Hallo Everybody and welcome to my Fallout 4 stealth build, which in my opinion is one of the best Fallout 4 builds. This build has two major strengths: first the enemy doesn’t know where you at, so unless you get detected you are quite safe, second because of the sneak attack multipliers you deal massive amount of damage. Let’s start with the initial point distribution. You want to max out agility, because agility effects your ability to sneak, which is very important for this build. Second of all I recommend to invest 6 points into Intelligence. While you need 6 points to get the Science! perk, which allows you to craft sniper scopes, you don’t need to get this perk right away, so you might level up Intelligence later on in the game.

I prefer to have a lot of Intelligence in the beginning, because this attribute has a positive effect on how much XP you get. Then you want to put at least 6 points into perception, since in the perception tree there are some nice perks, that require a high perception. Charisma at level 3 allows you to get the Lone Wanderer perk. Now let’s talk about all the perks you want to get for this build. Sneak is a key perk. You want to be in sneak mode as much as you can with this build and more importantly you want to be undetected while in sneak mode. At level 1 of this perk you are 20% harder to detect while sneaking, at level 2 30% harder to detect and no longer trigger floor-based traps, at level 3 40% harder to detect and you no longer trigger enemy mines, at level 4 50% harder to detect and sprinting no longer adversely affects stealth, at level 5 engaging stealth causes distance enemies to lose you. Mister Sandman is also a key perk, because it improves the damage of silenced weapons while in sneak mode. Since in this build you will stay in sneak mode a lot and almost entirely use only silenced weapons, this perk will benefit you a lot.

At level one it allows you to instantly kill a sleeping person, but in my opinion this part of the perk isn’t really helpful. What’s helpful is the 15% silenced sneak damage bonus at level 1, 30% damage bonus at level 2 and 50% damage bonus at level 3. Please not the you won’t be getting this perk right away, because you need at least the level 2 Gun Nut perk, that has a level requirement of 13, to modify a gun with a silencer. Another crucial perk is the Ninja perk. It increases your ranged sneak attack damage by and your melee sneak damage by 4 times at level one. Level 2 of this perk will increase range attacks damage 3 times and melee damage 5 times, while at level 3 you will get an increase of for ranged sneak attacks and 10 times for melee sneak attacks. This perk basically allows you to do a crazy amount of damage while in sneak mode. Also some perception tree perks are quite helpful for this build.

Since you will be using mostly silenced non-automatic rifles for this build, getting the Rifleman perk is important. This perk will increase the damage of non-automatic rifles by 20% at level 1, by 40% at level 2 up until a 100% damage bonus at level 5. It will ignore from 15% of the enemies armor at level 2 up to 30% of enemies armor at level 5. Another perk to get is Night Person, which gives you +2 to intelligence and perception between 6 pm and 6 am at level 1 and +3 to these attributes at level 2. At level 2 it will also give you night vision while sneaking, so you can see much better in the dark and do not need night scopes for your guns. I prefer to get Lock Smith perk up to level 3, because I like picking locks and getting cash, valuable items and guns, but it’s not necessary by any means for this build. The Sniper perk on the other hand is quite important for this build. Since you will be using a lot of scoped weapons, getting a more steady aim is helpful. The knockdown effect at level 2 isn’t that great in my opinion and the while the 25% accuracy bonus to head shot in V.A.T.S is really strong, I am not a big fan of using V.A.T.S just from a gameplay perspective, so it’s up to you, if you want to get it.

If you do not mind using V.A.T.S, getting concentrated fire is really strong, since it will further improve your V.A.T.S accuracy and damage and so you can even snipe your enemies with V.A.T.S from long distance. From the intelligence tree getting the Gun Nut perk is really important. It’s overall one of the strongest perks for any build, since it allows you to improve any ranged weapon greatly, giving it way more damage, improving accuracy, range, recoil and mag capacity. But what’s more important for this stealth build it allows you to modify your guns with a silencer. Some basic guns like the pipe rifle will only require a level 2 gun nut perk to build a silencer, other more advanced rifles will require a level 4 gun nut perk for a silencer. Science! perk at level one will allow you to modify your rifles with more advanced scopes like the sniper scopes that have a targeting system.

