Hello my fellow Zombies! In my previous video I have shown You a method to fix framerate drops in Fallout 4 by manually setting the value of shadow distance. You no longer have to do it manually though, because there is a tool that will take care of it for You! And not only that! It allows You to tweak many things like Field of View, Autosave interval, disable intro, disable gore, customize pipboy, HUD and VATS colours and much more! You can tweak various performance settings, like shadow resolution and distance, values for particles, mipmap, grass etc. All that will definitely be helpful for people who are struggling to get a fluid framerate. By default this tool makes the configuration files read-only after saving Your changes, so You don’t have to worry about game overriding Your settings, in fact, You can attach this tool to be Your default launcher, so it doesn’t have to be used as separate application. All credit for this tool goes to it’s creator – Bilago, who posted it at NexusMods. I have added a link to this tool in the description, so the only thing You have to do is to download it and run it.

Remember to run it as Administrator to make sure it will work properly. In my opinion this tool is essential if You want a better experience with the game. What do You think about it? It was Your gaming addict – ZombieBrain. Always hungry for games! Cya in the next one!.

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