky. This issue provides the holotape for the Spotlight Control.

Not quite as useful as the other two since I usually shoot out the spotlights anyway. But you never know how it may play out in Automatron. Issue #3 can be found at Wildwood Cemetery, directly north of Covenant this time. You’ll look for the little headstone marker. On the local map, it can be found over here, but I’ll show you in a sec. First, you’ll have to take out a literal zombie horde, including a Glowing One or some ghoul leader type depending on your level. After which, make your way to the back tree with the glowing fungus and then swing around to the other side.

It should be lying on the ground there, ready for the taking. This one looks the most promising. Having the turrets turn on enemies is much cooler than just shutting them down, although it may only affect the turrets directly connected to the terminal. I’ll have to test that out in upcoming episodes. Anyway, hope this helped you guys out. Leave a like on the video if it did and let us know if you’ve done anything creative with the override programs down in the comment section.

Knowledge is power, right? Thanks again for watching, hit that subscribe button and share the video around. And I’ll play us out with the rest of the Automatron DLC trailer which I’m really looking forward to. I mean, getting to customize your own robots? What, what? Heh. Okay, Peace out..

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