From the charisma tree I recommend getting the Lone Wanderer perk. It gives you bonuses, if you are traveling without a companion. With this stealth build you cannot really travel with a companions, since he will often give you away, so getting this perk will benefit you a lot. At level 1 you will take 15% less damage and can carry 50 more weight, at level 2 you take 30% less damage and can carry 100 more weight and at level 3 you do 25% more damage while without a companion. While not necessary for this build, I like to get the level 1 Local Leader perk, because it make building and improving settlements so much easier, but if you not into building settlements you don’t need it and you can also safe some points and put only 3 points into charisma.

With this stealth build your defense largely relies on not getting detected by your enemies, but if you feel like you are to vurnable, I recommend to put some points into Toughness perk from the endurance tree, which will increase your damage resistance by 10 points with each level of this perk or put some points into armorer from the strength tree, which allows you to modify your armor, so it has more resistance. Additional to that, getting at least the level 1 armorer perk is quite helpful for this stealth build, since it allows you to modify your armor, so it is lighter and get the shadowed leather modification, which both improve your sneak ability.

What else besides perks is beneficial for this build? You can get the agility booblehead at the FMS Northern Star in the south east part of the map, it’s on top of the ship in a corner behind a build shed and it will permanently increase your agility by 1 point. At Dunwich Borers in the north east part of the map down in the mine next to a terminal you can get the sneak bobblehead, that will improve your sneak ability by 10%.

You can also collect all 10 covert operations manual. I will put a link to the list of all magazine locations in the description, you can find one at the Federal Ration Stockpile, one at USS Constitution or one at the abandoned shack. They are somewhat hard to see, since they look similar to a burned newspaper and aren’t as colorful as other magazines. After collecting the magazines you can see in the pip boy under perks, how many of these covert magazines you collected. Other good magazines to find for this build are the Astoundingly Awesome Tales issue 2 and 7. Issue 7 is located at the work bench in Outpost Zimonja and gives you a 5% damage bonus at night and issue 2 is located on a toilet in a cell in Coast Guard Peer south west of Diamond City. Now let’s get to the basic of sneaking. When you crouch you are in sneak mode and as this loading screen explains, staying hidden in sneak mode is affected by a variety of factors like light levels, noise generated, clothing weight and enemies sight.

While in sneak mode your stealth status will be displayed in brackets. A green “hidden” status means that the enemy doesn’t know you are here, a red “caution” status means that the enemy is looking for you, might even know where approximately you are and even shoot at your direction, but hasn’t detected you yet. “Danger” in brackets means the enemy sees you. The biggest factor to not getting detected is staying in the dark. This is why sneaking during daytime is almost impossible, even at high level with all perks. As you can see in this clip, while sneaking on the street during daytime will move your stealth status to “danger”very fast, so the enemies will attack you right away and you won’t get any sneak damage bonuses. That’s why it’s important with this build to fight during nighttime as much as you can. First of all when you on a mission, try to fast travel so that you arrive at the location during nighttime.

Fast traveling to a close-by location will take you 1 in-game hour and across the map it can be almost 10 hours. You can also go into the nearest building, find a chair or couch and sit down until nighttime, which starts at 6 pm and lasts until 6 am. At nighttime you can be on the middle of the street and an enemy might look into your direction, but won’t be able to detect you, allowing you an easy sneak kill. But during nighttime you can still get easily detected, if you move into a lighted area, like a burning trash can.

See how fast my sneak status changes from hidden with far away brackets, to “caution” with very narrow brackets, almost changing into the being detected “danger” status. You cannot put out a burning trash can, but you can shoot out searching spotlights, allowing you to stay in the dark. Unfortunately you cannot shoot out other lights, which makes your sneaking especially hard inside buildings, since they will often have a lot of lights. Sometime the lighting might be so strong your night vision from the Night Person perk will actually make it more difficult to see, than without it. If you have difficulties seeing your enemies you can always use V.A.T.S, even if you do not want it to use to shoot them, but just to detect them. Next up lets talk about Fallout 4 armor for this build. The lighter the armor is the better your sneak ability.

With the armorer level 1 perk you can also modify your armor with the shadowed mod, which will improve your stealth in dark areas. The lighter mod is also available at level 1 armorer allowing you to reduce any gears weight. A sleek mod will improve your sneak mode movement speed, but it requires the armorer perk at level 4, which I think make sense to invest into only late game. Overall you should only choose light armor, so either leather armor or lightweight steel armor. A great option are quest related outfits, like Kellogg’s outfit, which had a lot of protection, but only weighs 2. Another great gear is Minutemen General’s Uniform which weighs 5, but has 45 damage and 80 energy resistance, plus an +1 to charisma. Thought the best gear you can get is armor with the chameleon perk. You can only get this armor by killing legendary enemies, but the drop is random, so it’s hard to say when you will be able to get it. This chameleon perk will make you harder to detect while in sneak mode and not moving. When you stationary you will be almost invisible, but when you move this stealth mode goes away.

Fortunately you can shoot without loosing this stealth mode and you can also move very slowly with a side step without using the stealth mode. There is a similar effect you can get for your power armor called the Stealth Boy mod, which requires a level 4 Science! Perk. In my opinion the investment is not worth it, because even with this mod, your power armor is too easy to being detected. See how fast in this clip my stealth status moves, while with this Stealth Boy power armor mod, while the same spot without the power armor I can easily sneak with the stealth status always at a healthy hidden. Another factor that affects your stealth status is noise, especially gun noise. A shot from a normal rifle will quickly move your stealth status from hidden, to caution and to the detected “danger”. But a silenced rifle will allow you to limit the drop to “caution” and allows you to move to safety after a hit.

With the Chameleon armor you have a high chance that the stealth status will barely move and you can shoot at your enemies without them being able to detect you. With a Stealth Boy you will get the best stealth mode. A stealth boy is an consumable that will be activated for 30 seconds. You can find around 30 stealth boys in the Commonwealth and you can also buy them, for example from Tinker Tom at Railroads Headquarters. Will in this stealth boy stealth mod you can move around without being detected at all, unfortunately placing mines will be detected by your enemies. You can shoot while in this stealth mode without almost any penalty to your stealth status, even if you are close to you enemy.

While it’s possible to be detected while shooting with the Stealth Boy, this is a very powerful tool, so use the ones you have wisely. Another great thing for this Fallout 4 stealth build are weapons with the nocturnal perk. Like the chameleon armor they can only be obtained by killing legendary enemies. But once you get your hands on such a nocturnal rifle it will help you greatly.

Nocturnal guns will do between 6 am and 9 pm only 66% of the damage of a similar gun without this perk. But from 9 pm till 12 pm they will do 150% of the normal damage and from 12 pm till 6 am they will do 200% of the normal damage. Note that the damage shown in the pip boy is sometimes buggy, but the actual damage seems to work properly. Note that this nocturnal combat rifle does 257 damage and a fire rate of 33, which gives you a crazy high dps.

Together with the sneak mode damage multipliers you will do 1619 damage and take away with just one body shot on survival difficulty almost all HP from a Behemoth, one of the strongest monsters in Fallout 4, and a headshot will one shot kill him. This is a monster that will survive 2 direct hits from a Fat Man’s mini nuke on survival difficulty, just to give you an perspective, how much damage you will deal with each shot. Now a few word about the sneak attack multiplier. You will always get it when you have a “hidden”stealth status and you will never get it, when your status is “danger”.

While in the cautions status you will sometime get it, sometimes not. In the upper left corner of the screen you will get a message “Sneak attack for x damage”, but if you do not get this message, it doesn’t mean that you are not getting the sneak damage bonus. Often with many shots fired, you will only get it once every second or even a few shoots, but the shoots without the message will still to the same high damage. When you in “caution” status and not getting the sneak multiplier, like in this clip, where I am firing at a gunner with my silenced pistol, switching to another gun will for some reason allow you to get the sneak damage bonus again.

Switching the gun won’t always work, but it worked for me enough times, that I try it whenever I lose the sneak damage multiplier. There is one more perk, that will improve your sneak damage multiplier is the “Cloak & Dagger” companion perk, that you can get, if you reach max affinity with Deacon. To meet Deacon you have to go to Boston Commons and start the Road to Freedom quest by following the red brick line to the old church where in the cucatombs you will have to spell “Railroad” on this ring. Once you join the Railroad you can start the quest Tradecraft, for which completion you will get a silenced unique pistol “The Deliverer”from Deacon and you can ask him to join you. The “Cloak & Dagger” perk you get for reaching max affinity with him will improve your sneak damage bonus by 20% and your Stealth Boy effect duration by +40%. To get max affinity fast with Deacon you need to pick locks and hack terminals. You can exploit a safe that can be locked via a terminal.

Such a combo can be found at University Point, just lock the safe via the terminal, pick lock the safe, which will raise the affinity by points and than sit down for 2 hours and repeat the process all over again. There is a bug where you will get different sneak bonus multipliers depending on which order you got the Ninja, Mister Sandman and Cloak & Dagger perk. Depending on the order you will get your multiplier will range from 5.4x to 6.3x. I recommend to either get the level 3 Ninja perk first or “Cloak & Dagger” perk first, followed by Mister Sandman level 3 perk. Now a few general tips how to approach combat with this Fallout 4 stealth build. When you need to explore a new location, first scan for enemies. Again you can use V.A.T.S, even if you do not use it to shoot your enemies. After took a quick look at the location find some high ground, but before you go to the high ground, go to the entry to the location that is closest to the high ground. There you can place some mines, while in sneak mode, which shouldn’t get you detected.

If you start shooting later on and the enemies run towards you, you will have some mines between you and the location. After you found some high ground, crouch into sneak mode and scan your targets again. You might find an enemy that is far away from the other enemies and killing him might not alarm the rest. Whenever you feel comfortable go for head shots. If the enemies start moving going for body shots is the safer and better option to choose. Leave the scope mode every now and than and if you see enemies approaching, go for the once closest to you first. After you killed all visible enemies you can change your gun to a rifle more suitable for close quarters and enter the compound. If you come across an enemy that is very hard to kill and cannot be targeted from far away, like an Assaultron, do not try to shot at him non stop. While you first 2 shots might get the sneak damage multiplier, the following shots won’t get the bonus anymore and you might die before you can finish of the enemy. A much safer way is to get as much distance, shoot at the enemy and than move away from your spot.

The enemy will probably go towards your location after he got hit, but you will be already in another spot and the next shot will get the sneak bonus again. Repeat that a few times an the enemy should die without detecting you. In the end I want to give some additional tips for the early game, because this is the part where you probably will have the most difficulties with this build. In the beginning I go for the Sneak perk so I am less likely to get detected, Ninja for that sneak damage multiplier and I recommend to get the level 1 Blitz perk. While later on in the game you won’t be using your melee attack, in the beginning you do not have any silenced weapons, so a melee kill is often times the only option for a silent kill. After you get a rifle you can invest in the Rifleman level 1 perk for that extra 20% damage and get the gun nut perk after you start your first settlement, so you can improve your guns greatly.

Since building a silencer for your guns will be first possible at level 13, getting Mister Sandman makes no sense. As early as you can modify your pipe bolt-action rifle with a scope, try to shoot your enemies from far away, since this way you won’t get detected and you will get the sneak damage bonus multiplier with each shot. If you compare the same situation without crouching in sneak mode, not only won’t you get the sneak damage multiplier, but the enemy will quickly fire back at you and probably kill you.

Without a silencer even in the middle of the night firing from close range at your enemies will probably get you detected quickly. This is why I prefer to use at melee attack with V.A.T.S, because it’s the only way you won’t get detected. Even without the Blitz perk, you can perform a melee sneak attack from a short distance, but getting the level 1 Blitz perk will extend that range allowing you to target your enemies from a safer distance and with the greater range you can often target a few enemies at once, killing each with the sneak multiplier. The melee sneak attack is even great against machine gun turrets. Such a sneak attack will 2 shot the turrets and they aren’t normaly easy to kill on survival early on. The biggest problems early on you should have inside of buildings, since many of them are well lit. While sometime you can shoot out spot lights and sneak around to find enemies sleeping and kill them without any problems in their sleep, in many situations there might me no way you can approach an enemy in sneak mode, without getting detected.

You can try to shoot the enemy from some distance and go back to a shadowed area, but often times you will just have to have a normal shootout. Thanks for watching my Fallout 4 stealth build. If you have any questions or tips how to improve this build, let me know in the comment section. Please subscribe and watch my other guides. I will end this video with a short clip, where I infiltrate the Gunners Plaza on survival difficulty. Goodbye..

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